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My husband is amazing. I just wanted to take a moment to brag about my husband. I came down and now I'm depressed. I'm crying for no reason. I can't think because of the fog. My husband is texting me when he can at work. I was supposed to do something for him for the last couple of days but instead he says we can put that off so he can. Search all of Reddit. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. Vote. My husband is amazing. Close. Vote. Posted by 5 minutes ago. My husband is amazing. He just landed his first big boy job with benefits at a great company and I'm so proud of him. He's been sober and had so much growth since we met

When i was 30 i met my husband, he is the most amazing man i have ever met. He's seen me struggle with this and been very supportive. He has a daughter Emma's age and a son who is 5 years younger. They lost their mom and were very welcoming and loving. They treated me like their mom. Emma made 0 efforts to get to know my husband and step kids I have been married for 11 years. My husband is an amazing man and we have one boy and one girl. Our marriage has had it's ups and downs just like any other marriage. Two years ago, I went through a deep depression. I got laid off and my mother passed away. At the time, my husband was working 14-18 hours a day just to keep food on the table I understand he has to react to this and that I hurt him. However, I believe it is not fair that I have to deal with being distrusted all the time from now on; it doesn't mean I have to sacrifice absolutely everything for my mistakes; please don't misunderstand me, I am sorry, very sorry and I regret what I did; it was immature, irresponsible and disrespectful, but even like that, I don't feel. 3. Showing desire Guys, like women, want to be wanted. When a woman is whispering in my ear, and telling me how much she wants me, how hot she finds me, and she shows it, then that is the best.

My Husband Is Very, Very Bad in Bed Do I deserve to have an affair, and good sex for once? By Stoya. Dec 18, 2019 5:55 AM. Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by fizkes/iStock/Getty Images Plus Digging into the most prolific bastion of cringe and discomfort, Reddit, My husband works out of town. He is gone for two weeks and comes home for a week. He is definitely ready to go. Sex with my husband is fine—but I feel like I've been watching a black-and-white TV my whole life and I suddenly discovered Technicolor exists. I don't want to go back to this ex, but I can. Relationship Rehab: Why I cheated on my 'amazing' husband. He's the perfect husband and they have four beautiful children but on a recent girls trip, her marriage took an unexpected turn

My Husband of 10 years and I were having many problems, arguments, bickering, no physical contact. He was pretty nasty and distant to both myself and our then six-year-old daughter. I never intended to meet someone else, but I did. We started talking, and he said he was going through something similar in his 15-year marriage, and we just clicked Reddit. Email. view in app. comments. Dear Cary, My husband really is a great person, and the love of my life, and just because we were going through some doubts and hard times, I did.

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My girlfriends know all about it and are all very disappointed with me for what I did because they all know how amazing my husband is. My husband is good friends with one of my girlfriend's. How to Attract Your Husband in Bed. 5 Secrets to Seduce Your Husband Physically. I f the sizzle is missing from your bedroom, you may think (like I did) that it's because of circumstances beyond your control.. The good news is that the real reason the passion is running low is probably something well within your power to change, which means you have the power to enjoy feeling sexy and. Search all of Reddit. Vote. Loving husband and father of 3 amazing kids struggling to move forward. Close. Vote. Posted by 6 minutes ago. Loving husband and father of 3 amazing kids struggling to move forward. I wanted to get a screenshot of it then put it in my phone to get a better look at it but my husband showed up all of a sudden. I met my husband at 27 and I was done with being promiscuous and never getting that relationship I really wanted. The one where I could feel safe. Well my husband made me feel like I was just so amazing and we married a month after meeting. He had a one year old son when we met and I fell in love with him but not my husband

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I mistook my husband's relaxed attitude with not caring, one Reddit user wrote. Nope. He really is that easy going. Now I love his even temperament. Some times is annoying but is mostly calming. And for smart ways to know what messages you're sending, check out the 30 Things Your Body Language Says About You I Love My Husband, But I Don't Think I'm 'In Love' With Him Anymore. There's been a space in my bed for some time. Not literally — with three standard pillows, two throw pillows, one body pillow, myself, my husband, and two young children, my queen reached capacity long ago — but figuratively. Emotionally

