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Platy fish can breed once they are four months old (although they are not considered adult fish until six months of age). This species is a livebearer, which means that the female gives birth to free-swimming young. The term of gestation is 28 days Platies are usually pregnant for something like 28-30 days, from the time they mated or the time they conceived the eggs. They have eggs, they just don't lay them like most fish. They keep them inside until they hatch, then birth the fry. When birth is getting close, the fish's belly will be very, very large and should appear to be a bit square

The simple answer is that the Platy's gestation period lasts for between 24-30 days. Judging when the birth will be can be a little tricky though. This is when spending time watching your fish each day reaps one of its many benefits Moreover, maintaining water parameters (temperature 74-80 Fahrenheit, pH- 7.0 - 8.4, frequent water changes) are very important for a pregnant Platy fish. A Platy fish is pregnant almost all her life

How long is a fish pregnant? The duration of pregnancy in fish will vary depending on the species and living conditions. In some cases, gestation will last a month and the fry will be born already formed. While, in other species, fish gestation process may take up to two months, here are some examples At the stage of pregnancy your platy is, I'm not sure, but I'll tell you that female livebearers will be pregnant for 30 days or longer, longer if they are stressed. When she'll be in labour, her belly will be squared off. Please, do not move her into a breeder box as this will stress her out and will make her abort her fry or delay her delivery

Platies are usually pregnant between 6 - 8 weeks. Once you notice that your platy's stomach has a \___/ shape, then you know she is due to give birth soon. Platys tend to stress out when you put them into a breeding trap, so small, separate 10-liter tanks might be better prior to the births How Long Are Platy Fish Pregnant For? If you've spotted signs that your female Platy is pregnant the next question you're likely to ask yourself is, 'When will my Platy fish give birth?' The answer to which can help you to prepare for your new arrivals. The simple answer is that the Platy's gestation period lasts for between 24-30 days My platy has been pregnant for at least two months now and has not given birth. The pet shop people said (because I showed them a picture) that she could give birth any day. This was two weeks ago. Is there something wrong or is that normal Remember that your pregnant platy fish is eating for multiple fishes at this point. These are just a few of the most common signs that you should watch for if your pregnant platy fish is pregnant. The average pregnancy of a platy fish is about 28 days. You need to make sure that you know how to take care of your pregnant platy fish as well Hi, I'm not so sure that their are actual stages of pregnancy for platys. A lot of info is estimated by changes in female size, eating habits and gravid spot (depending on color). Platys can have a batch of fry every 18 days. I have 4 platys and a male swordtail and my platy is on her second batch of fry

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  1. These small fish - platy fish size ranges from 1.5 to 2.5-inches at full maturity - are extremely vibrant, active swimmers. They need loads of space to keep up their healthiest life. In fact, they need way more space than most people think
  2. I have a 10 US gallon tank that has been up and running for about 6 days. I purchased 2 female and 1 male platys and they have been in it for about 4 days. I believe both females are pregnant (the..
  3. Platy Fish 101: Care, Types, Diet, Lifespan & More! Platy fish are quite common among freshwater aquarists. They're beautiful, low-maintenance, and quite fun to observe! This guide will teach you about all elements of platy fish care. It covers their diet, tank setup, lifespan, tank mates, and the different types you can choose from
  4. The female platy fish gives birth to live young rather than to eggs every three to four weeks when it is paired with a male. When a pregnant platy fish looks ready to give birth, move her into her own tank to protect her young from the male fish
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Guppies, Platy Fish, and the Least Kill fish are only pregnant for 28 days. Down the opposite end of the scale, the Basking Shark is pregnant for 1095 days (3 years), and the Frilled Shark can wait up to 3 and a half years before giving birth. Nine months for a human doesn't even come close by comparison A Platy fish remains pregnant for an average of 28 days. After the fry inside the eggs has matured, the Pregnant Platy fish undergoes labor. Then, fry emerges out from the body of Platy fish. The fry is free-swimming and active. Platy fish give birth to around 40-60 fry in a single pregnancy. So, Do Platy Fish Eat Their Babies

