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  3. This hilariously entertaining wine tasting game just gets better as more people are forced to drink. Played just like regular Pictionary, only better because, wine. 8. Wine-egories: Everyone loves a good old game of categories! This version is based on wine. One person names a wine-related category, varieties, for example
  4. Vino Cards: Wine Tasting Game Complete Beginners Guide Wine Course With Flashcards to Learn About Wine Pairings and Host an Amazing Wine Tasting Party Perfect Wine Gift or for Wine Party Supplies. 4.4 out of 5 stars 129. $29.99 $ 29. 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 14. FREE Shipping by Amazon
  5. Here are five fun wine tasting games to enjoy at your next event. 1. Wine Bingo. Wine bingo is a modern take on a classic. Just like with bingo, you have a board for each player and tokens for advancing the game. Unlike bingo, however, the boards don't contain numbered squares. Each square in wine bingo contains the name of a wine or wine cocktail

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PLAY WITH YOUR WINE. Taste, play, learn. A simple app that turns any bottle into a multiple-choice blind tasting game. Download the app for free. Get the App. HOW TO PLAY. ready. set. play. Get Going If you'd like to purchase wine tasting games for your next party, you can find a variety of options at online retailers like Amazon.com. The games typically cost between $20 and $60. Winerd. Winenerd is a combination tasting and trivia game, so it's perfect for wine tasting parties. Reviewers on Amazon give it 4 out of 5 stars, saying the. Guess the Wine Game, Bridal Shower Wine Tasting Game, Printable Bridal Party Games, Bridal Shower Games, Blush Pink Floral, VWC95 VineWedding 5 out of 5 stars (6,868) Sale Price $3.15 $ 3.15 $ 4.50 Original Price $4.50 (30% off. Free Party Games. Printable Party Games. Wine Tasting Party Supplies. Enjoy this party game fitted to the Wine Tasting party theme: Guess The Wine: The goal of this game is to guess the wine that you are drinking while you are blindfolded. Setup: 1. 6 bottles of wine. 2. Blind fold

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  1. Pour tasting cups out for guests to taste then they have to guess which wine it is. Have two wines per round. See if guests can distinguish between Notable: Oaky and Buttery and Notable: Fruity and Crisp without seeing the bottle. This is a fun game and really helps guests focus on the notes of the wine
  2. Wine Tasting Game, Date Night Game, Bachelorette Party Game, Instant Download. 90sMomCreations. 5 out of 5 stars. (8) $4.00. Add to Favorites. Wine Trivia Game - Printable 20 Wine Trivia Questions. Wine Tasting Party Game, Fun Wine Facts, Wine Quiz, Adult, Foodie Party Games. PartyGameIdeas
  3. This is an exciting in-person wine-tasting murder mystery party for 5-8 guests. Get your corkscrew & wine goblets ready for some fun! This game can be played with all female or Co-Ed. There are two expansion packs in this game (8 characters each), which must be played in order
  4. Hosting a Wine Tasting Party (with free printables!) May 17, The winner of the game received a small prize to make things more interesting. I found a couple printable wine scorecard sheets on Pinterest but none of them quite suited my needs, so I whipped up my own instead, along with simple wine bottle tags (download the PDF at the bottom.
  5. Wine drinking games may not be how most wine lovers like to spend their evening wine party but they're a great way to liven things up. After all, a wine tasting party should be just that, a party. Whether you went to college or straight into the workforce you've probably played drinking games in your past
  6. Another romantic wine tasting party idea is to do a wine and chocolate pairing and tasting event - match up red wines, dessert wines, and port, alongside various types of chocolates. This is a great idea for Valentines Day, for groups of couples
  7. This game includes: 6 winemaker pieces, 3 bottle covers for the blind wine tasting, a wine tasting guide, 9 winery deeds, 250 trivia cards, 50 blind wine tasting cards, and one die. For 2-6 players or teams and all wine experience levels. Due to the popularity of this gift, wines or vintages sometimes sell out

