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Spanish words for great include Gran, grande, estupendo, enorme, magnífico, importante, grandísimo, vasto, especial and famoso. Find more Spanish words at wordhippo. 1-minute Mini Spanish Lessons, translating a commonly used word or phrase Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages

Since Spanish is spoken in more countries than any other in the world, the gap may be the widest of any language. It's the primary language on almost an entire continent! Being spoken by nearly 400 million people in more than 30 different countries , the language in its modern and practical use leaves a lot of room for variation This term is used widely throughout Spanish-speaking countries (though somewhat less often in Colombia and Ecuador). It literally means great, but it's often used to mean cool. Ella es genial. (She is cool.) 15. Guay. Guay is another common slang term that many Spanish students learn in school. It's popular among children and. This is another term that's popular among Mexican Spanish speakers. The approximate meaning is very fatherly but it's used as a slang term for cool or awesome. This word is pronounced pah-d-DEE-see-moe. Getting the delicate Spanish r sound right after the d can be difficult And that's that!: ¡Y eso es todo! At that: He is a writer, and a good one at that.Es escritor, y además de los buenos.; Despite that: They charged for Ubuntu despite that it is free.Cobraron Ubuntu a pesar de que es gratis.; How to you like that?: ¿Qué te parece? In order that, so that: We need your help in order that the campaign be successful.Necesitamos su ayuda a fin de que la campaña. The good news is that you use it in Spanish as you would use your llover gatos y perros (to rain cats and dogs), so you just need to substitute one for the other. Have a look: Estaba lloviendo a cántaros , así que no fuimos al concierto

Spanish flu, also known as the 1918 influenza pandemic or the Great Influenza, was an exceptionally deadly global influenza pandemic caused by the H1N1 influenza A virus.The earliest records of illness and mortality associated with the pandemic were documented in the United States (in Kansas) in March 1918 and then in April in France, Germany and the United Kingdom Take note that these are not common words spoken in everyday Spanish, but nonetheless, they are interesting and lovely words that would be a great addition to your vocabulary. Get the Free PDF and MP3. Would you like to get a copy of the list in PDF format? Simply click on the button below to access the Spanish Learning Package great translate: genial, grande, grande, mucho, grande, genial [masculine-feminine], excelente [masculine-feminine. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Spanish. Good Morning in Spanish and Other Greetings. Let's begin with the greetings. Knowing how to greet someone is very important no matter the language you're trying to speak because it shows respect to the other person and it is an easy way to start a friendly conversation

1. Say bueno (boo-EHN-oh) when something is good. Bueno is the basic way to say good in Spanish. As an adjective, it is used similarly to the way the word good is used in English. It means something that is suitable, favorable, or morally proper. For example, you might say Este libro es bueno, or This book is good Obviously, you're not going to be able to say everything you want to say with only 100 Spanish words — although you could do surprisingly well with fewer than 1,000. But if you can learn these 100 words and understand how they're used, you'll be a long way toward being able to communicate freely in Spanish Here are some of the most useful Spanish adjectives to know: 1. & 2. Bueno and Malo (Good and Bad) Bueno and malo mean good and bad respectively: El libro es bueno - The book is good. La película es mala - The film is bad. There are a couple things to keep in mind about these two adjectives Things in Spanish is cosas.And when you're just starting to learn Spanish Well, there are a lot of things you want to talk about! Like how about telling your new Spanish friends you must have your coffee first thing in the morning. Or how about trying to immerse yourself at home and talk about las cosas en tu casa — the things in your house. . Maybe you're doing this to help.

The storyline itself is quite interesting and has some really good dialogue and a great plotline as the main character travels to different Latin American countries. Get the Simple PDF Comparison Chart for the Top 11 Spanish TV Shows and the Top 11 Movies in Spanish with the button below The powerhouse pop star released a Spanish version of her hit single Irreplaceable in 2007, and well, it's pretty awesome. This content is imported from Third party