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The Real Reason I Cheated On My Husband. by Margaret e Jacobsen. March 30, 2016. I did the thing you're not supposed to do. I cheated on my husband. Every time I say it, the shame rushes over me. Taking to Reddit to vent his frustrations, My husband is amazing around the house when I'm unable to do my share (chronic pain issues) and I can't stop talking him up to my family and friends for being such an amazing, supportive, capable person. Tearing you down to make herself feel better is a weak move, another echoed Now, it's not uncommon for people to name kids after someone who has died, but this is not just about the name as the OP explains: My husband and his late best friend Tom (not a real name) had been friends since childhood, they were extremely close. Tom died due to a parkour accident. Tom was an amazing person, he was incredibly kind.

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One dad-to-be on Reddit wonders if he is in the wrong for not going to get snacks at 2 a.m. for his pregnant wife's sudden craving R2D2 - my spirit robot. On my wedding cake topper I was R2D2 and my husband was represented by C3PO. I adore that R2 is a tiny little sassafras who does whatever he wants, just like ME!!! This thing is heavy. Am I channeling my inner John Cusak? Twin Peaks is one of my favorite shows! I love that this is in Bill Gates' backyard, basically Treasure every moment. - 5ilvrtongue, Reddit My mother died in 2016, and then two months ago I had a stroke, and my boyfriend's mom was a huge help to me in my recovery. It could have been a very challenging and sad recovery process without her selfless help and support. - showtimesynergy, Reddit My mom-in-law is definitely a blessing

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Another Reddit user wrote about her marriage: She was 17 and her husband was 19 when they got married 23 years ago. We have three amazing kids. We have three amazing kids. We've loved each other and we've hated each other, but I can honestly say that I've never loved him more than I do now, she wrote My son's ex-girlfriend volunteers there and it is an AMAZING organization! You should take a trip down to AR some day and see the home office and tour the visitor's center. My son and his ex donated a beehive in my dad's name last year for Christmas Dec. 17, 2014 by calid7 , 36 comments , From: BILL GATES!!!!!! Secret Santa 2014. View Gallery. This gift received awards! x121. x115. I can not believe it. I am literally shaking right now I AM IN SHOCK (someone get me a blanket!). The amazing human being Bill Gates sent me a Loki Helmet which i have been dying to own ever since the first Thor. It was absolutely amazing, btw, my Uncle is kinda the best). As I was setting the book to the side, I notice a sticky note in it, so I investigate. There was another hand written note from him that read Aerrix, Since you're originally from Louisiana and miss your Uncle's Cajun cooking, I thought you might enjoy trying some of the recipes from.

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  1. A Louisiana woman says Bill Gates sent her amazing presents recently as part of a Secret Santa gift exchange on Reddit. The Microsoft co-founder, the richest man of the world, has apparently taken.
  2. Women have been taking to a Reddit thread to share their experiences of the quickie is a freaking amazing, one comment said. For both me and my husband there is a tiny bit of pride in.
  3. It should be amazing, all the time. In a Reddit thread titled Women of /r/sex, what makes a guy a good lay? women from the four corners of the internet kindly shared their thoughts and.
  4. My husband kept his sexual addiction hidden for the first 16 years of our marriage and he is now my ex-husband. It is a lazy Sunday afternoon. The football game is on TV, the snacks are on the coffee table, and my husband and our 13-year-old daughter are lounging in chairs during a commercial break

Reddit Mom Stops Making Dinner for Husband After He Says They Should Make Life Hard for Their Son this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines My husband and I are in our mid-50s and have been together for 30 years. I cannot remember the last time we had sex - it was at least four years ago. The last few times, he found it difficult. My Dead Husband Is Haunting My Sex Life An Intense Fight With My Husband Has Me Convinced Our Entire Life Is a Lie My Husband Just Caught Me Making Out With My Boss. If Only He Knew What I Was. An Intense Fight With My Husband Has Me Convinced Our Entire Life Is a Lie Dear How to Do It, I have been married for 15 months, but I have known my husband for almost 20 years I have been with my husband (I'm a woman) for almost eight years. We are in our mid-30s, have a good relationship, and are happy. We communicate pretty well and are good partners and co-parents.

