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Graceland: The Jungle Room One of your walls is a waterfall and the furnishings are heavy, carved wood that looks like it could be at a tiki party. Elvis had his own version of a man cave and his has become known as the Jungle Room. Located off the kitchen, the jungle room was a room that Elvis and his friends would hang out in Photo about Jungle room at Elvis Presley s Graceland, with emphasis on his wall size waterfall. Image of celebrity, national, residence - 7502427 The infamous jungle room was originally a screened in back patio that sat behind the kitchen. In the 1960s, Elvis made the patio part of the main house, complete with a working waterfall on the far wall. The waterfall was a great idea, but was a thorn in Elvis' side because it leaked and flooded. Welcome to the jungle room

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10. Jungle Room. One of the most infamous rooms in Graceland is the Jungle Room. Originally a screened in back patio located behind the kitchen, Elvis made this room a part of the main house in the 1960s. The Jungle Room is notable for the massive working waterfall on its far wall. Elvis loved the idea of a waterfall, but it became a nuisance. The tour of Graceland Mansion includes the living room, his parents' bedroom, the kitchen, TV room, pool room, the famous Jungle Room, his father's office, the newly-enhanced Trophy Building, the Racquetball Building - newly-restored to how it looked in 1977, and Meditation Garden. Graceland Mansion tour capacity has been greatly reduced

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The Lisa Marie includes a living room, conference room, private bedroom and features gold-plated seatbelts, leather-covered tables, and 24-karat gold-flecked sinks. Chapel in the Woods Plan your wedding at The Chapel in the Woods, with its grand ceiling, picturesque windows and the beautiful woods -- just steps away from The Guest House The 'Jungle Room' just might be the crown jewel of the first floor of Elvis Presley's Graceland home. Its green shag carpet, exotic carved wood, and illuminated waterfall feature all contribute to an eccentric 70s vision with Polynesian flair. The Jungle Room reveals the side of Elvis that was a playful kid with an over-the-top imagination Jungle Room. In the mid-1960s, Presley enlarged the house to create a den that came to be called the Jungle Room. It was originally a screened in back patio that sat behind the kitchen, which he incorporated into the main house complete with a waterfall of cut stone on the far wall The Jungle Room. From the custom stone waterfall to the green shaggy rugs on both the floors and ceiling, the Jungle Room was one of Elvis' themed rooms. Look for the red and green phones that sit on the carved wood table used by Presley himself. The TV Room. Head downstairs to see where the King unwound after a busy days work

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Aug 3, 2016 - Discover The Jungle Room at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee: Elvis' own personal tropical hideaway There's no one to argue with that today, at least not in the Jungle Room, where the only sound is the sound of Elvis' jerry-built waterfall, unless you count the music inside your head Graceland consists of over 17,000 square feet of residence and contains 23 rooms, but the glowing gold of the peacock room is among the most impressive. Simply put, it is incredibly outrageous

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Graceland is a mansion on a 13.8-acre (5.6 ha) estate in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, once owned by singer and actor Elvis Presley.His daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, has been the owner of Graceland since his death in 1977.Graceland is located at 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard in the vast Whitehaven community, about 9 miles (14 km) from Downtown and less than 4 miles (6.4 km) north of the. Graceland's most famous space has to be The Jungle Room, which Elvis Presley called The Den. The King purchased the Polynesian-inspired furniture in 1974 despite his father Vernon thinking it. The famous Jungle Room with its tiki bar furniture, fake waterfall and colored lights, is not exactly a byword for tasteful restraint. The all-white living room with its peacock-stained glass windows, the billiards room with its outrageous sunburst ceiling and Tiffany-style lampshades, is something no self-respecting mobster would be seen in Way Down in the Jungle Room, recorded at Graceland, offers a different look at the King of Rock 'n' Roll a year before his death. Decorated with animal prints and with a waterfall at one end.

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Walking from the living room into the dining room, kitchen, jungle room, bedroom and more. WOW so neat to see all of Graceland left in it's untouched state. The upstairs is the only area that has no access. Priscilla and Lisa Marie still come and stay at Graceland and when they do they use the upstairs home for such a wealthy megastar. The Jungle Room was the most memorable room, of course, with its shag carpeting on both the ceiling and the floor, wood-paneled walls, brick-stepped waterfall, and eclectic decorations such as furry armchairs and funky lampshades. The audio tour provided a good overview o

