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Generally, a successful structure will have five steel t-posts to one wooden post. Spacing the posts 8 feet apart will require 660 posts. On the other hand, a 12-foot spacing requires 440 posts. A total difference of 220 posts is significant when looking at cost of materials and labor. The primary benefit of tighter spacing is added security Metal T-posts are easy to install and do not rot in the ground as when fencing with wooden posts. Using T-posts for the vertical posts and adding 2-by-6 boards along the top, bottom and middle form a sturdy fence with support in both directions 1. Corner posts are undersized, or not deep enough. Related: The cost of fixing vs. building new fence. This ranks as the top mistake in fencing, be it barbed, high-tensile wire or woven wire. The main issues are undersized posts and corner posts not set deeply enough, particularly in sandy or soft soils. Gerrish, who has clients in 43 states. T-Posts can be used with permanent or semi-permanent fence and do an excellent job as in-line posts. Wood posts are still needed at the corners, due to the higher strain of the fence wires at the corners. For cross-fencing, a T-post fence is more expensive than a Step-In Post fence, but lasts longer Re: Fencing question: Wood posts vs Metal t-posts. Use a combination of wood and T-posts. Set wood H braces every 100 to 150feet with T-posts in between. You pull your wire against and hold it tight with the H-braces. The T-posts simply hold up the fencing and keep it from sagging

Wire fences require tension, which means that corner assemblies and gate assemblies need to be braced against the pulling forces. Generally, when using wood posts, it's best to use concrete to set corner assemblies and gate posts. Metal T-posts benefit from having sturdy wood corner and gate assemblies as well Metal vs Wood Fence Posts. Wood is the most common fence material in the United States, with 80% of privacy fences made from cedar or yellow pine . Because they are so common, most people are familiar with the pros and cons of using wood posts but want to learn more about metal posts for their wood privacy fence The typical T posts for $2 each at the farm supply store are about 10 times stronger than the typical U posts I can buy from the lumber box store for $2.50 each. But it depends on what you are finding for posts exactly & what your exact use is. I have several 100 T posts, my sister bough a dozen of those little green U posts & I can bend them. Welcome to the Timeless Fence System. The system is composed of Rigid PVC T-Posts, H-Posts, Corner Kits, End Brace Kits, and Droppers - all designed to last for many years with minimal upkeep. The posts never need painting and will never rust or rot. The UV protective coating is backed by a 20 year Warranty Installing T-posts to support wire fencing is relatively low cost, and they are easy to install. For a solid fence line, you will need to have wooden fence posts wherever there are corners and for bracing at the corners. For details on installing wooden fence posts, see How to Set Fence Posts in Gravel and Concrete

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Metal Fence Posts. Metal fence posts are less expensive than wood and easier to install. Depending on your crops, livestock, and style of fencing, metal fence posts may be adequate. They don't look quite as nice as wood, but they are more practical when it comes to fencing in a large area. T-Posts and U-Post In general, wood is versatile, machines well, and takes paint or stain finishes well, all of which allow for creativity and invention. As such, you can use almost any stain, color, or design. Steel fencing posts, on the other hand, go well with modern architecture. The block colors and clean lines featured can complement a more contemporary design The Everbilt 1-3/4 in. x 3-1/2 in. x 8 ft. green steel fence T-post is an essential piece of equipment when completing any fencing project. Made of rail steel with 2 layers of protective enamel and a prime coat finish, the post provides durability and rust protection in both residential and industrial uses. This post is finished in green for a natural look that blends in with its surroundings. The posts have to be set EXACTLY so that the panels will work, and changes in grade are going to be difficult to deal with. (That's why I don't use them.) For metal posts, I use either 1-7/8 or 2-3/8 posts that are made for chain link fences. Simpson makes PGT's to attach the wood rails to those posts with Shop for T-Posts at Tractor Supply. Notice: Changing your store affects your localized pricing and pickup locations to new items added to cart. Any items already in your cart may change price. Any new items added to your cart as Pickup In Store will be sent to the new store