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I have been married for 20 years and had on-going issues with my husband that are, to me, related to our roles and responsibilities. It has affected our sex life for a long time because I feel stressed, resentful and overwhelmed a lot. My low libido and lack of desire, according to my husband, are the reasons for our troubled marriage Dads confess their true feelings about pregnant bodies. We women are always talking to each other, commiserating, and sharing our deepest insecurities on the internet. But it's not often men get asked how they feel about being pregnant -- about having pregnant wives or girlfriends, that is. With the anonymity of the web on their side, dads and. My husband of a decade has not initiated sex once in at least seven years. We are both in our early 50s. The few times we've had sex (and I can count those on one hand), I've had to beg for it. And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the sex issues. He claimed that, after a heart scare (thankfully no heart attack) that.

I had no contact with him until over 30 years later when my now-husband and I went to a mini class reunion. I didn't know if he'd be there, so I was surprised when Michael stopped by our table I loved my husband, and I still care about him — I wouldn't have married him if I didn't. But some loves aren't meant to be forever. You can't hold a marriage together with just love. It needs communication, understanding, trust, respect, loyalty, etc. I cheated because love wasn't enough to keep our relationship strong

My husband retired in 2011 after 31 years in service. 2013 is when I noticed a change in him but 2015 it got bad (The PTSD Monster), so much that I don't think he is the same person. Making our life's decisions on his own, what ever makes him happy, my happiness is not important to him any more, my well being isn't important to him anymore The first time I cheated on, my husband was back in 2018. It was two different guys that I've just met online never had an intimate nor saw them in person because they're both lived overseas. The first time my husband caught my messages to this 1st guy he got mad then I confess told him I'm sorry for what I've done When I met my husband, Paul*, we were both waiting tables in LA. I was 23 and he was 28, and we were both trying to get our acting careers off the ground. Oscar would be an amazing uncle! *All. My boyfriend and I have experienced a sexual attraction decline but I love him to death. If I'm not in the mood he doesn't mind. I'll go a month without wanting sex because of my birth control and antidepressants and he doesn't mind. So I think we are fine. - Reddit user Jennifurbi

Reddit user Abby Green shared her husband's handiwork to the Gaming subreddit and in eight hours received over 70,000 votes and 2,000 comments. My husband is so proud of his little 80's arcade. 5 Reasons Having An Older Husband Is Amazing. by Celeste Yvonne. December 4, 2017 Updated September 18, 2019. SHARE. Hero Images / Getty . My husband's older than me. 12 years to be exact. When you play the time travel game, he was graduating from high school when I in first grade. He was starting up his own company when I was in middle school My husband came out to me and his family a while ago about his being gay. He told me he didn't love me anymore. He doesn't seem to respect me anymore. He is inconsiderate towards me and my emotions and feelings. He is constantly angry at me and seems to hold a grudge against me for keeping him attached to this relationship In that popular Reddit forum, It's the only time in my life I've ever received a compliment from a stranger, and I couldn't believe how amazing it made me feel. 3. 'You're a good father.

1. Carrie and Kurt: He even quit his job to be closer to me. Carrie Paetow. I still can't believe I met my future husband on an app, especially since I didn't even write a profile and just had. Adrenaline is amazing. I didn't feel a thing. My husband and I were visiting Boston, walking around sightseeing, and I had to pee so bad. H/T Reddit. Share This Article. BuzzFeed Daily. My Husband Didn't Want To Take Any Chances So He Wrote Instructions On My Arms And Legs. a2susan Report. reddit.com Report. Final score: 203 points. POST. Maike. Maike. Community Member • Thats amazing!!! 41 points. reply. View more comment Virginia IT worker tells Moneyish about the amazing gifts that the Microsoft founder sent her. 'Bill Gates was my reddit Secret Santa!' When I showed everything to my husband, he. My husband and I hoped the digital detox would dampen Sam's passions, but after that summer his bromance with the alt-right heated up again. He consumed Reddit/4chan/YouTube content even more voraciously. We'd hear about someone who was a cuck (as Sam's friends understood it, a liberal man with sexual and other inadequacies)