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How long are platy fish pregnant? Wiki User. ∙ 2007-08-19 04:47:57. See answer. Best Answer. Copy. Four to five weeks from mating to the birth of the brood is normal, but by the time she is. Hello, In most platies, the earliest sign of pregnancy is the appearance of a gravid spot. It is on the lower abdomen, just in front of the tail. It begins as a tiny dark spot, and grows bigger as the pregnancy progresses. Some platies never develop a gravid spot, even though they are pregnant, so the absence of one doesn't necessarily mean the fish isn't expecting Pregnant platy. Egg yolk, dry food, infusoria, and other specific newborn food can be fed to the fry until they mature. At this point, they can be moved to the main aquarium (if separated). Breeding tanks aren't strictly necessary. However, platy fish have been known to eat their own fry Calculate one inch of fish length per gallon and take care to give them away as soon as they're 3/4 of the full size of a parent. If you don't like babies, just remove everything to hide, the others will hunt'em and eat the babies. Share. Improve this answer. answered Aug 27 '15 at 8:07 FAQs on Platy Reproduction, Breeding 1. Female, Twin bar to almost Mickey Mouse Platy. Pregnancy Issues with Two Livebearers 12/9/05 Hello there, I bought a pair of Mickey Mouse platies around a month ago. I found my female platy becoming fatter and fatter. I think she's pregnant but I'm not quite sure

I have a pregnant Mickey Mouse Platy. I'm getting a 2nd aquarium so I can keep the babies separate in hopes that the other fish won't eat them. I've been told by one website to not use a filter in the babies aquarium. Then another told me I needed to. One said to get a fish net to separate them, another said it would stress the mom out She looks pregnant, but not exactly ready to drop yet. You don't have enough plants to rely on for the survival of fry in the tank. You don't have much choice but to raise them in the breeder box until they don't look like snack to the gourami and the angel. My perception on a growout tank is actually a pretty big one with a lot of young fish in there, rather than a small one

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Although platies are highly adaptable fish, they prefer medium to hard water that is slightly alkaline. The optimum temperature for raising platies is between 70 - 77ºF (21 - 25°C) in a well planted and brightly lit aquarium. They need clean, fresh water, especially when breeding as is common with most other fish How many babies can a platy have? Platies can have from 20-50 fry (baby fish) at once, as often as once a month. They may also eat their own young. How long are guinea pigs pregnant for? 59 - 72 daysAdult. How many babies do rabbits have? Rabbits are pregnant for 4-5 weeks and can have up to 15(!) babies, but the average litter size is 7 Platies can live in a 10- to 20-gallon aquarium or larger. Most livebearers prefer higher pH, but platies can tolerate a very wide range from 6.8-8.5 in our experience. They also enjoy harder water, so if your tap water is especially soft, consider adding more minerals using Seachem Equilibrium or Wonder Shell

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  1. The mickey mouse platy is also known as the moonfish or the southern platyfish, and is a hybrid color variation of xiphophorus maculatus platy. How long are platy fish pregnant answers. A platy's pregnancy lasts approximately 4 weeks from giving birth to giving birth again
  2. Platy Fish Mating. To get the platy fish to mate, all you need to do is put them in the same aquarium. They will promptly breed if they feel their tank is safe and they have enough cover. When they are four months old, they are mature enough to reproduce. The water in the tank should be 64 degrees Fahrenheit and then re-warmed slowly to 70.
  3. Goldfish is a freshwater fish that is very popular among aquarists, both amateurs and experienced. Goldfish has been bred in isolation for over a thousand years. Due to cross breeding, there are several varieties of goldfish that vary in the body size, shape, coloration and fin configuration. Some of the common colors that you may..
  4. ant female will change sex as long as she has never carried young. once they get pregnant, their sex is locked in @ female. How many times can a platy give birth? Probably best if they don't all survive - she'll be giving birth every 4-6 weeks until 6 months after her last contact with a male
  5. 10. Mickey Mouse. Credit: boban_nz, Shutterstock. These fish are named for the black pattern that resembles the iconic character's head at the base of the fish's tail. This pattern can be mixed with others to create colorful fish of red, blue, and more, all with a Mickey Mouse head stamped on their bodies. 11

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A Platy fish is an excellent addition to any aquarium. Their soothing and vibrant colors will liven it up. Platies are a low maintenance and peaceful fish. They have become a natural choice for someone just starting or even seasoned fish keepers. The males are brighter and smaller than the females. The color varies depending Platy fish- A Complete Guide - Care, Diet, Facts Read More How long fish are pregnant depends on the species, but the gestation period typically lasts anywhere between 20 and 40 days. It's important to note that a swollen belly in fish doesn't always mean pregnancy. It could indicate infection or disease, or even a bit too much enthusiasm at feeding time