Drinking Game. This is one of the simpler wine-related drinking games. The aim of Which Wine is Which? is to have your guests match the wine they're tasting to a description. Cover up the labels of your wine bottles, do up a few descriptions and get to guessing! This is a great way to put your friends' 'Sommelier Status' to the test Planning a . wine tasting game or two is a great idea if you are planning a wine tasting party or even just a casual get together with people who like wine.. It can be a great way to get your guests involved and make the experience fun as well as educational. Particularly if your guests have little or no experience with wine, a wine tasting game can make them more comfortable, relaxed and. Talking Tables Wine Tasting Game . This sleek box contains everything you need (except the wine) to host your own blind tasting at home. The game includes wine term cheat sheets, score sheets. May 19, 2018 - Explore My Info's board wine games on Pinterest. See more ideas about wine games, wine parties, wine

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Wine Tasting Bags - Hide wine labels with these blind wine tasting bags. Wine Wars Game - Test your guest's wine knowledge with a fun game! Free Printables. I created a set of bottle labels, wine tasting score cards, and invitations to help you throw a fun bash! To download the files, click anywhere on the images below (except the Share button. In addition to the wine tasting, have wine themed games and décor setup at the. party. Many vineyards will already have decorations you can use, but if they let you. bring your own consider having jars filled with corks where guests can try and. guess the number of corks correctly to win a prize. Have them try to guess whic Instead of looking it up, play this wine-themed board game with your friends to find out! Culinary and Pastry school grad Tamara Murphy of Phoenix, Arizona developed Winerd, a game that brings wine tasting, wine trivia, and wine-loving wannabes together to learn, drink and be merry. Start the game by tasting three wines and noting their flavors.

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The annual wine-tasting festival in California Wine Country is in full swing when the body of local vineyard owner, Barry Underwood, is found hidden beneath his wine cellar. Barry has been missing for six long years but with the discovery of his body comes a wealth of new clues to solve the mystery. It's a vintage murder and you may be a suspect The first is for a casual and fun wine tasting. It is perfect for a fun party atmosphere. This score sheet is excellent for wine drinkers of all types. It can be very educational to taste wines using this scorecard. The second wine scorecard is for the serious wine tasting, a blind tasting of wines. Should you download these free wine scoring.

Wine Quest - flagship wine tasting game™. A hugely entertaining wine game, Wine Quest is designed as a crescendo building event. It's highly dynamic, and very participative in nature. Like all our events, it has been produced for all levels of knowledge and interest. This event includes a blind wine tasting challenge, where your objective. Wine Tasting Game. Save for Later. Host the ultimate wine tasting from the comfort of your own home. Each bring a bottle of wine and place into a hessian wine bottle bag to hide the label. Then taste and score each wine on our 5 categories. Become a wine expert with 100 wine trivia facts and 2 cheat sheets. Also included are Score Sheets, Pad. Wine Tasting Parties provide the perfect balance of everything a party needs: an activity for everyone to focus on that isn't all-consuming, so conversation still takes place; multiple varieties of wine to try then discuss; delicious snacks that complement the wine beautifully; and happy, relaxed guests. You really can't go wrong Blind Wine Tasting Parties. Blind wind tasting parties are fun events, because they combine wine knowledge, gamesmanship, friends, and fun. At a blind wine tasting party, you may have guests guess the type of wine, the region of the wine, wine price, or even have guests taste all of the same varietal of wine with one different varietal and guess which is different

Choose a Wine Theme. Instead of just buying whatever bottles jump off the shelf at you, it's best to have a game plan when you go shopping. Try to shop at a store with a large selection of wine, and choose a theme for your lineup, whether it's all pinot noir, all dry white wines or all bottles from California.You can even do it by price point—all bottles under $15 or something similar In our 'Blind Wine Tasting Party Games' guide, we suggest that you ask guests to bring a cheese that best describes them. This can be a fantastic way to open the evening and get the wine flowing! Tapas dishes are ideal for a wine tasting party. The small Spanish dishes offer great variety, and you will be sure to cater for everyone's. SOMM Blinders Game is a highly strategic, addictive, and insanely fun card game that allows anyone to learn and compete in their own blind tasting at home. Made from the makers of the award-winning SOMM Documentaries and SOMM TV Sommify is THE holiday gift for wine lovers! Sommify is a blind wine tasting board game for ev- eryone. Players take turns guessing mystery wines in an atmosphere reminiscent of a party game, all while accidentally learning how to blind taste like a Sommelier. Each round, one person is The Somm (aka the judge) and will reveal clues about the mystery wine they brought

