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The good news is, that means that we as humans have a chance to make some changes. So, in honor of Earth Day, we're here to tell you why you should care about the planet—not just for Earth's sake, but also for your health and livelihood. 1 Because the fishing industry employs and feeds millions of people Bad actors can hold events intended to camouflage their badness on Christmas, or Veterans Day, or Martin Luther King Day, and we don't blame the day itself. A more substantive reason might be that we should care about the Earth every day, not just on one tokenizing day (or week, as it seems to have become) Why You Should Care About Earth Day During the Coronavirus Pandemic Green Dreams is a series exploring how we can take on the climate crisis and build a fair, sustainable future for all. By Liat.. Taking care of the Earth is important to our well-being. The Earth provides us with the ability to have balance everyday of our lives—which is important in the balancing act that is being a working parent. The greens and browns in the Earth's surface are grounding colors Since the entirety of the Earth is God's, we are called to be good stewards of it, taking care of it, and preserving it. In Matthew 5:13, Jesus tells us that we, as Christians, are to be the salt..

Driving to work every day, most of us probably pass as least two wild animals who won't be returning to their woodland home tonight, courtesy of some motorist's front tires, and hardly bat an.. Since nature is the source of our livelihood, it's only right that we should also be kind to it. Every person has a moral obligation to take care of nature. Not only, because it takes care of us, but because it's also the right thing to do. We get everything from nature for free Every year on April 22, people around the world celebrate Earth Day. The day marks the start of the environmental movement in 1970, and for the past 51 years has resulted in policy change and a.. Every human being lives on the planet Earth. We share the same home. April 22 is the day to commemorate our Earth. It's a day to raise awareness about environmental protection Earth Day, Every Day . Earth Day is on April 22nd every year. Earth Day is a day to remember to take care of our planet, Earth. We can take care of our planet by keeping it clean. We can keep Earth clean by following the rule of reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce means use less. We can reduce our use of resources like water or gasoline

Flickr / clive darra. I feel like nobody cares about Earth Day. I went out to get some breakfast this morning, and when the barista gave me my large coffee and my bacon egg and cheese, instead of saying just, Thanks, I said, Thanks. Happy Earth Day.. And he kind of just looked at me for a second, he couldn't process what I'd. Why Blacks Should Care About Earth Day. convened a special panel of experts and activists to discuss the environmental problems that effect blacks most and how we can move to become a bigger. 2. We care for creation because we live in it. Second, the created order is where we dwell—where we labor and rest—and it is the sphere of God's redemptive activities. We should take an active interest in caring for it. Along these lines the psalmist wrote, Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them (Psalm. Earth Overshoot Day is an awareness-raising campaign set up by the Global Footprint Network, an international research organisation dedicated to providing tools to help cities and countries live within their ecological limits

Ten Simple Things You Can Do to Help Protect the Earth. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Cut down on what you throw away. Follow the three R's to conserve natural resources and landfill space. Volunteer. Volunteer for cleanups in your community. You can get involved in protecting your watershed, too. Educate What is Earth Overshoot Day and why should you care? The 22nd of August it's Earth Overshoot Day 2020: the day when we (all of humanity) have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the entire year. Basically that means that from that date until the 31st of December, we are in debt with our planet

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Read their advice on what we should know and do to make a difference each day when it comes to protecting the planet below — and pick up the April 27, 2020, Inaugural Earth Day issue of PEOPLE. Jehovah wisely designed earth's natural cycles to process such waste, cleaning the air, the water, and the ground. ( Proverbs 3:19) Our actions should be in harmony with those processes. Thus, we need to be careful not to contribute unnecessarily to earth's environmental woes. Such care shows that we love our neighbor as ourselves The first Earth Day also led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species acts. So what exactly should.. These Lovable Animals Remind Us Why We Need To Protect The Earth. By Sara Gates. Every April 22 we celebrate Earth Day, and remember why it's important to take care of our home. Organized by the Earth Day Network, the annual holiday celebrates protection of the planet and urges many to ramp up their efforts to ensure a sustainable future Well, for starters, because Earth Overshoot Day provides a very tangible measure of our performance on collective sustainability, and it's an important metric for gauging our planet's ecological health. It's like going to the doctor for a check-up and discovering that you have high blood pressure