And of course, you can always use the superlative form, buenísimo, for something that's especially good. 'Cool' Words Vary by Region There may no good Spanish equivalent of cool that works everywhere, but native Spanish speakers in a forum sponsored by this site offered their perspective on what may be best While in the moment of decision, consider if any of the Spanish phrases below fit into your sentence. If so, you'll probably need to use the Spanish past simple tense. In this post, you'll learn 15 Spanish phrases that nearly guarantee the use of the Spanish past simple tense. I say 'nearly' because there are always exceptions

Bilingual names was one of the most common requests we saw in the submissions for this baby name series! Many of you have bilingual households, multiracial families or family members that speak a different first language than you. We saw several request for names that work in both Spanish and English, whether that meant they As beginning readers in English, they are great level A readers, but in Spanish, they are not level A. My kindergartner is well beyond level A in English, but his Spanish is lagging. Because of the disparity between the reading level in English and Spanish, I end up reading the Spanish to him defeating the purpose

The Spanish Armada (Spanish: Grande y Felicísima Armada, lit. 'Great and Most Fortunate Navy') was a Habsburg Spanish fleet of 130 ships that sailed from Lisbon in late May 1588 under the command of the Duke of Medina Sidonia, with the purpose of escorting an army from Flanders to invade England.Medina Sidonia was an aristocrat without naval command experience but was made commander by King. In Spanish, you almost always need helping verbs to talk about the weather. There are three verbs you'll use: hacer, estar and haber. It may seem a bit strange to use phrases that literally translate as The weather makes rain, or There is weather. But that's just how it works in Spanish The Spanish language is estimated to be made out of a total of 250000 words with the largest Spanish dictionary having over 100000 words. This can seem a really big and frightening number to someone wanting to start learning Spanish, but here's the good news: you only need to know roughly 5% of the total words to be fluent in Spanish

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A good way to remember sounds and also expand your vocabulary in Spanish is by practicing your pronunciation with words that rhyme. Like learning a song or poem, it is a fun exercise that will likely have an earworm-like effect and be extremely beneficial for your learning process.Here are some of the easiest and most common Spanish words that rhyme Spanish words for good include buen, bueno, bien, útil, amable, provecho, sano, saludable, utilidad and provechoso. Find more Spanish words at wordhippo.com A fun part of learning to become a more well-rounded Spanish speaker, is learning the more nuanced Spanish, be it slang vocabulary or expressions, that native speakers use in everyday life. In this post, you'll learn 46 of the most common Spanish Idioms that native speakers use, so that you can add some flavor to the conversation the next. Whatever you do, make sure you don't use this phrase in other Spanish countries because girls won't know that you are calling them beautiful, they'll think you are talking about physical strength. As a girl, I can tell you that's not romantic at all. 15. Estar Buena. This phrase is well known in all Spanish speaking countries Luckily there is a comprehensive Spanish course called Rocket Spanish that focuses on teaching practical phrases so that you can start speaking right away. If you want to take your first serious step in winning the heart of your special someone (or at least impress them), this course is worth a look

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How to say That's great! in Spanish - WordHipp

That's good in Spanish English to Spanish Translation

  1. List of Spanish Adjectives. There are a few words in English that change depending on the gender of the subject: actor or actress, waiter or waitress, and so on. There aren't many adjectives in English that do this, however - not like in Spanish. You can learn more about the grammar of Spanish in this basic Spanish language course
  2. Like other Spanish adjectives that end in z, if you want to use tenaz in a plural context, switch the z for a ces. Son muy tenaces, y por eso suelen tener éxito. (They are very tenacious, and that's why they tend to be successful.) The Neutra
  3. We all know Spanish is a beautiful language, but there are some particularly beautiful words. Read on to learn about the most beautiful Spanish words
  4. This poem was written by Spanish poet Antonio Machado, who was born in Seville in 1875 and passed away in France in 1939. Machado is one of Spain's greatest poets, and he lived through some of Spain's most tumultuous times, having experienced both the authoritarian rule of Primo de Rivera and the Spanish Civil War
  5. The Spanish language is rich with refranes, sayings or proverbs that often become a shorthand way of conveying a thought or expressing a judgment. Here you will find a collection of a sayings, one for each day of the month. Of the literally hundreds of sayings that are a part of the language, this list includes some of the most common as well as a few others that were chosen simply because.
  6. The following baseball terms in Spanish will give you a great start whether you want to play or watch the game with Spanish speakers. Advertisement Spanish Baseball Vocabulary. While the nature of the game can vary from country to country, the vocabulary tends to be similar. El bateador. Batter. Bate. Bat