Reddit Gurlzz. 18 likes. Reddit Stories. Wife Having An Affair While She Was Pregnant With Our 2nd Child[Reddit Relationships Advice] AITA | Give some relationship advice in the comment box When I tell my husband this, he calls me paranoid, but I feel like my FIL WANTS me to die; his whole life identity for the past 35 years has been 'amazing single dad' (never dated or had close friends or even hobbies really) and it seems like he's looking forward to being able to guide my husband through what he went through. Oh my god While her husband agreed the bride was in the wrong and it would be bad of me to agree with my friend, another colleague aware of the situation sided with the bride, [because] it is just one. 10 Chris Keller Is Amazing. Chris Keller (played by real-life musician Tyler Hilton) was introduced in season 2 as Haley's ticket to success. She joined him on tour, leaving behind Tree Hill and her new husband, Nathan, temporarily. While Chris is widely regarded as an annoying villain who got in the way of Nathan and Haley's newlywed bliss. Reddit User Turns His Living Room Into A Home Office And It Looks Amazing. A Reddit user named RajenK (Rajen Kishna) has recently shared his DIY project where he turned their formal living room into a home office. He provided many images and detailed descriptions that will surely inspire you to tackle a project of your own

* Serena Williams is getting candid about her marriage to husband Alexis Ohanian. Williams and the Reddit co-founder tied the knot in September 2017 and have an adorable daughter, 3-year-old Olympia My husband and I went on that same ship and it was a blast!!! Congrats on a wonderful gift! Oh my, that is, AMAZING! You lucky, lucky bugger, enjoy! shinzzle. Dec. 2, 2011 that's amazing. wow. Stuff like this is the reason that reddit is slowly restoring my faith in humanity. It is full of generous and all around incredible people

In the age of Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, love letters have mostly gone the way of the dinosaur, but that doesn't mean modern couples don't like to share love notes once in a blue moon. And when your significant other has a good sense of humor, they're that much better! Bored Panda collected some of the quirkiest and funniest love notes to give you some inspiration to write your own or. Arbitrary Day. View Gallery. This gift received awards! My santa did an amazing job!!!! I'm def excited to play all of the games and will look you up on ps when I start dead by daylight. Looks like something I may need to play with the lights on! My husband and I put the lego set together the instant we saw it

Parents Answer: How Long Did It Take to Love Your Baby? Many new moms and dads don't feel a bond at first, and that's okay. Lifestyle Michelle Woo • December 1, 2015. December 1, 2015. Fresh. The moment a child is born, the clouds will part, the birds will sing, the bosom nectar will flow, and the new parents, tearful and delirious, will feel. Reddit and penises go together like peas and carrots, making this list of the website's most insane dick stories further proof that Reddit is, in fact, the greatest place on earth. (Obviously. My husband has been depressed now for as long as I can remember and after 8 years together, this morning I feel as though I can't hang on any longer. He is withdrawn from everything, he goes to work, comes home, goes for a walk, has 2 beers and goes to bed. On weekends he will never do anything with me My coworker pursued me for about two and a half, three years. We would flirt off and on, but of course, I would never engage him because I was married. I was never a person who was a cheater, or who believed in cheating in relationships. This was totally new for me. My husband and I, like I said, we were kind of newly married. It was very new.

My relationship with my husband, and my body, had changed in amazing ways. Now, three years later, we're still having sex every single night. Oh my God, I'm joking My amazing husband left a condom, and a note for us when he went to work telling us to have fun. I am guessing he also thought it could help to just get Sam out of my system. I was extremely shocked as this went against all of our rules, and was not something I would expect from him, but we had definitely grown over the months and had become.