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Although the celebration of Earth Day (April 22) was started almost 50 years ago, its message is even more pertinent today, as our planet faces ecological issues like climate change, drought, and water scarcity.By teaching your children about Earth Day, you can instill in them a passion for making this planet a better, cleaner place The 1970s were an important era for American environmentalism. Congress passed the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act, President Richard Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency, and the nation observed its first Earth Day - created by Wisconsin Sen. Gaylord Nelson - on April 22, 1970 3. If extinction is a natural part of life on Earth, why should we care about protecting endangered species? If the mass extinction most scientists agree we're experiencing now is allowed to. Earth is the only planet in our galaxy that can support life. Scientists estimate that Earth is home to about 300,000 plant species, over 600,000 species of fungi, and about ten million animal species. Guess you could say we're the life of the party We need to beware of the tendency to worship and serve created things, as can happen with some Earth Day activities. Instead we should give glory and honor to the Creator and return to the authority of His Word. For additional articles on Christians and conservation, please visit our Environmental Science topic page

Despite the dire situation, humanity is aware, that we need to protect the Earth. The first action of Earth Day was held in the USA in 1970, and then it was spotted by the society. People began to realize how Earth is valuable and started to treat it with care. However, Earth Day got the status of global event only in 2009, when United Nation. I love our earth because it embraces the quality of nature. Take a look around. Notice the details of the trees and and the green hues of the grass. Nature emphasizes the value of growth. Just as we grow every day, the plants and fruits of the earth do as well. Our world has reserved countless beautiful views that were created without the help.

We do many things on Earth Day every year in favor of the conservation of Earth. Now imagine, if we volunteer every day to take care of the environment, how many changes can we make. Celebrate every day as an Earth Day to save the Earth. You can spread awareness among people only if you have the proper knowledge, ideas, skills, methods, and. Established in 1970, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 each year. It is a day for people around the world to show their support for environmental protection, and it is often filled with events that encourage care for the earth (such as tree planting or recycling efforts) and educate participants on the environment and how to preserve it.On Earth Day 2016, more than 120 countries signed the.

We would like to add here that every year on April 22, more than a billion people celebrate Earth Day to protect the planet, but why to wait for a day, you can contribute to save earth everyday. Earth Day is an annual event first held on April 22, 1970 to demonstrate support for environmental protection By: Amanda Laverty, Knauss fellow with NOAA's Marine Debris Program. April 18, 2017 — Here at the NOAA Marine Debris Program, Earth Day is every day and we are always encouraging others to get involved and support efforts working toward a clean environment and healthy planet

Why You Should Care About Earth Day During the Coronavirus

Everyday Is Earth Day. By Kelly Roper. Every day is earth day, Or at least it should be. We should take steps every day to save our planet, don't you agree? Try walking when it's practical, And skip driving a car. It will help cut down emissions And raise air quality by far. Reuse, renew, recycle, Think of how much you throw away Here are five reasons why we need to safeguard its future. 1. It helps us breathe. Phytoplankton - tiny plant-like organisms that live in the sea - are responsible for at least 50% of the oxygen on Earth We take so much from the world, every day. The plants, the animals, the air we breathe are all crucial to our everyday lives. So, why don't we take better care of the place where we live? If you. But why should we care about one degree of warming? After all, temperatures fluctuate by many degrees every day where we live. The global temperature record represents an average over the entire surface of the planet. The temperatures we experience locally and in short periods can fluctuate significantly due to predictable cyclical events.