If you're at an intermediate level in Spanish, then exploring some common Spanish idioms is highly recommended.. As with Spanish slang expressions, idioms are key to understanding informal conversations.. Spanish speakers use them a lot, and they're occasionally used in some formal dialogues as well, so you'll hear them frequently in Spanish-speaking countries Why Read Blogs in Spanish? They give you access to structured and straightforward Spanish. Generally speaking, blog posts are purposely written in straightforward language, adhere to an organized structure and use simpler vocabulary.It's in a blogger's best interest to write top-notch material that's easy to read, in order to appeal to larger audiences and keep readers' interest How to Say Have a Good Evening in Spanish. There is no way to translate have a good evening in Spanish simply because there isn't a Spanish equivalent for evening. In fact, as soon as the tarde (afternoon) is over, the noche (night) kicks in. This happens around 6, 7, or 8 pm, depending on the region's culture The last of the great conquistador expeditions were mounted by Francisco de Coronado in 1540. He was pursuing rumors of gold among Indian cities on the Great Plains. He returned to Mexico empty-handed and financially ruined in 1542, having wandered with his 300 Spanish mercenaries, with no purpose, as far north as modern-day Kansas No hay problema. This is the most basic form of no problem in Spanish. Note that it's problema.. Despite ending with an a, problema is a masculine noun in Spanish. That's why to say the problem is that you'd say el problema es que, and a big problem is un gran problema.. Note as well that you have to say hay.You can't omit that and say no problema.

28 Funny Spanish Phrases, Sayings, & Jokes. Querer es poder. Wanting to, is being able to. Where there's a will, there's a way. This wise saying points to the resilient heart of Spanish culture, that even if an obstacle appears insurmountable at first, you can overcome it! No hay mal que por bien no venga Learn how to speak Spanish with lessons, courses, audio, video and games, including the alphabet, phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, activities and tests. Plus Spanish slang and Spanish TV

Great in Spanish English to Spanish Translation

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From humor to psychology, including journalism, current affairs, feminism, film, and lifestyle, some of the best podcasts are in Spanish -- and there is plenty of material to cull from That's it for this lesson. Learn more Spanish salutations here! Here are some recommended lessons: Find out words for the different ways to say Good Morning in Spanish with this free lesson. In this lesson we'll cover several common ways to say goodbye when talking to Spanish people. See you soon! ¡Hasta pronto! Mauricio Evlampieff: Rocket. Heads up, the entirety of this list contains bilingual books. This means that each page or so has the English text on it, and then the Spanish translation (or the other way around). This is great, because you can directly compare the translations and get a sense of what the words really mean in the other language Interested in travelling to a Spanish-speaking country? Read the travel blog below: What a great experience (Barcelona, Spain) We've spent 2 very intense and interesting days in Barcelona. Barcelona is a great city with so many sights to see

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How To Write A Letter In Spanish: Formal Letters. There are many reasons why you may need to send a formal letter at some point in the future. It could be for a job application, to ask for information, to send a complaint, a suggestion, a thank you, or even a formal invitation for an event 2. Obtaining the right to vote in Spain. Expats living in Spain for the long run may like to have the option to vote. After formalizing this process, they can. 3. Free movement. Becoming a Spanish citizen, you will have the right to enter 183 countries with your visa on hand during the arrival. 4 Mothers love a genuine and creative gift. Writing a poem, or even simply reciting a poem, is a great addition to any Mother's Day present or greeting card. If you're learning Spanish or have a Spanish-speaking mother, here are five Mother's Day poems in Spanish that will melt her heart! 5 Beautiful Mother's Day Poems in Spanish A mi.

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In Spanish, the phrase buenos días literally means good days in English. In Spanish-speaking countries, however, buenos días is used to mean good morning. In the afternoon and evenings, other phrases are used. You can add words to.. This dictionary is of great help for school-going children who are learning Spanish in school or at home. With over 600 pages and colourful illustrations, your kids will be able to use this.