1.25 in. x .75 in. x 3 ft. Green 14-Gauge Steel U-Fence Post This 3 ft. tall powder coated steel fence This 3 ft. tall powder coated steel fence U-Post is designed to support lightweight fencing and is perfect for use around gardens, bushes and trees. When assembling your fence, we recommend placing your posts at least 12 in. into the ground for maximum stability Jun 6, 2016. #13. John SD:3nhj40ij said: T-posts are fine for fence in good going on the level. IMO, in steep draws or other areas where the terrain puts a lot of strain on the fence to lean or push posts down with snow, wood is better The wood post every 50 or 60 feet gives metal posts more help, so you won't find the fence bent over or down on the ground, says Thomas. Anywhere the ground is wet in various seasons, from irrigation, rain or thaw, T-posts alone are pretty weak if cattle press on the fence Master Halco 3-1/2-in x 3-1/2-in W x 7-1/2-ft H Galvanized Steel Wood Fence Line Post. Get added strength, durability, longevity and wind resistance with the PostMaster. Replace the need of a wooden fence post for added support. It can be easily concealed from view to maintain the beauty of your wood fence project 3,551 Posts. #3 · Jan 27, 2015. If you are going to use wood, round posts 4x6 1/2' will do a much better job than a 4x4. They won't warp as bad either. Whole lots easier and faster to drive t posts. A line post is made to hold up the wire or hold it down. It can be either a t post or wood. If you are going to have animals pushing or rubbing.

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  1. The largest cost differences between wood fence posts and steel posts are largely due to the cost of materials and installation costs. Wood is cheap raw material and is easy to cut and hammer together, while steel is an expensive raw material, and you will need a professional to cut and install it. #4: Aesthetic
  2. For T-Post pricing call or email for Full bundle (200) or truckload pricing. 6′ - 6.5′ - 7′ - 7.5′ - 8′ - 9′ up to 12′ -Post call or email to inquire; We also keep some wood posts in stock if more are needed we can usually get them pretty quickly if we don't have the size or quantity you are looking for
  3. Cedar has a reputation for durability, but unless a few guidelines are followed, cedar posts can fail in as few as five years. Three factors contribute to this early failure: poor drainage, low-quality wood and poor protection against insect damage. Here's how to install new cedar fence posts and avoid the problems that made your old posts rot
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  5. T posts are easier to get in the ground (I can just about slide them in in the ground is soft but usually pound them in) and are good for wire with lots of small holes given the way the tabs are built into the sides -- like poultry netting. Wood posts can btw be pulled up and removed, just like metal posts can. Good luck, have fun, Pat . 1.
  6. Metal T-posts Fence Posts: T-posts come in a variety of sizes from 4 ft to 8ft. They usually come in bunches of 5 and are easy to find at your local farm store. Pros: T-posts are easy and quick to install. And require only a t-post driver or even just a sledge hammer. Often less expensive than wood posts; Reusable, moveable and long lasting; Cons

From the zigzag post-and-rail of the five strands of barbed wire strung taut between metal T-posts around the perimeter of the property, with heftier wood or steel posts installed at the. If you are planning to install a Houston wood fence on your property, you might consider using high-quality steel posts rather than wood or vinyl-covered wood. Although steel fence posts and pipes are primarily used for chain-link fences, they have several advantages when used with a wooden fence.They could be sunk in concrete as with wooden posts, but if they are sunk deep enough, concrete is. The first thing to do is drive in a t-post in each corner of the planned pasture. You'll need an additional four t-posts at every corner. Take two t-posts and lay them down at the corner t-post, pointing in the direction of the adjoining corners. Do your best to line them up accurately. Drive in a t-post 12 to 16 inches short of the tips of.

Pounding posts vs. digging and cement pouring. In order to set fence posts into cement, a fencing company in Carlsbad, NM will dig a hole in the ground to accommodate the fence post. These holes are typically established with a piece of machinery called an auger, which drills several feet into the ground T-posts vs. Landscape Timbers. What makes t-posts great, and definitely better than really any kind of wooden post is that they're easy to set in. Doing so with a post pounder is simple and easy, while to fix landscape timbers in the ground would require additional digging which definitely takes more time and effort