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ELVIS PRESLEY'S Graceland home has been shut down, but the staff are bringing new videos from inside, with the first revealing a Jungle Room secret Mar 14, 2018 - Discover The Jungle Room at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee: Elvis' own personal tropical hideaway Two weeks ago marked the 43rd anniversary of Elvis Presley's death at his home of Graceland in Memphis. Two tabloids looked at that date and appear to have been inspired to invent two separate. Fake greenery languishes about the room, and a small waterfall flows behind the throne. The jungle room is at once horrifying and hilarious. —Robin Markowitz. Further Reading: Eggleston, W., and M. Filler. Elvis Presley's Graceland—An American Shrine. House and Garden. March 1984. Marcus, G. Mystery Train—Images of America in Rock 'n. Rating: 3/5. With its shag carpeting, Polynesian flair and indoor waterfall, the Jungle Room in Elvis Presley's Graceland den epitomized the kitsch excess of the King's declining years. But once converted to a home studio in 1976, the verdant oasis became the unlikely birthplace of his final recordings

Graceland Mansion, the 14-acre estate of Elvis Presley and a National Historic Landmark, mesmerizes tour-goers with the king's untouched digs, glitzy duds, six museums, and exhibits. The three-hour Graceland Platinum Tour features Elvis's famed Jungle Room with indoor waterfall, music room, and more The tour includes the pristine white living room (with a 15-foot-long sofa), the music room and its baby grand piano, his parents' bedroom, the dining room, the kitchen, the TV room, the pool room, and the famous Jungle Room (decorated with Polynesian furniture, an indoor waterfall, and green shag carpeting)

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  1. Elvis Presley's Jungle Room, Graceland, 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee. http://www.elvis.com.au
  2. It turns out the name came and stuck five years after Elvis' death when Graceland opened for tours in 1982. According to Rolling Stone, it was a journalist who first referred to the Den as the Jungle Room. Of course, Elvis didn't have the Den furnished in the way it remains today until 1974. While for the first 17 years he lived at.
  3. The Jungle Room is one of the most famous rooms at Graceland, renowned for its indoor waterfall and thick green shag carpet. However, when Presley first bought the property in 1957 the room was actually an outdoor patio, which only became enclosed when the house was extended in 1965
  4. The Jungle Room, Graceland. The front room is decorated with Louis XIV furniture and a white marble fireplace. For his room, Elvis wanted the darkest blue and a mirror that covers one side of the room. Elvis also built the Jungle Room. It has a green shag carpet, an indoor rock waterfall and lacquered wood furniture

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  1. I visited Graceland 2 months ago, and I loved the Jungle Room. A classic. In 75-77 Elvis was tired of going to studios to make records, so he turned the Jungle Room into a recording studio and cut his last records there. The green shag carpet on the ceiling was for sound proofing (so Lisa Marie or anyone else upstairs could get some sleep.
  2. Tag Archives: Jungle Room Travel - Graceland - Memphis, TN. Posted on January 8, 2013 by barbara. Reply. One of our stops on our summer road trip last year was Memphis, Tennessee. I was a fan of Elvis Presley since I was a child and used to listen to his music and watched his movies
  3. RCA Records and Legacy Recordings will release Way Down In The Jungle Room, a definitive new 2 LP collection of Elvis Presley's last studio recordings, on Friday, August 5, 2016.. The most complete and comprehensive collection of Presley's final studio recordings ever assembled in one anthology, Way Down In The Jungle Room is an essential and welcome addition for every fan's library
  4. Elvis wouldn't get the keys for Graceland until 63 years later. Upon opening the doors you're transported into a time capsule. There are 23 rooms in this mansion, many of which have their own eccentric theme. The Jungle Room is a personal favorite; See if you can spot the indoor waterfall. Elvis's gravesite is the touching final stop of the tour
  5. It is quite a unique room, with many wooden carvings, a green shag carpet, a waterfall, a tiki bar, tropical plants, animal statues, and so much more. The Jungle Room at Graceland Over the years, Elvis and Priscilla bought other homes; however, Graceland was always where Elvis felt the most comfortable

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  1. Elvis Elvis loved Loves. animals are. Animals here at Graceland Dogs horses, fish everything but cats there were birds peacocks. You know, Graceland was Elvis' playground and there was always room for animals here and this statue of Saint Francis has had a very honored place here in the jungle room for over 40 years
  2. Description. Large high back king of the jungle room chair. 62h 42d 37w. All of our leather & upholstered furniture is made by family owned & operated businesses. Custom made to order 12-14 week delivery. White glove delivery. Can be custom designed. Call for info: Toll Free: 877-732-2586. Custom details seldom offered even by the largest.
  3. Graceland is approximately 10 miles south of downtown Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis Presley purchased the Graceland estate in 1957 when he was 22 and the two-story classical revival house on the.

