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To fix Windows 10 PC stuck, hang, froze and won't boot on the screen with a blue spinning circle, please try one by one the following solutions: Solution 1. Confirm How and Where the Login Stuck Issue Comes First, check if your keyboard and mouse are still working WINDOWS 10 SPINNING CIRCLE STUCK, LOADING SCREEN FOREVER FIX. Tutorials and tips about Video & Content Marketing. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer The cursor spinning wheel (before ) seems to be an update getting stuck in limbo before screen. What I did was remove the battery and used only the plug to power the laptop. This method seems to move the cursor problem forward onto the windows logo and it is there that finally reveals that it was in the middle of the update

Windows 10 stuck at spinning circle screen after update. Help. Windows updated yesterday when I shut off my computer and when I turned it on today, it gets stuck at the spinning circle screen before the screen. Ctrl Alt Del is the only thing that works and it gives me three buttons. Network, accessibility, and power 1. SHIFT + RESTART: If you can boot normally to Windows 10, restart the computer while pressing SHIFT key. This will give you access to advanced startup options, but probably, you are not able to load Windows 10 properly, then you will need a Windows 10 Installation (or recovery) disk. 2 Windows 10, stuck at black screen with loading spinning circle After latest update I have been using windows 10 on my pc since it came out without out any issues but after doing the last series of patches/updates the system gets stuck in the boot screen with the spinning circle Windows 10 Stuck on Spinning Dots on Startup A lot of users claim that they are unable to turn on Windows 10 normally because it has been getting stuck on the black screen with white spinning dots at the bottom just before the screen. 3. Windows 10 Hangs at Loading Screen When Upgrading Nvidia Driver


Media Creation Tool: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10Automatic Repair is Windows' own repair tool that is available on Windows 10/.. When you log out of Windows 10, it brings you back to the screen where you switch the user or log back in. However, at times, Windows 10 remains stuck. This Tutorial Helps to How To Fix Stuck At Spinning Circle During Restart or Shutdown in Windows 10#FixStuckAtshutdown#FixStuckAtRestart#Windows10HelpThanks. Windows 10 is hanging on boot; Windows 10 startup stuck on spinning circle; Windows 10 stuck before screen; Windows 10 stuck in restart when upgrading drivers; According to the reports online, users who upgrade to the latest Windows from its previous version are more likely to face this problem. Of course, there is a solution and listed. The computer isn't hung, just the spinning screen displays instead of the desktop. Windows is actually merrily running and displaying a desktop that you can't see. To prove it, press Win-X, u, u and the computer will shut down (if your computer logs in without a password). First you need to restart into automatic repair

Windows 10 Spinning Circle Stuck, Loading Screen Forever FixCommands Used:chkdsk /f /rsfc /scannowLink to media creation utility: https://www.microsoft.com/e.. Fix Windows 10 Anniversary Update black screen issues = how to roll back. Further idea: if indeed it's a graphics driver problem, you may also be able to get to safe mode (by booting from a Win 10 boot disk or USB drive - iso freely downloadable or you can create the bootable drive using MS's media creation tool), and then replace the graphics driver with one that is compatible - e.g. the last. 2. Power on the laptop. 3. As soon as you see the rotating loading circle, press and hold the Power Button until the computer shuts off. 4. Repeat this process a few times until you see the Preparing Automatic Repair screen. 5. Now you want to let the laptop boot to the Automatic Repair screen Windows 7 Stuck at screen with circle spinning New 06 Apr 2012 #1. Windows 7 Stuck at screen with circle spinning I've had this problem for almost a year and now and I got so fed up and quit using windows. I partitioned the drive and installed another OS on it. I can boot in safe mode but not normal mode

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And today in the below article we will be discussing the best ways to deal with Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen spinning issue. Part 1: Why Windows 10 Stuck at Welcome Screen Welcome screen plays a very important role as it is the interface with which one can use to log in to the Windows 10 computer through the accounts created by the users Windows 10 stuck on black screen with spinning dots may occur in different situations. Three common scenarios are here: 1. Windows Update Stuck on Loading Screen. Some users say that they want to upgrade their Windows OS to the latest Windows 10, but finally, Windows 10 stuck on black loading screen without any process issue happens. 2