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The first sign that a guppy is pregnant is a yellowish-brown triangle-shaped spot where the guppy's abdomen meets the tail. This is called the gravid spot -- gravid means carrying eggs. This spot is caused by developing embryos showing through the mother's translucent abdomen. Advertisement How long are fish pregnant for? As examples, the female swordtail and guppy will both give birth to anywhere from 20 to 100 live young after a gestation period of four to six weeks, and mollies will produce a brood of 20 to 60 live young after a gestation of six to 10 weeks Platy Problems: Dealing With a Bully. A Platy can make for a great starter fish, just be careful with the other fish you pair it with. A male Marigold Platy. Our family home seemed empty, and like many others, we wanted a pet to liven the place up and teach the little one about caring for an animal. After much consideration, we made the.

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Preparing for Platy Fry. Be on the lookout for pregnant fish. Pregnant platies are easy to spot, so if you keep a close eye on your fish, they shouldn't be a surprise. A pregnant platy will develop a noticeably swollen belly. It's also common for a pregnant female to develop a dark spot near her back fin Fish - 4 Platies of whatever colors you choose! ($8-12, at your local fish store). 6 Cory Catfish, albino or bronze corys will work great (~$20-$25 at your local fish store), 6 Neon Tetras ($12-18 at your local fish store) Plants - Dwarf Water Lettuce ($4), Java Fern ($5), Small Driftwood ($10-15) Frequently Asked Questions about Platy Fish

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Both Platy fish and Molly fish are livebearers, yet they have many differences between them. Both Platy and Molly fish belong to the same family of livebearers. However, platies tend to have bodies that are shorter and rounder in structure as compared to mollies that are longer and a tad bit sleeker in appearance The only real way to tell if a female tiger barb is pregnant is by her belly. If she is full of eggs and ready to lay them, the female tiger barb's belly will get big, fat, and bloated, just like if you ate at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Other than this, there is no real way to tell if the female is ready to lay her eggs But here's an indication of how long each of the popular species is pregnant for: Guppies 21-35 days. Platies 24-35 days. Swordtails 28 days. Mollies 50-70 days. As you can see it can vary considerably, and this depends on the age and size of the fish, water conditions, food and stress levels How long are molly fish pregnant for (Summary) After a gestation period of 6 to 10 weeks, molly fish will produce a brood of almost 20 to 60 live young. In a home aquarium, molly fish could be easily bred and they are often already pregnant while bought at a pet store

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Platy Pregnancy Problem Sorry if this has already been answered, but I'm new to this breeding deal and my boyfriend and I are at a loss. <Don spits out coffee> I purchased a couple of platies about a month ago. About 3 weeks ago I noticed my female Mickey mouse platy was pregnant, her stomach is swollen and she has the black dots within her stomach A Platy is the common name for a small freshwater fish found in Central America. Also, a member of the Poeciliidae family like Mollies, Platies are smaller and have a stouter shape than their cousins the Mollies. Most platies you'll encounter in the fish store come from one of two species: the southern platyfish, and the variatus platyfish Some of the most popular tropical fish like guppies, platies, mollies and swordtails all give birth to live young, and the difficulty is often not getting them to breed, but getting them to stop! Female livebearing fish get swollen bellies when pregnant, and when their bellies get really big that's an indication that Lotus. Apr 19, 2004. They are usually pregnant for around 30-45 days, but it can vary. The number of fry will depend on how mature she is; it can be anywhere from 3 to 30+ fry. They will be about 2mm when they are born, about 1/8. It's usually best to keep the fish in the breeder net for as short a time as possible

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How long is the pregnancy of a fish? There is no one-size-fits-all answer because of the considerable variation in the length of pregnancy between species. A dwarf seahorse, for example, has a gestation period between 3 and 55 days while the surfperch has between three and six months The platy definitely has a gravid spot. She looks really fat as well. I would say she it pregnant. She might be stressed or the fry are being eaten. If she is stressed in any way, she might not release the fry. You could try to put her in a bucket with some floating plants if you wanted fry. Also, do you have a hang on back filter Registered. Joined Apr 16, 2008. ·. 5,139 Posts. #3 · Mar 21, 2012. If the fish has been exposed to males, then they are inherently pregnant . Would NOT wait until fish was further along to move her, for moving fishes which are close to birthing to breeder net,box,tank,will often times result in aborted births ,or still born/dead fish