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  1. Here are a few easy DIY decorating ideas for a bridal shower wine tasting party theme. Wine Tasting Score Cards. I made cards out of card stock and scrapbook paper that doubled as wine tasting score cards and an answer sheet to a who knows the bride best game. On the wine tasting score card I had instructions and a rating system for five.
  2. SOMM Blinders Game is a highly strategic and insanely fun card game that allows anyone to learn and compete in their own blind wine tasting with friends, family and social gatherings. The main objective is to match the cards in your hand as closely as you can to the wine that you think you're drinking. This is the Original Deck that started it all
  3. How much wine do I need for a wine tasting party? ½ bottle per guest. A little over a half a bottle of wine per guest is ideal. For instance, if you have an 8 person party, plan on having about 5 bottles of wine (each guest will receive a half-glass of each bottle). It won't be too much to make people drunk, but enough to have a great party
  4. Grab the Somm Blinders Blind Tasting Game pack, which comes with the original cards, a deck just for whites, and a deck just for reds. Then, invite some wine-loving friends over for the evening.
  5. May 7, 2021 - WIth this listing, you get three wine-tasting games in one: --Red or White?, in which party guests guess which types of wine are red and which are white. --Size Matters, where party guests rearrange wine bottle sizes from smallest to largest. --Wine Pop Quiz, where party guests rearrange th
  6. If you want to kick your wine tasting party up a notch, play a fun game where you put the wine bottles in brown paper bags and pour the wine for your guests without telling them which wine it is. The winner could get a prize, or just the satisfaction of knowing that he is an expert wine taster

The objective of the game is to correctly match your cards to the wine in each Bottle Round, and earn the most points based on those cards. After all wines have been tasted, the taster with the most points wins the game. The taster with the lowest points cleans the spit bucket. Each player must bring a wine from the wine list in the deck with. Wine Tasting Party Games. Not all wine tasting parties have party games, since some are rather serious affairs with official score cards and sommelier-level discussions. However, mixing in one or two wine-themed party games is a great choice for more casual gatherings

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  1. A wine tasting party is a creative way to gather friends and family together to learn about wine and experiment with new or unusual varietals. Whether you are merely pairing wines with specific cheeses or doing a vertical or horizontal tasting, you are sure to notice new nuances in both red wines and white wines as a result of the focused.
  2. To offset the cost, choose a varietal and vintage and then ask each person to bring a bottle; assign a specific region for each guest. 3) Wrap the bottles in numbered paper bags. 4) Drink! If you're tasting both whites and reds, start with the whites, then move to the reds, moving from lighter-bodied to more full-bodied
  3. Learn how to host a casual wine tasting party, with loads of free printables for your wine party. A wine and cheese party is a great social icebreaker. Most folks love wine. And most folks love cheese. What better combination than some red wines, some white wines, and a selection of cheeses for your next holiday get-together
  4. Below is my Top 10 list of games with wine or viticulture as the primary theme. These are games that meet substantially all of the following criteria: (1) wine, including growing grapes, production, distibution or drinking, is the key focus of the game; (2) compelling theme using/showing wine in an interesting manner; and (3) fun to play

Program set up will allow for 6' space between chairs. Facilitators and event staff will be COVID-19 Awareness Certified. The Winery Team Challenge program delivers a fun, competitive and uniquely memorable wine tasting team building experience perfect for the end of the day meetings. It's also an ideal event before or after a terrific dinner Our wine tasting game is really simple to play and because it's great fun it doesn't matter what level of wine knowledge your group has they're bound to enjoy it. Please note; this is an adult only party game as it involves alcohol With a Life in Vino tasting, you''ll feel more confident talking about wine. You get a top wine expert guiding you to say Oh I finally get it! . And we get there together. We taste the same wine, so you can follow along. You get your questions heard and explained until you get it. And you connect with other wine lovers, maybe even meet your. Play the game! August 06, 2021. Our blind tasting game—without the tasting! Can you identify a wine just by reading its tasting note? We post real Wine Spectator reviews. You use clues such as color, aromas, flavors and structure to figure out the grape, age and origin. Good luck