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  1. Closer to Earth in the troposphere (the atmospheric layer from the surface up to about 10 km), ozone is a harmful pollutant that causes damage to lung tissue and plants. The amounts of good stratospheric and bad tropospheric ozone in the atmosphere depend on a balance between processes that create ozone and those that destroy it
  2. As beneficiaries of this divine creation, we should care for the earth, be wise stewards over it, and preserve it for future generations. The earth and all things on it are part of God's plan for the redemption of His children and should be used responsibly to sustain the human family (see 1 Nephi 17:36 ; Moses 1:39 ; Abraham 3:24-25 )
  3. The day is meant to show support for a variety of environmental concerns and ways that we can help keep earth clean and healthy. In its concept stages, Earth Day was set to be held on March 21, the first day of spring, but later it was declared for April 22, and celebrated first in the year 1970

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  1. We need to unite against the threats on the earth. 2. The single biggest threat to our planet is the destruction of habitat and along the way loss of precious wildlife
  2. Join a cleanup. There are lots of Earth Day activities that involve cleaning up parks, beaches, river and stream banks, and more. Go on a hike. Spend some time simply getting outdoors and remembering why it's so important to celebrate Earth Day and protect our world. Donate art or craft projects
  3. 3 Prayers for Earth Day. God, you have made our world and seen that it is good; grant to us, created to complete your work, the bright, delightful vision that makes us care for what we do.. Three Prayers for Earth Day. Collect for the Stewardship of Creation. O merciful Creator, your hand is open wide to satisfy the
  4. Here, Thunberg explains why she wants our leaders to move beyond big words and little action when it comes to tackling the climate crisis. On Earth Day 2021, April 22nd, at the Leaders.
  5. -rich fruits and vegetables. Either way, now is the time to get creative with your cooking
  6. Ideas for Earth Day. Infoplease knows the value of having sources you can trust. Infoplease is a reference and learning site, combining the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, an atlas and several almanacs loaded with facts
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In other words, if you care about the earth, you should focus on the damage being done to it by real enemies like President Donald Trump and ExxonMobil, not the damage being done to it by you 7 reasons why we need to act now to #SaveOurOcean . We can all play our part. 29 Mar 2017 . The oceans have it all: from microscopic life to the largest animal that has ever lived on Earth, from the colourless to the shimmering, from the frozen to the boiling and from the sunlit to the mysterious dark of the deepest parts of the planet. We are a denomination that preaches what the Bible says, 'The Earth is the Lord's and all that is in it, the world and those that live it,' Simon-Peter reminds us, quoting Psalm 24:1. Creation is the Body of God. We are part and parcel of it. We cannot separate our life with God from our life on earth 12 Earth Day Writing Prompts for Kids. April 22nd is Earth day. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about this beautiful planet and how we can take care of it. To make Earth day even more special why not get writing for this brilliant day. To help inspire you, here are 12 Earth day writing prompts that are both fun and educational

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  1. 11. Humans today use about 50 percent more natural resources than we did 30 years ago, according to a report from Friends of the Earth.. 12. Animal species populations saw an overall decline of 60.
  2. If we don't take care of the environment, we won't be able to use the environment for our own sustenance: when environmental changes affect agriculture, our food supply is threatened . How you can make a difference. You can pledge an Act of Green on the Earth Day site. Simple changes in your everyday routine, such as bicycling instead of.
  3. Earth Day 2020 provides an opportunity to reflect on how low-carbon lifestyles forced upon us by Coronavirus could continue. We should catalog the ways we came together and how these bonds could.
  4. At Untamed Science, we're biologists at heart. We make videos that ask Why protect large wild animals? or Why save the planet? and Why conserve water? But we also tackle the question, Why should we care? Is it for the sake of natural beauty? Or economic value? In this short about the Amazon, we explore what we think is.

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By taking care of this planet, we can improve our well-being as healthy environment will help in improving the quality of our life. It is our collective responsibility to raise public responsibility regarding the well-being of our mother earth. We've rounded up a few reasons to understand the importance of saving our mother earth On Earth Day, take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time. For 300 years weve been conquering Nature. Now were beating it to death. Only after the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money. Wind Farms Every spring we should take the time to teach students to take care of our Earth and our environment. Nature is an amazing treasure, and it is our job to take care of it! Go grab your plan book , and let's plan your Earth Day theme. Don't forget to grab the FREE Earth Day Vocabulary Posters in this post too