Hello, thanks for your reply, I have attached WPA. It is stuck on the endless loading circle of Windows 10. I will update bios as per request. I will uninstall edge as well The boot is per normal as soon as it gets to windows screen, computer runs normally. No Issues. Problem happens with Restarts, cold, hard boots every single boot Windows startup stalls with spinning circle. March 14, 2019 by Wayne Small 22 Comments. This week we had a clients 2016 RDS server require a reboot. The reboot was done because it'd been up for 60 days and was being cantankerous, you know the typical kind of behaviour that we've seen when Windows needs a reboot. So our tech rebooted the server The MCS clone is hanging on a black screen with Windows logo and the spinning dots. The master image always starts normal. When I do a restart the machine starts OK, but when updating the clone and the machine is restarted after the update, it hangs on the spinning circle This happens to our windows 10 computers at work sometimes. We have them on an active directory domain of course and just hit ctrl-alt-delete on the spinning screen and it brings up the window. Not sure if this will work when not on a domain. My windows 10 machine at home doesn't do this

Hi there. I've just come across a thread here entitled Windows 10 stuck at spinning circle screen after update. Unfortunately it is archived; seeing as I cannot vote or comment, I'm starting a new thread on the same topic Windows stuck at black screen with spinning circle during boot I turned down the laptop, I saw the message stating that Windows was working on updates, and then it shut down. However, when I booted up today, it got stuck in a black screen with spinning circle animation Windows 10 Stuck At Login Screen With Spinning Circle. Windows 10 Stuck At Login Screen With Spinning Circle. Before I begin, I was able to use my computer up until now. I got home from work, and was able to log into my desktop computer. I was in the process of following some instructions on how to fix an issue with the Mail App

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But there are instances where Windows 10 remains stuck on the signing out screen, along with a blue spinning circle and all you can see is the process of your computer signing out, however, it does not progress and only gets stuck there. Thus, in this post, you will be guided on how you can resolve such an issue on your Windows 10 computer Hello, I have the same issue here with many windows 10 pc's. if I change the password via the domain controller and try to to a user account the logon screen hangs with the spinning circle indefinitely. This also occurs if a user changes their password via their pc and then tries to logon to a different computer that they previously used Infopackets Reader Carol G. writes: Dear Dennis, Since last week, my Windows 10 computer keeps showing a constant spinning blue circle instead of a white pointer. The spinning blue circle will appear for minutes at a time, then switch back to the white pointer for a brief second, then back to the spinning blue circle. Most of the time I can't click the Start button (o Page 1 of 2 - Windows 10 hangs on spinning dots - posted in Windows 10 Support: Hi, Ive got a Windows 10 machine that was automatically upgraded from Windows 8.1. It was working fine for a few months When I tried starting it again it was stuck on the Acer Logo screen with no spinning circle. I tried turning it off and on again to make it work and it didn't work. Right now when I start my laptop it still stays stuck on the acer logo screen but a few minutes later it just goes to advance startup options

this video showing you how to fix windows 10 stuck on welcome screen logo.for question just type in comment section.don't forget to like and subscribe, thank.. The Microsoft or Surface logo remains on a black screen and Windows doesn't start. Getting devices ready or a spinning circle may also appear on the screen below the logo. If you see this, try the solutions below, in order. Solution 1: Wait while updates are installing. Sometimes the logo stays on the screen while Surface updates are installing In the Safe Mode, press the shortcut keys to access Run: Windows + R. Here, you are required to type services.msc and hit Enter. On the Services window list, double-click the Credentials Manager button. You will be able to view the properties. Next, click Disabled to set the type of Startup you wish for

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But I upgraded to windows 10 yesterday and am stuck the spinning circle of screen. If I patiently wait for a time span of roughly an hour, I get through to the and everything works fine, but that is not a solution, I cannot wait for an hour everytime I reboot. It even takes an hour to wake from sleep But VDI along with the Win10 image is not starting Windows 10 Stuck at Login Screen with Spinning Circle.... Did you guy's have any suggestion to this, or should i reinstall my win10 image again and follow the whole process from start of creating Catalogs and creating vdis. Thanks in advance, Then I log into either the local administrator account or a network account, after the machine has been left so that the screen times out and locks. Upon doing the Ctrl + Alt + Del to get the password screen I am presented with a blue screen with spinning white circles that go on indefinitely until the screen times out again

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  2. Some time it can be RAM problem some time it can be windows problem so frist of all restart your computer and flow the processer * On spinning wheel screen hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE * Computer will Restart * Press the boot key to start the computer in b..
  3. Full reset Dell laptop (windows 10 new) and keeps repeating the windows driver downloader and updater (stuck at 64% then reset: my laptop is stuck at installing windows 64% after i factory reset HP windows 10: Stuck in Windows 10 set up after a full factory reset: Need help with getting Asus laptop to boot into Windows (failed reset, stuck at.