Updated August 16, 2017 02:10 PM. The king is back, in spirit anyway. The Guesthouse at Graceland, a new 450-room hotel near Elvis' famous Tennessee estate began welcoming visitors last October. But, the Jungle Room stood out to me as the most bizarre. It was Elvis' 1970s idea of a great hangout for a guy. It had an African theme with animal prints, tree-like furniture, plants everywhere, a waterfall, and lots of shag carpeting - even on the ceiling. Truly tacky This weekend's opening, she feels, still pays tribute to her ex-husband's vision. Speaking to the more subtle design choices at the Guesthouse hotel, Priscilla says with a laugh, if he were here today he would not live in the Jungle Room. (The eccentric den at Graceland featured an indoor waterfall and green shag carpet Graceland, Elvis Presley's home in Memphis, Tennessee, is the second-most visited house museum in the U.S., with over 600,000 visitors a year. It's big, it's loud, it's full of color and. Graceland is a large white-columned mansion and 13.8-acre (5.6 ha) estate in Memphis, Tennessee that was home to Elvis Presley.It is located at 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard in the vast Whitehaven community about 9 miles (14.5 km) from Downtown and less than four miles (6 km) north of the Mississippi border. It currently serves as a museum

Graceland is about ten miles south of downtown Memphis, Tennessee, on Elvis Presley Boulevard (Highway 51 South). facade of the house to serve as a den. It became known as the Jungle Room because of its furnishings, as well as the built-in waterfall of cut fieldstone on its north wall. Th The basement at Graceland houses the Billiards Room and the TV Room. The billiards room was redecorated in 1973 by Elvis and is a perfect demonstration of his unique - wild - taste. The walls and ceiling are covered in pleated, matching fabric. Truly a TV room. Elvis had the room quipped with three TVs Elvis Presley's Memphis, Tennessee, home, Graceland, has been a tourist mecca for years. Some go to pay homage to The King, and some go to gawk at the over-the-top decor. How much do you know about Graceland? Take this quiz to find out Graceland is the name of the 13.8 acre estate and large white-columned mansion that once belonged to Elvis Presley, located at 3734 Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. and the famous jungle room which features an indoor waterfall, among other modifications. One of Presleys better known modifications was the addition of. It featured Tiki furniture, plants, and a flagstone waterfall that added to the room's deeply tropical vibe, prompting fans to dub it the Jungle Room, although Elvis never called it that himself. But by the mid-'70s, the record label RCA had sent a mobile recording unit to Presley's home, which Elvis had set up in the Jungle Room—it's.

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The Tail is even Taking Care of Business. The Bathroom with Spanish Brass and Golden Specs. The Living Room. Television Area (One of Many) Conference Room On-board Lisa Marie. The King Loves Gatorade and Diet Dr. Pepper. Sitting Room (Complete with Pull-out Couch) Elvis' Bed. Elvis' Jet Star Personal Jet The tour of Graceland Mansion features an interactive, iPad tour with additional enhancements including photos, video and more. Continue your experience with the all-new Graceland Exhibition Center, which features three rotating exhibits, the TCB Food Hall and Jungle Room Bar Back upstairs, the final room in the home is the famed Jungle Room. Elvis choose everything that went into this room, from the furs to the waterfall. He placed sentimental gifts & hung family photos. When Elvis' was staying in hotels while he was on the road he would have them remodeled to be more like home for his stay Stay in This Graceland-Area AirBNB's Lil' Jungle Room. Country music great Dale Watson and his wife and fellow musician Celine Lee add to Memphis' Elvis Presley -themed destinations with their.

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15 of 17 16 of 17 A lot of fun was had in this colorful game room at Graceland. the Jungle Room with tiger and tiki figures, indoor waterfall, green shag on the floor and ceiling for acoustics. As Presley added onto Graceland in the '60s he had an den constructed off of the kitchen that he decorated to look like a tiki bar, but a tiki bar with a fully functional waterfall. Fans have taken to calling this tropical space the Jungle Room but for Presley it was the den The jungle room graceland photo (The jungle room graceland photo). Elvis photos casket (Elvis photos casket). Took photo elvis casket (Took photo elvis casket). Elvis photo casket (Elvis photo casket). To go to the menu, press this button Toward the end of the first floor is where Elvis enlarged Graceland to include 'The Jungle Room.' Decorated in a jungle motif, the room features a waterfall and later became the den that served as. Elvis rarely ate in Graceland's dining room. Instead he favored the jungle room, which had Kon Tiki chairs, lamps with fake fur lampshades and a bubbling waterfall