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My husband joined us and we kept drinking and things started to get cozy among the three of us. My husband had sex with my friend and me in succession. I encouraged this at the time Woman's Reddit Post Goes Viral After She Says Her Husband and Father-in-Law Are 'Convinced' She'll Die in Childbirth. This 20-Year-Old Girl Just Went Viral on TikTok For Having '2 Periods a Month. Women On Reddit Are Sharing The Most Intimate Non-Sex Things They Do With Their Partner, And Even My Militantly Single Self Will Admit It's Wholesome My husband laid the baby down and held my. I'm exceedingly grateful I found this site. I've never been sexually attracted to my husband, and that's worried me because I'm a very sexual woman. My husband is, the only way I can put it, very immature and innocent when it comes to sex (despite being nearly 40 years old). I'm 31 and 7 years younger than him My Divorce Was A Mistake, So I Fought To Get My Husband Back. One afternoon in 2008, I found myself in the passenger seat of my mom's car as we headed to court so I could divorce my husband, Jason.

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At my cousin's wedding, she came to hang out in my brother's and my hotel room because apparently, her new husband just sat down in the honeymoon suite, put his face in his hands and said something along the lines of, 'I made a mistake,' one Reddit user wrote. They stayed together for five years, had two kids, and a very angry divorce That was when it dawned on me that my husband couldn't have been that involved in Lisa's pregnancy if he wasn't part of it himself. I was furious but had my wits around me. This wasn't the. I am a woman who makes more than my husband and our situation is growing less unique by the day. The percentage of women breadwinners has been rising steadily over the past 30 years — it's now 28 percent of all married-couple families, according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data.And as women continue to earn more higher-education degrees than men, it's likely this trend. My husband was flirting with another woman. i was jealous and it made us argue all the time until he vanished away, I was desperate to get him back, I wasted so much time and money trying to get my Husband back, I tried almost all possibilities to have him back and nothing worked. I became lonely for 2 years My husband, for instance, still tends to compartmentalize difficult feelings, while I prefer to put them under a microscope. We're a work in progress. But what I've learned is, there are many more responses to infidelity than we're led to believe. Women who leave aren't necessarily any stronger than women who stay

Let's start at the beginning: The original poster (OP) is a mom of a daughter, 13, and a son, 17. According to the OP, she and her husband find their daughter's 24/7 TikTok habit to be. 2. This MySpace mix-up: When my now-husband was 18, he found out that his mom's side of the family was Spanish, not Mexican. He found this interesting, so he changed his country to 'Spain' on. My Husband Is Part Of Bollywood. He Has Bipolar Disorder. For Samir Sharma, schoolmate and actor, who died by suicide. A woman met a kind, loving, intelligent, gifted, funny man, a Bollywood. If your husband stays sober for AT LEAST six months, and can prove it, he will be able to have a transplant if it is needed. A person who is drinking can't have a transplant. Ask your husband's liver doctor what is needed to prove sobriety and get those six months under his belt. The thing is, a transplant is an amazing life-saving thing, but.

You transformed my life into a paradise, and I cannot thank you enough for it. You are a loving husband and an incredible father for our kids. I am sure they are going to turn out to be amazing just like their dad. I am glad to spent my life with you, and I wish to spend many such amazing years ahead Always get it in writing. Being of sound mind and body, hearby declare that I have asked my husband to wake me at 5 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 3, 2014. Additionally, I agreed that I will not get mad when my aforementioned husband wakes me up, as long as he does not wake me by grabbing my boob and shaking it

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Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian made the shock announcement in a video uploaded to his Instagram page Friday midday. In the footage, he says he is stepping down 'for me, for my family, and for my. When it comes to dessert, anything made with lemon has my attention! I recently stumbled across the recipe for Grandma's Lemon Bars on Reddit, and knew I had to see what all of the fuss was about. The recipe is posted on r/Old_Recipes over and over again, and people have left thousands of comments about how amazing they taste

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"Girl Meets World" Episode "Girl Meets A Christmas Maya"Liv And Maddie" Episode “Sky Volt-A-Rooney” Airs On"Liv And Maddie" Episode "Voltage-A-Rooney" Airs On Disney"Lab Rats: Elite Force" Episode "Holding Out For A Hero"Jessie" Episode "Capture The Nag" Airs On Disney Channel