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  1. I have used the N brace in the past with great luck using wood posts. I will be using 8′ t-posts in the corners and the literature I have suggests alternating the direction in which I wrap the wire around the corner post to prevent it from twisting the post along with starting with the bottom strand first rather than the top strand like.
  2. With T-posts as corner posts, you will almost certainly get some sagging from the weight of the fencing, tension in the fencing, and wind, let alone any ice or snow that may build up on the netting on top. If you don't use wooden corner posts and really set them in solidly, I suggest you use guywires to brace them to keep them from sagging
  3. When using t-posts as line posts, you can only use soft wire or poly products. You will still need to have a solid bracing system. We recommend using wood posts for your bracing if you are using t-posts as line posts. If you are using t-posts as droppers with wood posts you can use high-tensile wire, soft wire, or a variety of poly products
  4. imum of 0.40 lbs/cubic foot of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) type A, B, or C or ammoniated copper quat (ACQ) preservative by a method to ensure that complet
  5. Concrete is a no-no for fence posts. It has been awhile since I wrote about fence posts, but a buddy asked about replacing some a few weeks ago, so I decided it was time again. His dilemma is that.
  6. So for a 7 foot post to be buried 2 feet, dig a 28 inch deep hole. Dig twice the diameter of the post. Pour 4 inches of gravel into the hole. Place the post in the hole. If working solo, a brace may be required to hold it upright. Add another 2 inches of gravel around the base of the post. Level the post at this point
  7. utes, simply drive your T-Posts and install WEDGE-LOC® hardware. No tools required, no hassle, & no clean-up. WEDGE-LOC® is available nationwide. Ask about Wedge-Loc at your local farm and ranch store or visit our Find a Dealer page

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The hole will need to be about 3 times the width of your post. So, if you're using a standard 4x4 post, you'll need a hole that's 12 inches wide. You should also plan to dig up to 6 inches deeper to leave room for gravel at the bottom of the hole. Gravel helps water drain away from the post which can keep wood fences from rotting. After the. The Fastest (and Most Foolproof) Way to Install Fence Posts For fence posts that are firmly set and straight, all you need is a good technique, a helpful friend, and the right products Timeless Fence Poly T Posts are made from Recycled Materials: Timeless Fence Posts are an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional steel t-posts and wood posts widely used in construction, farming, landscaping, and erosion control. Self Insulating: Ideal for installing electric wire - no insulators needed. High-Tensile wire and electric braid can be threaded directly through.

Painted metal t-posts. Most painted posts we sell are green with cream or white tops. We can provide your posts with or without kick plates (also called a flange or spade). The most common weight of painted posts are .95, 1.01, 1.25 and 1.33 (pounds per linear foot) and the most popular lengths are 5ft, 5.5ft and 6ft Line post Maximum spacing between posts is 16.5 feet. All wooden line posts shall be set at least 30 inches into the ground. Suitable line posts 3½ in diameter wooden posts of black locust, red cedar (mostly heartwood), redwood, and pressure treated pine or other wood of equal life and strength. Pressure treatment shall meet the.

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Fencing Cost Per Acre. The cost to fence 1 acre runs a minimum of $1,050 and a maximum of $33,400 with most homeowners spending an average price of $2,016 to $9,011.The cheapest backyard fence is barbed wire which costs as little as $1,050 an acre, wheres a split rail wood fence costs about $7,000 for 1 acre.. The larger your acreage, the less fencing material you need and the cheaper your. For T-Post pricing call or email for Full bundle (200) or truckload pricing. 6′ - 6.5′ - 7′ - 7.5′ - 8′ - 9′ up to 12′ -Post call or email to inquire; We also keep some wood posts in stock if more are needed we can usually get them pretty quickly if we don't have the size or quantity you are looking for

Line posts should be at least 7-feet long and 4-inches in diameter . Using the guide wire, mark post locations with paint or flags. As a rule of thumb, line posts are spaced about 30-feet apart but it depends on many factors including the number of wires in the fence, the terrain, as well as type and number of animals being controlled.. I truly love Cameo Fencing. It requires very low maintenance and it is very safe for my horses. I have neighbors & people that are just driving by in their cars and have seen my fence and want to know where I purchased it from so that they can check into getting this fencing for their horses Stafix Wood Post Pinlock Insulator, green For use on wood or steel pipe line posts UV Stabilized and weather resistant Touch and durable 25/pack $11.95 Fits all standard t-posts (1.25-1.33 lb) 6 position 360° mounting options In-Line as well as T-Post corner insulator Easy Weave-In wire install... View full detail