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I am having trouble with my laptop during the start up process. It turns on fine, reaches the hp loading screen and then gets stuck. The logo disappears and all I see is a black screen and the five circles spinning in a circle. I checked the bios and all hardware passes the tests Please advis Did NOT fix the problem.. no spinning dots on 'Please Wait' screen or Login screen. Only the restart screen had the spinning dots. This fixed the problem: In HKEY_USERS.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\ there's a binary called UserPreferencesMask: the fifth value shall be 12 instead of 10 for the animations to work in common areas Try doing a forced shut off by holding down the power button for four seconds. Do that a few times and see if you get to the Preparing Automatic Repair window. If automatic repair fixes can the issue, great. If not, try various options. The most d.. 10-01-2019 02:58 AM. First:- Turn off the computer, press and hold the PWR button for 4 seconds. devices such as Docking Station, USB storage devices, displays, and printers. Unplug the AC adapter from the computer. Next - Press and Hold the Power button for 15 seconds to Hard Reset

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hi there - I have following issue: When I boot the PC it keeps on with the spinning circle on blue ground endlessly. What I can do is booting up in safe mode and all works perfectly. I can switch between user IDs and can also create new ones. Used SFC /SCANNOW and also DISM /ONLINE /CLEANUP · Hi , Based on your description, everything work. If you face Windows 10 Stuck on Welcome Screen After Login for hours and unable to access the normal desktop screen here we have some effective solutions that may help to get back windows 10 desktop normally. Windows 10 Stuck on loading screen mostly occurs if system files get corrupted, missing or any startup application conflict prevents to windows 10 start to normally In a lab environment, testing Windows 10 1709, I installed VDA 7.15LTSR with Remote PC Access and by default, the vdisk option was NOT selected. Now, it does not boot up: It gets stuck at a black screen with little small white circles moving in circles and stays like this forever. While this migh.. Spinning circle - Unable to boot pc or enter safe mode - posted in Windows 10 Support: Hi there. I hope someone can offer some advice as I am completely stuck. I have done some searches on the net. Windows 2012 R2 Domain User Stuck at Welcome Screen Logging in with spinning circle notification. Archived Forums > Windows Server General Forum. - With network cable plugged in, put in credentials to the domain, it just spins at the Welcome screen for either 1) 10-15min or 2) forever unless I unplug the network cable and it will.

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Infopackets Reader Jared P. writes: Dear Dennis, The right click on my desktop is not working.When I right click on the desktop, all I get is a spinning blue circle.What normally appears is a dialogue menu that shows Display Settings, Personalize (the desktop), View, Sort by, and New (to create a folder, shortcut, text document, etc) - but instead, the cursor circle keeps spinning forever The problem I'm having now is that, if I leave the network device connected in the VM, then Windows 10 will get stuck endlessly on the black startup screen with the white spinning dots. If I disconnect the network device and restart the VM, it will open into Windows 10 almost immediately, and I can reconnect the network device after it has opened

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Windows 10 crash forcing me to power off PC has broken it! Stuck on Preparing Automatic Repair. 3: Oct 6, 2018: Windows 10 will not load- stuck at preparing automatic repair which just has a spinning circle . 2: Oct 25, 2017: Windows 10 stuck on black screen & spinning dots on startup: 9: Oct 29, 2016: Stuck on spinning start up dots: 1. Windows 10 installation stuck at windows logo(no spinning dots) - posted in Windows 10 Support: I had an old PC with windows xp in it and i downloaded windows 10 iso through the media creation. Windows 10 won't boot and stuck on the loading screen, help! My computer won't boot from Windows 10 but stuck at the loading screen.I've tried to reboot the Windows PC several times, the problem still blocks Windows 10 from logging in