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  1. Next stop: the Jungle room. This room started off as just an addition to the house, and was just a typical family room at first. But before long it was transformed into the Jungle room. With a waterfall at one end, a bar at the other, everything in between is covered in shag carpet, animal prints and carvings
  2. Graceland Mansion Graceland Elvis Elvis Presley House Elvis Memorabilia Indoor Waterfall Jungle Room Wrought Iron Gates Room Additions Front Rooms Where Did the King of Rock 'N Roll Live and Die? Take a photo tour of Graceland Mansion, the Memphis, Tennessee Classical Revival home of music legend Elvis Presley
  3. Graceland was originally built in 1939 as a one story Colonial Revival. Purchasing the house and property in 1957 for a $ 102,500 USD , Elvis started building additions on to the beautiful house, adding over 7,000 square feet to the original structure and spending over $ 500,000 USD . He also had a garden added which he named the Meditation.
  4. Only the main floor and basement of Graceland is open to the public. Apparently the upstairs was always Elvis' private area, and that privacy has been maintained. On the entry first floor, you can view the living room, dining room, kitchen, famous Polynesian style Jungle Room with waterfall
  5. Elvis bought Graceland in 1957. Over the years, he put a lot of time, money and effort into decorating it with the best. He added a pool table to a basement room in 1960, and in 1974 decided to decorate the room around it. He enjoyed researching his own decorating, and got the idea for the fabric-covered walls from a picture of a 18th-century.

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The 'Jungle Room', Graceland, Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee, and the records recorded live in 1976. Even after the repairs, the feature was not flawless. In the middle of Graceland's 1971 Christmas party, far from festive due to Elvis and Priscilla's angry bickering, the waterfall shorted out and started a small fire Also in the 1960s Elvis had a 40ft by 14ft den constructed, which had its own waterfall and became known as the Jungle Room because of its furnishings. He also recorded two albums there 1 review of The Jungle Room Bar Visited Graceland this past weekend and after visiting and touring we decided to check out the Jungle Room Bar which just opened (1 month old). It is located in the Graceland Exhibition area. It's a cool place to wind down after all the touring and have a few drinks before heading home. Carlos was our bartender and was attentive and super friendly The basic Graceland Mansion tour ($15-$33) now includes the living room, kitchen, dining room, music room, parents' bedroom, TV room, pool room and the infamous Jungle Room

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The Jungle Room was added in the mid 1960's when Elvis enlarged the original house. An indoor waterfall can be seen on the left side of the room. The Jungle Room was used as a recording studio in 1976 which Presley used to make his final albums, From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee and Moody Blue The Graceland property stands as a living tribute to the quirky tastes of The King himself. A swimming pool in the bedroom? Sure, why not. And why not a jukebox next to the swimming pool, and a jungle room with an indoor waterfall, and a meditation garden, and a wrought-iron gate emblazoned with musical motifs This yellow & black room with a porcelain monkey is where he relaxed with three TVs. Bring on the TV dinners! Pass me the aspirin-I'm getting a headache! But, we're not done yet..here is a red waterfall in the Jungle Room complete with green pile carpet and dragon chairs

From the Jungle Room family room complete with Polynesian furnishings and a working waterfall to the vibrant lemon-yellow and black TV room (with three TVs and a funky monkey), it was hard to pick a favorite. two-room home was a stark contrast to Graceland, and amplified my sense of awe in Elvis' accomplishments. The museum showcased. The self-guided audio tour of the Graceland mansion, narrated by Lisa Marie Presley, allows visitors to see the interior of Presley's home, including the dining room, living room, kitchen and music room. The tour includes a stop by at the Jungle Room, which features jungle-style decor and a waterfall Waterfall in the Jungle Room at Graceland in Memphis. December 2015, photo by NautiTiki. Witco couch in the Jungle Room at Graceland in Memphis. December 2015, photo by NautiTiki. Elvis' favorite chair in the Jungle Room at Graceland in Memphis. December 2015, photo by NautiTiki

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2514089-elvis-bedroom-6-617-409. This vintage multiple line phone featuring the Memphis 901 area code sits on a table next to a couch in the famous Jungle Room at Graceland. It is this phone. Graceland includes the mansion house, located on nearly 14 acres. There are 23 rooms, in the mansion, including 8 bedrooms and bathrooms. There is also a full stable on the grounds. The estate is located just under 10 miles from downtown Memphis, Tennessee and less than four miles north of the Mississippi state line From the Guest House at Graceland, a 450-room resort with Priscilla Presley-designed VIP suites and perks like the peanut butter sandwich bar, to Elvis Presley's Memphis, a new $45 million. Elvis Presley's Graceland Mansion, where he lived from 1957 until the day he died 20 years later, is a little artificial and easy to poke fun at, but it is also intriguing, entertaining and, at times, very moving.Visitors have heard about the crystal chandeliers, peacock blue curtains and the legendary 'Jungle Room', with its waterfall wall, shag-carpet ceiling and fake-fur upholstery The infamous Jungle Room was originally a screened in back patio that sat behind the kitchen. In the 1960s, Elvis made the patio part of the main house, complete with a working waterfall on the far wall. The jungle room was loaded with exotic plants, animal prints and floor-to-ceiling shag carpet