If you're mounting between posts, you'll measure your posts inside-post to inside-post. For detailed information on post spacing and setting fence posts, read this blog. Step 4 - Place your fence panel. Face Mount. Carefully position your fence panel against the posts on top of your 2 in. pieces of wood Drivable Posts (DP) Allows use of a mallet or dead blow hammer for installing posts in dry, hard or rocky soil. Features a spike stop for extra support and internal fiberglass ribs for added strength. Tip: To insert a line post into frozen or hard soil, use a power tool to drill pilot holes. * Not all fences have all line post options (Rust from painted T posts will cause high-carbon high-tensile wire to rust much faster.) Use a T Post Safety Cap to protect you from the posts jagged edges and also makes post visible at night. Steel T Posts, 6 ft. Item # 327600 | Weight 9.13 lbs. In Stock $ 22.50. QTY: Steel T Posts, 7 ft VEVOR T Post Puller 43.3x5.9x5.9in Fence Post Puller Jack Heavy Duty Fence Post Puller with Lifting Chain Puller T Post Puller for Round Fence Posts T Stakes Sign Post & Tree Stump. 3.8 out of 5 stars 21. $96.99 $ 96. 99. Get it Thu, Aug 5 - Tue, Aug 10. FREE Shipping 2. Well. It really depends what your application is. In general wood is more aesthetically pleasing whereby metal is generally more functional. which posts are you thinking of here. because if its t-pieces i think that you want a mesh type fence If you are talking square or round tubing its a more substantial fence

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EnZar ® V-Mesh Fence with Galvanized T-Posts Or Wood Posts. V wire mesh fence is regarded as the safest horse fencing, due to it can not only keep predators out while keeping your horses and livestock contained, but can protect hooves or legs from becoming caught in the fence make ordinary T-posts look like wood posts at an affordable price but they also make your dangerous T-Posts not dangerous anymore. Decorative Functional Affordable Safe UV protected Totally recyclable. The T-PostGuard kit allows you to cover 20 (5 ft) or 25 (4 ft) steel Tposts

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The t-posts range in weight from 1.01 to 1.50 pounds per foot and have distinctive white and silver reflective tips. These posts feature a 3-studded rivet anchor plate. Our posts are sold in bundles of 200 and come with Class 1 galvanized steel clips to swiftly attach fence wire to the metal posts. We recommend the use of galvanized t-posts and. Both bent metal posts and rotten wood posts will likely require replacement. We'll cover some temporary solutions for rotten wooden posts or posts that are rocking inside their concrete footing, but the general scope of this article covers posts that are in good condition and only require some earth work at the base The fence is typically mounted to wood posts or narrow steel T-posts. This also poses a spearing hazard, but sight rails attached to specifically designed post hardware can eliminate those cons by significantly strengthening the top edge of the mesh and blunting the posts. But that begins to add to its cost, what with T-posts ranging from about. Brace Posts: Brace posts serve as the anchor for the entire fence construction. Because of their strength and longevity, wood posts are typically used for bracing. T-posts should never be used as brace posts, only as line posts. Determine the proper size post for the amount of fence you are installing

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T-posts are built to be a reliable fencing option. This t-post is 1.25 pounds per foot and is constructed from heavy duty steel. Each t-post comes with 5 clips per post. We also carry t-posts that are 5, 6, 7 and 8 feet tall. Be sure to also check out all of our fencing supplies in our livestock department Proudly Made in the U.S.A. WEDGE-LOC® Fits all steel US, Canadian, and Mexican T-Posts. It works with all types of fencing material including permanent and temporary fencing. Part # 205. Wedge-Loc® Corner/In Line Brace Set. Corner/InLine Brace Set includes parts for one complete corner or inline brace Place one wood post at each corner of the area being enclosed, and another on either side of the corner post to serve as the first post in each line of fencing. Also, set the wood posts in place of every tenth post and on either side of the intended gates. The rest of the posts will be T posts Inspect your posts at least once a year, ideally in spring or fall, and reapply paint or stain as necessary to protect the wood and keep your fence looking its best. Photo: ctscement.co