These wine tasting party ideas have been designed to make wine tasting accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of how much you or your guests know about wine. So whether the wine tasting is the entire theme of your party or just a small part added on to enhance a birthday / dinner party the main thing to remember is: make it fun Rinse palate with water between tastings. Serve bread or light finger foods on the side. Select cheese that pairs with both red and white wine. Tell your guests not to wear perfume, cologne, or drink coffee, prior to tasting. (Aroma gives the best hints in blind wine tasting.) Surprise Your Guest with Prizes

In this video I play a wine game of my own invention: Wine Wars. I blind taste two wines (both dry red wines - bought my a third party!), decide which one I. Throwing a wine-themed party or wine tasting is a fun and easy way to relax with friends and family, and I hope these wine party ideas will help you. Learn something new, show off your party planning skills, and spend an evening with people you love in surroundings that encourage laughter, mingling, and an all-around great time 34 templates. Create a blank Wine Tasting Invitation. Create blank. Violet and White Bottle Sketch Wine Tasting Invitation. Beige Photo Wine Tasting Invitation. Coral Illustrated Glass Wine Tasting Invitation. Red with Photo Header Fancy Wine Tasting Invitation. Dark Blue Illustrated Wine Tasting Invitation The wine tasting game can be played with up to 6 people ( or by up to 6 teams) but there were only 4 of us for our initial run playing ZinZig. We thought the instructions were pretty straightforward.nothing too complicated ( which is good considering you are drinking wine during the entire game!).. Step 6: Gather and distribute your props and materials, such as tasting sheets, beer lists, and flavor wheels. Step 7: Hop on your video or call, make a toast, and start tasting. Be sure to use your best beer snob voice as you discuss the nuances and flavors and colors of everything you sample

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DB wine tasting sheet. 1. Select your wines. Your choices could depend upon whether you are hosting at home or online. In either case, choose a minimum of five wines and a theme. This could be by. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Winerd Game - The Wine Tasting Game at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

Wine professionals make house visits. It's OK to be in shock right about now. Make arrangements for a sommelier (a wine steward), to come and show you girls how a wine tasting is really done. Package Includes. Between 60 and 90 minutes of team building Wine tasters (choose between 6 mini bottles, 3 half bottles or 3 large bottles) Option of bespoke or themed sessions. Suitable for 6-100 people. Blind wine tasting games

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These painted glasses are great for summer and fall wine tastings! By Waterfall Designs. buy here. Bachelorette Wine Tasting. You'll want to decide if you're doing a blind tasting (with wine labels covered) or not. A blind tasting makes the tasting a guessing game. You can easily cover the bottles on the cheap with aluminum foil, like so Premium Wine Tasting at specific vineyards Game drive and snack pack. Exclusions Meals and other items not mentioned. Notes. 11:00 Depart from Chamonix Wine tasting. 15:00 Depart from Chamonix Wine tasting. Customer Reviews. It was a very nice experiance, driving through the wineyards, watching the animals and tasting the wine. Thank you Easily Find & Book the Best Virtual Experiences for Your Team or Clients. Choose from Virtual Games, Team Building Activities, Happy Hour, Food Tasting & More Wine Tasting Games. Feb 28, 2014. Beer pong. Flip cup. Quarters. Nothing can replace the classics. But sometimes the crazy drinking games are best left in the frat house — especially when we're talking wine. However, just because we've grown up (read: expanded our palates) doesn't mean the fun should stop

This Wine Tasting Game goes above and beyond other wine tasting game kits since it includes an aroma guide, tasting tips booklet and flavor guide. Bouquet the Wine Game. 900 questions are divided into 6 categories which are Area, Chateau/Producer, Spirits, Vocabulary, Fortified Wine and Grape in Bouquet The Wine Game The wine tasting challenge Everyone likes to think they know their stuff when it comes to wine, but very few people actually do. A simple game to test that knowledge is to ask each of your guests to taste several different glasses of wine Wine Games This fun, social teambuilding activity combines everyone's favorite games into an event filled with trivia, blind tastings, and even a label making contest—with plenty of delicious wine throughout A wine tasting with 10 random bottles may be fun, but it won't yield all that much in terms of learning — a white Bordeaux from France and a pinot noir from Oregon are two totally different. Printable Wine Tasting Sheets. I also made some wine tasting printable note cards so the ladies could make notes on the different wines they were tasting and remember what they tried. You can print your own wine tasting note cards out here! We had an absolute blast (as you can see with me and one of my partners in crime Athena!