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Download the image here. 2. There's solid ground to stand on. Earth has grassy fields, rugged mountains and icy glaciers. But to live on the Sun, we'd have to kiss all solid ground goodbye. The Sun is a giant ball of plasma, or super-heated gas We invite you to be a part of Earth Day and help write many more chapters—struggles and victories—into the Earth Day book. Our History. 1970. The first Earth Day mobilizes 20 million Americans to call for increased protections for our planet. 1990 10 reasons why we should all care about climate change. Climate change is very bad news for anyone hoping to see the Great Barrier Reef one day. 4. Because we all need clean water. Events like Earth Hour are a brilliant reminder that together, humanity is capable of great things, and we can make change happen for the right reasons Every year on April 22 nd, we celebrate Earth Day. Therefore, you only have a few days left to get ready for the big day. Therefore, you only have a few days left to get ready for the big day. On this occasion, people organize different events where they talk about environmental protection and encourage others to go green I personally feel that a majority of people do care about the Earth. When you look at the history of ancient cultures you find they respected nature and the environment. They understood their natural environment and worked in harmony with it, resp..

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Caregiving Dental Care Fitness Nutrition it premiered on Earth Day. If we don't learn from this lesson that we should show more respect and we should try to protect the natural world. Why We Must Take Care of Our Planet. In less than eight months, we used more natural resources than the planet is able to produce in a 12 month period. For the remainder of 2018, we will be living on resources borrowed from future generations. We call this Earth Overshoot Day, which falls on August 1. Move the sliders over the images to see how. Why World Elephant Day? Because the world's elephants are in trouble and need your help. Elephant numbers have dropped by 62% over the last decade, and they could be mostly extinct by the end of the next decade. An estimated 100 African elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory, meat and body parts, leaving only 400,000 remaining

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The Christian Responsibility to Care for Creation. For stewards to treat poorly the property they are called to care for is sin. Sin has tarnished everything in God's good creation. Todd Pruitt. 2014 13 May. Another Earth Day has passed and Whole Foods shoppers and Hollywood celebrities continue to bask in its fading glow Even back in the 1950s and 1960s, the world needed Earth Day. We may think of man-made climate change as a recent development, but it's a critical Earth Day fact: Even decades ago, the country. Before we get down to serious business, I thought I would start off with a fun fact about Earth Day: Why is Earth Day Celebrated on April 22 nd?. The April 22 date was selected in part because it fell between colleges' spring break and final exams, and also from the observance of Arbor Day, which began in Nebraska in 1872, a day when people are encouraged to plant trees WEEK 1 - HERE WE ARE I start the unit with this adorable book called, Here We Are.It is a great overview for little ones about planet Earth - where we are in the solar system, what planet Earth is made out of, it talks about land, water and air, where people live and how we should take care of our only place to call home

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Why are there no Earth Day songs? Here's an idea: let's recycle an existing tune. Perhaps even one of these. we need to take care of the vessel we are sailing on if we don't want to. This Earth Day coloring page will show kids even more of the things we can do to take care of our planet. While this is a great game to play anytime at home or in the classroom, you may want to particularly consider it during April for Earth Day

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April 22, 2021, is Earth Day, a day to not only celebrate our love of the natural world but to acknowledge our duty to take care of and protect it. (Although that's really something we should be. In the Bible, God commands man to be a steward of the environment. Isaiah and Jeremiah prophesy about the dire consequences that occur when man disobeys God and fails to take care of the Earth: Genesis 1:26. Then God said, 'Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over. Take Care of the Earth and She Will Take Care of You. Take care of the planet earth. Take part in Earth Day, and in the future it will pay. The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth. The Earth is fine it is the people that are in trouble! The Earth Is What We All Have In Common. The Earth: Love it or leave it. The environment. The air we breathe: the ocean produces over half of the world's oxygen and absorbs 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. Climate regulation: covering 70% of the Earth's surface, the ocean transports heat from the equator to the poles, regulating our climate and weather patterns. Transportation: 76% of all U.S. trade involves some form of marine transportation HAYES: We had this gigantic number of people out for Earth Day, which caught the attention of everybody. For a day, all things were environmental. For a day, all things were environmental. But a few days later, Nixon invaded Cambodia and a couple days after that, the National Guard shot four students at Kent State

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