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The word cumpleaños. The world cumpleaños is a compound word in Spanish, just as is the English word birthday.However, when we break them down in the most literal sense, the two words are not the same. The Spanish word cumpleaños is made up of the words cumple and años.Cumple is a form of the verb cumplir, for which the closest English translation is to turn as in, I'm turning 24 this. Whether you speak Spanish at home, are raising bilingual kids or just want to introduce your children to a second language, there are immense benefits to adding Spanish books for kids to your home. Spanish has three common ways of talking about weather: using verbs that refer to weather, using hacer followed by a weather term, and using the existential haber followed by a weather term. When translating to Spanish, the it in sentences such as it is raining is not translated directly I take great pride in the fact that I have lived in a Spanish-speaking country. Christopher Dodd By strengthening the economy, providing job opportunity and meeting the needs of working families, we can ensure the continued prosperity of our nation

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Spanish Language Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, teachers, students and Spanish language enthusiasts in general wanting to discuss the finer points of the language. I have a photo ID Card of my Great Grandfather for when he was in the Civil Guard (1st Class) but it is dated in 1942. But all of these records seem. Spanish words for good include buen, bueno, bien, útil, amable, provecho, sano, saludable, utilidad and provechoso. Find more Spanish words at wordhippo.com 3. Gilipollas. Pronunciation: hee-li-pohhh-yas. Meaning: Idiot or jerk . Used frequently to describe idiots, the word 'Gilipollas' is simply used to describe someone as a dumbass, idiot or jerk.'Gili' just means idiot and can be combined with other words for more impact. For instance, you can say 'gilipuertas' or 'gilitonto' and they all mean more or less the same thing: idiot

How to Say Awesome in Spanish: 12 Steps (with Pictures

a great deal of effort, a good deal of effort n. noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (a lot of work) muchísimo esfuerzo adv + nm. un montón de esfuerzo loc adv + nm. I put a great deal of effort into this project, and I was really offended when management ignored it Adios. 'Farewell' is a very special way of saying Bye. It means that you're not sure if you will see this person again. 'Farewell' is meant to say you with the person safe travels, and that you hope they are well in life after they leave. It's like a goodbye but for an indefinite amount of time Basic Conversations in Spanish - Learn Spanish Online Lessons. If you ever want to talk fluently, you need to start somewhere. Here are some other conversational phrases you will be using often when starting conversations in Spanish. Buenos Dias / Good morning. Buenos tardes / Good afternoon. Buenos noches / Good so that's it for lesson.

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Below we have outlined the 11 Best Spanish movies to learn Spanish. We have made sure to provide plenty of diversity for those out there looking for a good drama, a comedy, or just plain adventure. We also included a short 2 minute trailer to each movie to give you a preview of what the film is about before you set aside a couple hours of your. Studies have shown that learning 1,000 words that are used frequently covers around 88% of the vocabulary. Here, we mean words that are used every day. Basic Spanish words are vital for every Spanish student. If you expand your vocabulary to 2,000 most common words in Spanish, then you have 92.7% of the everyday vocabulary covered

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He/she was a great person.) 3.-. Acabo de enterarme de la triste noticia y lamento mucho tu pérdida. (I just heard the sad news and I deeply deplore your loss.) 4.-. Era un buen hombre ( era una buena mujer) y vamos a echarle de menos. (He was a good man (she was a good woman) and we are going to miss him/her.) 5.- Like other adjectives, names of the common colors in Spanish must agree with the nouns they describe in both gender and number. However, in most cases, names of colors come after the nouns they describe, not before as in English. Additionally, the names of some of the more unusual colors in Spanish are given a unique treatment The first thing you need to know is how to say hello in Spanish. Hola may be used with anyone--formal or informal. 2. Buenos días - Good morning. Greet someone a cheery nice day with this phrase. 3. Buenas tardes - Good afternoon. When you meet someone in the afternoon, this is the appropriate greeting to use. 4. Buenas noches - Good evenin Handily, or confusingly, depending on which way you look at it, Spanish has two phrases that mean 'I love you'. In general, te quiero is used in a slightly more casual way (its other meaning is 'I want you', so you are telling your love in a nice way that you want them), whereas te amo is more a grand declaration of true love

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