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Packaged in a special keepsake box, it contains a deck of 60 tasting cards used to track nuances related to smell, taste, and texture of wine, a wine journal with a tasting and wine pronunciation guide, and a wine tribe welcome button. You can use this kit to study for wine exams, for a game night with friends, or as a fun date activity Dried fruit, such as raisins, apricots, and mango also go well with wine. Red wine pairs well with fruits such as berries and red grapes while white wine is best with lighter fruits such as pineapples, green grapes, and melon. Chocolate. Chocolate is another great food to serve at a wine tasting party. Dark chocolate that contains at least 60%. Perhaps that's why so many wine enthusiasts enjoy hosting and attending wine tasting parties, complete with wine tasting party games and wine tasting party decorations. It's exciting and fun to share differing opinions on the wines found on the wine tasting party menu, and it's also a great opportunity to relax and catch up with old friends

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The Wine Tasting Game. Describing itself as a 'novel and fun consumable wine game involving the blind tasting and evaluation of wine'. The 'consumable' descriptor refers to the fact that that game, which is attractively packaged in a sturdy green box, contains four bottles of wine 7. Win at the party favor game. Don't forget the party favors! Photo: Fran Parente. Hillary and Anthony suggest encouraging guests to bring an extra bottle of wine, their favorite that's under. Blind Wine - Wine Tasting Game. Average Rating: stars. out of 5 stars. Write a review. Blind Wines. $12.79. $12.79. $12.79 $ 12. 79. Only 1 left


The Pinot Grigio Village Amateur Wine Making Society need to select a new chairman. And decide to hold a competition to do it. Six members enter their home made brews to be judged by the famous French wine critic Marechal Foch.But by the end of the evening Colonel Pigato, 62, the local magistrate, lies dead.And members of the society (in between tasting and scoring the various wines) have to. Sommify is a blind wine-tasting board game. Players take turns guessing mystery wines in an atmosphere reminiscent of a drinking game, all while accidentally learning how to blind taste like a Sommelier. Players guess the Grape and Country of the mystery wine using the incredibly simple Sommify method on The Sommify W Wine Tasting Game Planning a . wine tasting game or two is a great idea if you are planning a wine tasting party or even just a casual get together with people who like wine.. It can be a great way to get your guests involved and make the experience fun as well as educational Many wine-producing regions are actually suitable to working with a variety of wine grapes, especially in the New World, says Lauren Buzzeo, Wine Enthusiast's tasting director, who also.

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All You Need Is Wine is the perfect party game to entertain your guests! Designed for people of all wine knowledge levels, this blind wine tasting party game allows players to learn and practice the 5 S's of Wine Tasting: Sight, Swirl, Smell, Sip, and Savor Be sure to check out the award winning radio show/podcast Sips, Suds, & Smokes where they discuss wine, beer, whiskey, cigars, people who's first name starts with the letter Q, the people of Alabama, Canadians, and well just about Everything Good in Life That Is Worth Discussing.. Just ask any phone Play podcast Sips, Suds, & Smokes The game began as a late-night lark between Wilder and Andrés who would challenge each other to blindly taste and then correctly name the wine hidden inside a paper bag Wine Tasting. Become a connoisseur. Learning the art of wine tasting, exploring your taste and palate. 5 Tips on how Thrill Run Fun a Fine Wine Activities Olympics Games and Events for Groups. Get the competitive grape juices flowing. Here is a sample of 5 events Thrill has developed for groups to participate in. The tip is

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A wine tasting party is a type of dinner party (or luncheon) where you sample different bottles of wine, compare vintages and regional varieties, and enjoy some lively discussions. Where to Hold Your Wine Tasting Party. You can organize a wine tasting party in a variety of ways, from formal sit-down affairs to more casual cocktail-style parties Wine Tasting Game by Talking Tables. Availability: In stock. $ 57.95. In stock. Purchase this product now and earn 115 points for a discount on a future order! Quantity. Add to cart. Description This Blind Wine Tasting Game has everything needed to conduct a blind tasting party. It is educational and fun for everyone, from novice to sophisticated sippers. Included are six individually numbered wine bags, storage pouch and a game pad of scoring notes (wine is not included). Guess the color, aroma, taste, country, region, vintage.