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Dan Cavallari Galvanizing steel posts essentially means the posts have been coated in another chemical or material to help prevent rusting. Perhaps the biggest advantage of steel fence posts is the cost savings over wood posts, but the price tag is not the only advantage to metal over wood or vinyl.They are easy to install, they last much longer than treated lumber, and they can be fixed. tension along wood, fiberglass, insulated metal posts or a combination of posts and battens or droppers. Tension in the wire is maintained by permanent in-line strainers. Adequate tension for 12 1/2 gauge high-tensile wire is 200 pounds. A tension indicator spring is used to indicate wire tension. High-tensile wire fences should be used wit For posts, you can use steel ranch fence posts, pressure-treated posts or cedar posts for the look and cost that fits your requirements. Wood and PVC horse fence is suitable for horses and cattle, and it gives the property a domesticated ambience, whether rustic (stained wood and wood-like PVC) or upscale (white-painted wood or white PVC) 2. Drive 4-foot T-posts in the trench with a post driver, spacing each post 4 feet apart along the trench area. Fill in the trench around the posts with a 6-inch layer of crushed rock or gravel.

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  1. Red Brand's T posts provide outstanding strength to keep your fence in place for years to come. Shop our variety of t post sizes and materials today
  2. In my opinion, adding a new wood post next to the old one is not the way to do this. A better way is to build a wooden fence with metal posts or replace your existing fence's wood posts with metal ones. Why Use a Wooden Fence with Metal Posts. Metal fence posts have many advantages over their wooden counterparts
  3. Reinforcing wood fence rails. I built my own fence using metal Postmaster posts, treated 2 x 4 rails, and cedar pickets. If you google postmasterfence you can see how the posts are made - the metal posts have screw holes every inch or so and you simply attach the rails to the post with screws through the holes and into the rails
  4. al wood with wedge points. Packed 25 stakes per bundle. SKU Length Weight/Each Qty/Bundle 2′ WEDGE POINT 2 ft 1.2 lb 30 3′ WEDGE POINT
  5. Wood posts are highly variable in size and shape. Strength of wood posts increases with top diameter. Post strength is especially important for corner and gate posts, which should have a top diameter of at least 8 inches. Brace posts should be 5 inches or more in top diameter. Line posts can be as small as 2 1/2-inches in top diameter, although.
  6. • Posts spacing: ≤16 feet and no stays; or, up to 30 ft. with stays evenly spaced between posts • Wood posts will be placed ≥ 2 ft. in the ground and steel posts will be driven ≥ 18 in. into the ground. • Receive approval from NRCS before using trees as fence posts
  7. If you're like us, you may be looking for a versatile, easy, and durable electric fence insulator with added strength to use with T-posts and Wood Posts. An insulator that can change, and offer a flexible and faster way to install. That is how JAG Products began. What started out of desperation, grew into an idea, and eventually became a reality

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For those in search of high performance, portability and fast drive times, the GPD-30 Ranch Pro is the right choice for you. For driving T-posts and ground posts, we have the perfect choice. The Rhino's anatomically shaped handles reduce noise and vibration for convenient operation, as well as the high-performance, Honda-certified 4-stroke motor Corner (A) and brace post (B) - Let's say your line posts are a 4-inch-diameter wood post. The corner and brace post should be 6 inches in diameter since they take all of the tension; a larger-diameter post is better if you have access to one. Remember, the more tension on your fence, the larger diameter you want the corner and brace post There are several different types of steel posts. For a heavier duty application such as a gate post or an 8′ fence we typically use a schedule 40 grade galvanized post. We also use a Postmaster style post which has a higher wind load rating than a standard .095″ post. Read more about those here. These are great for all types of stockade. I bought my post driver about 2 years ago but didn't get to use it until recently. I drove about 40 t-posts in about an hour while building an entryway gate I needed to drive in a 2 3/8 kicker in some tough soil. I put 5ft of pipe in the ground in approx. 30 minutes Shop our selection of heavy duty powder coated t-posts & u-posts for all your fencing needs. Shop today at the Home Depot Canada. Free shipping on select items