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  1. ate the female fish. Pregnant female platy can be easily identified by looking at the size of the belly, which begins to darken at the area right above the anal fin
  2. Spotting a pregnant Platy isn't hard. Just keep an eye out for an extended belly and a dark spot around the female's anal fin. The difficult thing to spot are the actual fry themselves, which are the size of half of a grain of rice and translucent. Since Platies are live breeders, they won't lay any eggs
  3. No, it really isn't. It's highly stressful for a fish to be confined in a very small space and especially when it's near birthing as it usually wants to find a secluded, hidden space to give birth in, and it'll feel very exposed in a small contain..
  4. Platy fish are small, laterally flattened fish, with small quick fins and a tail formed like a fan. There have been many hybrids and versions cross-bred from the Southern and Variable Platy. Occasionally, the rarer Swordtail Platy has additionally been interbred to create greater variants in colours and fin shapes
  5. Pictures: Top: Male Red Wag Platy about 1.5 long pursuing a large female about 2.5 long. Middle and bottom pictures show the same female. Click on each picture to see a bigger picture. One of the prettiest of all the Platies. Rich red with contrasting jet black fins and marks around the mouth
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These are live breeding fish, which means the female platies carry the eggs in their tummies for a long time until they are ready to give birth to young ones. The only prerequisite that is required from you to initiate the breeding process of the platies is to put the males and females together Baby platy fish do not require different food from adults. You can feed them the same pellets or flakes that you feed the adults, as well as freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex, and brine shrimp. Feed the fish small amounts several times a day, about as much food as they can eat in three minutes This group of freshwater fish includes perennial aquarium favorites such as mollies, guppies, and platies. Quick Stats: Origin Members of the Poeciliidae family are widely distributed from the southern United States through Mexico and Central America to South America. Minimum Tank Size 20-30 gallons. Care Level Easy From the moment she is able to conceive until the day she dies, assuming there are males present. No really, if you bought a Guppy, and you can tell its female, it's very highly likely to be pregnant unless they were separated from makes at a very..

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It begins as a tiny dark spot, and grows bigger as the pregnancy progresses Signs of a pregnant platy fish Weird platy behavior-resting a lot but not sick. 2019.08.20 01:37 _DOLLIN_Weird platy behavior-resting a lot but not sick. I have had a 10 gallon tank stocked with 4 female platies, a mystery snail, and 4 ghost shrimp (3 male 1 female Breeding the Mickey Mouse Platy . Like other livebearing fish, this fish is sexually mature as early as 4 months of age, which means young fish should be sexed and separated as early as possible. Females who mate retain sperm packets and can continue to give birth without mating again for a number of months Among aquarium fish, livebearers are nearly all members of the family Poeciliidae and include guppies, mollies, platies and swordtails. Do fish give birth out their mouth? The Cardinal Fish is a mouthbrooder, where the males carry all the eggs in their mouth for weeks, unable even to eat until they have hatched The platy fish is one of the cheapest fish to purchase though, costing between $2 to $4 depending on its size and color. As fast breeders, it might not take long to create even more of them, so there's no need to purchase a large group unless this is what you intend for your tank setup

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Platy parents won't eat their fry, but it's still best to put pregnant females in a separate tank in order to keep the fry as a separate population from the adults. Red wagtail platy fry are very easy to raise, and at least a few from each brood are likely to survive in a planted community tank To breed platy fish with other platies or possibly swordtails, the temperature in the tank should be at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH level around 8.0. Since platies are avid breeders, mating should take place shortly after the male and female(s) are introduced to the tank. As a type of tropical fish, platies need freshwater conditions. Live bearing fish are the only tropical fish that become pregnant (other species of fish are egg-bearing and lay eggs in the tank). These are a few of the most common live-bearing fish that people keep in their home aquarium: Guppies. Mollies. Swordtails. Platies. What gender is your fish? You will also need to identify the gender of your fish. Platies are excellent residents for unheated fish tanks so long as you know the water temperature won't get much lower than 68-70℉! Water Chemistry In nature, Platy Fish are found in slow moving streams, rivers, and springs in central Mexico and the east coast of Central America