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Game A. 'If you and your guests can get hold of the same range of wines, either from shops or from online stores, ask the shop keeper or a family member to put the wines into individual blind bags, and get them numbered before the tasting. 'Now you are ready for a 'cloud'-based blind tasting. You can decide either to keep scores and. Enjoy yourself and be curious; this is the best way to enjoy your wine tasting. We suggest hosting your own wine tasting party at home as this can open up a whole world of wines (literally) and is an enjoyable evening with a close group of friends. See our 'Wine Tasting Party at Home Guide' for more information Quick answers to all your wine questions; how to store, open, decant and serve wine; ABCs of food and wine matching; characteristics of grape varieties; and a glossary of wine terms. Plus, games and quizzes to improve your wine knowledge True Brands is the leader in Wholesale Wine Accessories, Wine Bags, Corkscrews and Aerators. We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Best Price Guarantee! Fast and Easy Shipping Working smart at this stage of the game requires delegation. Consider assigning a person (or team of people) to the following project areas: Wine Connoisseur: Your committee will need at least one wine connoisseur to be your wine expert and assist with bringing in others in the wine industry. Ideally, the wine connoisseur is also connected to wine merchants, vineyards, sommeliers, restaurants.

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Fine Wine, Good Friends, and a Wicked Murder. Ivanna Katenka, the ultra mysterious airport security clerk, is hosting her monthly wine-tasting part at her home in the little town of Gladerock. Ivanna is known for her excellent tastes in wine and for providing a great, relaxing atmosphere for friends to come together - in spite of her wicked. Amuse-Bouche. Kicking off Athens Wine Weekend, Amuse-Bouche is a Friday evening wine tasting affair. Featuring several of the most talented chefs from favorite local restaurants, this event provides a sampling of their cooking artistry, all paired with the perfect wine to arouse the palate Beer Flavor Identification Tasting Game. This activity requires everyone at the table to order the same beer. You will need a sheet of paper (or spare coaster) and a pen for each of your friends. Once everyone has their beer, ask them to take a moment to taste the beer and pick out either three or five adjectives that describe the flavors and. http://www.mymysteryparty.com presents: Fine Wine, Good Friends & a Wicked Murder - a fun Wine Tasting Murder Mystery Game by Dr. Bon Blossman of My Mystery. 32 Bottle Dakota Wine Rack with Display Top (Medium Oak) (39.5H x 17.625W x 12.875D) !! Accordian Bottle Small Package of Four Review Allavino Pronto Series PRS3024R Deluxe Wine Rack - 24 Bottle Pine Diamond Bin Radius Front Check Pric

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Shop Talking Tables Wine Tasting Trivia Game online at Macys.com. The perfect opportunity to get together for a drink host the ultimate wine tasting from the comfort of your own home. Each bring a bottle of wine and place into a hessian wine bottle bag to hide the label. Then taste and score each wine on our 5 categories Wine tasting Spend the afternoon at a winery and enjoy both a tasting and a meal, or book transportation to take you and your group to multiple spots in one afternoon. You don't have to go to Napa to throw a wine tasting party—you'll be surprised to find how many local vineyards there are all over the country Whether you're new to the wine scene or an aficionado this wine tasting game is THE best way to entertain your guests. You have everything included to throw a fun wine tasting which will challenge all involved; all you need to do is provide the wines that you want to enjoy! Alternatively this makes a fab gift for wine lovers who are fully stocked Wine Tasting Game Winerd That Crushes Grape Fears Adults Party 2003 New Sealed . Brand New. C $25.22. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. or Best Offer. from United States. S p o n s o r e d. Blind Wine Tasting Quiz Game Up to 6 Couples Fun Hosting Party Game Sealed NEW. Brand New. C $15.13. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller A wine tasting -- either at home, a shop, at a restaurant or even a winery -- is a great way to sample and learn about wine. Owen Franken/Photographer's Choice RF/ Getty Images You don't have to be a connoisseur to host a wine tasting -- not that it hurts, of course, but anybody can bring together some friends to explore the bouquets, the. The goal of a wine tasting party is not just to discover new wines you like, but also to start a conversation about wine. To get people talking, pass out a wine tasting chart or glossary of tasting terms to help people describe the characteristics they are smelling and tasting. See the 4 steps to evaluating wine

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