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  2. NFT as Joke; Down in the Mine; View All. August 14, 2020 2:03pm Meme from the @jerrygogosian Instagram account Courtesy Jerry Gogosian. Yesterday Hilde Lyn Helphenstein,.
  3. On NFT there seems to be no other purpose than that. This meme from Jerry Gogosian page says it all. Then we get into the concept of Value. Who is putting the value on these works? So far on NFT , this decision is made by anyone. Its value lies solely in the fact that other people value it. James Ball, The Guardia
  4. Another account with a remarkable follower base that amplifies the influence of art memes is Jerry Gogosian (@jerrygogosian) - a play on the notorious New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz and blue-chip art dealer Larry Gagosian - that went from making raw inside jokes to eventually using their platform to engage in questions like sexual misconduct or decolonisation

Jerry Gogosian aka Hilde Lynn Helphenstein is an active Clubhouse user known for her Instagram account rife with memes that put a badly needed, often unwanted, mirror to the art world. Helphenstein joined Clubhouse in December of 2020 and, as with the rest of the industry, her engagement has increased over the last few weeks NFT: A CONTINUING and COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO THE DISRUPTING PHENOMENON. NYC man sells fart for $85, cashing in on NFT craze; A year's worth of fart audio clips recorded in quarantine. BEST OF THE WEEK with JERRY GOGOSIAN, THE INSTAGRAM LAUGH SENSATION! COLLECTORS CIRCLE A satirical Instagram account of Jerry Gogosian @jerrygogosian (a play on the critic Jerry Saltz and gallerist Larry Gogosian) is no exception. He once summarized the phenomenon of memes quite accurately: a meme is a way to quickly transmit cultural ideas in an almost throwaway, quick fashion Hilde Lyn Helphenstein, the artist and curator who runs the popular art world-skewering Instagram account Jerry Gogosian, discussed her meme-making. The Kicker. ALAS, THERE IS NOT ROOM IN THIS NEWSLETTER for every celebrity NFT drop (apologies to the The Weeknd), but an exception must be made for musician and artist M.I.A 1) Peep Jerry Gogosian's new podcast. The art world's favorite anon memer has hit pause on the snark to call up some of the art world's big names. In these candid, no-edit coversations, Jerry and her interviewees discuss what COV-19 means for the future of the art world. Available on Spotify. 2) Attend a concert in your PJ

In Art Tags jerry gogosian, @jerrygogosian, summer bowie, meme, meme art, memes, instagram, jerry saltz, larry gagosian, fuckjerry, interview. Comment Bad Sin Frutas: An Interview With Painter Morgan Mandalay . April 19, 2019. text and photographs by Summer Bowie. Are you staring directly into the mouth of the beast, or are you indeed sitting. For a lot of mid range artists the ability to sell editions or having the trust of the viable use and sale of editions outside of this system seems like a nightmare. If you are unfamiliar with NFT I would suggest the recent memes from the Jerry Gogosian (@jerrygogosian) instagram account. But to elaborate, there is huge room for improvement Gegenwind für NFT-Boom. Der NFT-Hype hat diese Woche einen Knacks bekommen: Erst wurden digitale Kunstwerke gestohlen, dann stimmte Elon Musk ein Schmählied an und nun wird Superstar Beeple demontiert. Die Kunstwelt hat die gestiegene Bedeutung von NFTs längst nicht verdaut. Nachdem vergangene Woche ein digitales Kunstwerk von Beeple für 69. Unclear if she was on the job or not, but Cecilia Alemani, junior director and chief curator of High Line Art in New York has certainly mastered the art of fine dining. This 'Gram from Kanoyama in NYC will make you want to stop, drop and (sushi) roll, no matter what time of day it is

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  1. Art Report Today .com offers all of the daily worldwide breaking art news on one easy-to-read platform! A Beautiful Deep Dive into our Worldwide Arts and Culture! Art reviews, artist's stories, new trends, materials, movements and artistic inspirations for the Creative Class
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  3. Sit back and relax, my friend. The party starts now Jerry Gogosian, Meme-Maker, Understands the Art World Better Than Almost Everyone. Curator and artist Hilde Lynn Helphenstein, a.k.a. Jerry Gogosian. Jerry Gogosian. Saying the art world has an. Meme world SpongeBob Fanon Wiki Fando . The Most Popular Memes of All Time

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Sarah Douglas ARTnews Journalist Muck Rack. Muckrack.com DA: 12 PA: 14 MOZ Rank: 27. By Sarah Douglas. artnews.com — Over the years, Georges Seurat's iconic painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1884-86) has served as inspiration for numerous artists in a variety of disciplines; Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine turned it into a Broadway musical in 198

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