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Solved: All CC Applications Stuck at Screen with Spinning - Adobe Support Community - 10167297. I see the below screen upon opening every CC application (Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere) EXCEPT Acrobat DC. It hangs on this screen and just repeatedly tries to refresh and cannot But, over the course of about a year, we had some users that experienced a 10 minute black screen of death during . We found that you could hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete and bring up Task Manager

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In most cases, force restarting an iPhone is a sure-fire way to get rid of the black screen with a loading circle issue. It can also fix other problems, such as an iPhone stuck at the Apple logo or an iPhone displaying a white screen. After performing a force-restart, your iPhone should—hopefully—load iOS without issues When it finally boots, the spinning dots appears for around 5 seconds, the HP logo disappears and I get the Windows 10 screen within ten seconds, but yeah it's really frustrating when it. I have hyper-v guest os windows 2016 server and it is stuck at the windows spinning logo, it just keeps spinning. I tried to go to safe mode and after it reboots it just shows a black screen. Any ideas. would be great

Safe mode working says that it's likely a device, driver, or piece of software holding things up. Remove all external devices except keyboard, and remove any add-in cards. See if it boots. If it does, add components back, one at a time, until it fails It hangs on this screen and just repeatedly tries to refresh and cannot. It just shifts from being a blank white window to the below for second or two. If I close out of the window it closes the software as well. Windows 10 Pro v 1803. Brand new computer, fresh install of Windows per a domain deployment. Other computers on the domain are not. Windows 10 black screen with a spinning circle or white dots. These are some solutions that will help if you are facing black screen with cursor issue. Description of black screen problem at system logon in windows 10: If you are unable to view anything due to the black screen, press the shortcut four times to toggle through all options Black Screen With White Spinning Circle - 6325878. Hello, Welcome to the HP Support forum. Thank you for posting. This is happening because Windows cannot start/boot .It may be caused due to simple Windows hung, hardware problem (e.g. your HDD) or it may be caused by faulty Windows Update, some other faulty update/driver, corrupted bootloader / Boot Configuration Data in Windows etc... The problem is, when we boot the Guest OS from cold it starts no problem, but when we reboot it, it gets stuck on this screen, and does not even display a timer with a count-down so that it will auto-boot after 30 seconds

Windows 7 Stuck at screen with circle spinning I've had this problem for almost a year and now and I got so fed up and quit using windows. I partitioned the drive and installed another OS on it. I can boot in safe mode but not normal mode. I did not get an install cd with my purchase of the computer so I don't think I can repair it via. My new hp laptop is stuck and it is not showing user screen: My Asus laptop is stuck on the loading screen won't turn on I need an easy fix: acer laptop wont shut off stuck on blea please wait screen: Laptop stuck on Acer logo screen (no spinning circle) Windows 10: Laptop stuck on welcome screen Fix no spinning dots in Windows 10 Anniversary Update on restart and shutdown. Press Win + R shortcut keys together on your keyboard. The Run dialog will appear on the screen. Tip: See the ultimate list of all Windows keyboard shortcuts with Win keys. Click the Settings button under the Performance section I'd suggest trying the Windows performance recorder on one of the machines. Get it to do a start-up trace. Should show you everything that is going on on in the logon process and where it is getting stuck. May point you towards a specific server depending on when the logon is hanging

Windows 7: Windows 7 spinning circle at windows startup/log off stuck. I have a problem with the spinning circle at windows startup/log off. It's just spins once and then it stops until the windows finishes to logon/shut down. It haven't been like that before I used office toolkit to crack microsoft office 2010 and before my psu died . Their Windows 10 laptop got stuck on shutting down screen. That's a weird one because you don't know quite what to do. Most users simply waited it out only to find it was a waste of time EDIT: While this method still works, it has officially been depreciated by Microsoft. I write about the newer supported answer file in the article Use Unattend.xml to Skip Windows 10 OOBE during an SCCM Task Sequence. Successfully Tested On: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager versions 2012 - 1903, Windows 10 Enterprise versions 1507 - 1903

When you are facing Windows 10 stuck on loading screen or Windows 7 stuck on starting windows issue, don't be annoyed. You can try the ten effective methods in this post to solve the problem. In addition, you can contact our professional technical support via email or live chat for more help Laptop is stuck on the Dell loading screen Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 5567 and yesterday it had an issue where it got stuck on the Advanced Repair or something screen. Although, I managed to go through that and managed to get to my desktop by using one of the Advanced Repair options (restore previous session)

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