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  1. The T-posts are driven into the ground 2' for our 8' fence and 2.5' for our 7.5' fencing. The bottom plate provides stability when driving the posts into the ground. T-posts are extremely durable and can be driven into almost any ground type. Our Titan post drivers make driving the T-posts into the ground simple and fast
  2. Cut post in half, but leave room for the mend plate on lower half; Cut out half of each side of the splice (perhaps one foot each). Pick the the front or rear side (perpendicular to arch) Make a mend plate that will span both sides (replacing the 2 pieces you just cut out). (2 feet long if each side of splice is 1 foot
  3. Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Studded T Posts & Creosote CCA Treated along with our huge variety of agriculture, gardening, cooking and outdoor products. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business, and has been for over 50 years
  4. Install your clothesline on a sunny day, with no chance of rain for a couple days, in order to give the concrete time to properly set up. 2. Dig the holes. Using a post hole digger, dig two holes- one for each post, 18-24″ deep. We spaced ours 25 feet apart to give me 125 feet of line total
  5. Tornado's Titan 949-6 12.5g is a high tensile fence; its height of 49 and its solid vertical wires for increased net strength make it ideally suited for containing hogs or cattle. $ 255.00 Add to cart. Deer Fence, Woven Wire Fence. Tornado Titan 2096-6 12.5g Deer Fence. Tornado's Titan 2096-6 12.5g is a one-piece deer net; the 96.

Apr 8, 2019 - An easy, step-by-step guide to installing a permanent clothesline. Plus, why we like metal t-posts better than wood. (Disaster story to follow!) Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Unlike wood, it can conduct electricity and lessen the efficiency of the fence. 2. Post spacing is too close Fencers tend to use too many posts, which likely stems from people's experience with barbed wire, where the rule of thumb was 1 post every rod length (16.5 feet)

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  1. When it rains wood posts or battens get soggy and become conductive. Waratahs are conductive all the time. Therefore, plastic insulators are used to keep the hot wire away from any possible.
  2. To install a wood fence post, use a durable wood that can withstand the local climate—ask an expert at a nearby home improvement store if you aren't sure. Make sure the post you choose is labeled as suitable for ground contact! Since wood posts may rot over time, apply a non-water-based, brush-on wood preservative like copper naphthenate first
  3. Polytape is available in several widths to increase its visibility to livestock and provide a larger point of contact to any animals that test the strength of an electric fence. The variety of available Zareba® poly fencing allows you to select from several of those polytape widths. Those options let you customize your fence according to your.
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  5. Installation. When it comes to installing wood split rail fencing, you'll find that the process is a little different from installing a fence that uses metal T posts and woven wire fencing. For instance, you'll need a posthole digger to ensure that your posts are firmly in the ground. If you anticipate needing non-standard rail lengths, you.

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The first step in figuring out how much wood is needed to build a fence is to measure the length. Given the total length, you can estimate the number of posts you need. Posts are typically 8 feet apart. So, divide the length by 8′ and round up to get the number of sections. Then, add 1 to account for the last post When it comes to Fence Posts, you can count on Grainger. Supplies and solutions for every industry, plus easy ordering, fast delivery and 24/7 customer support When it comes to shopping for Posts & Rails, North 40 Outfitters is your one stop solution center providing products made for the Northwest. Posts & Rails - Fencing - Farm & Ranch - Shop The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled Properly grounding an electric fence is essential in keeping the fence in good working order. When a fence isn't working properly, it may be difficult to keep cattle or other livestock contained; it will also be difficult to keep predators away. An improperly grounded fence likely will not shock an animal when the animal bumps up against part. The model PD-140 will drive all your posts. The PD-140 weighs 140 lbs and unless you plan to use lifting equipment or have very hard driving conditions, a PD-55 is more appropriate for the smaller posts while a PD-140 would be required for the 4 x 6 H column posts. Types & Sizes of Posts to be Driven. PD-45. PD-55

The size of your screws is absolutely crucial to the success of your wood fence project. As previously mentioned, the length need will depend on the nature of the install. If you're simply attaching backer rails or preassembled panels to fence posts, use screws that are 3-1/2 to 4 inches long. If, instead, you are attached separate pickets to.

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