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Hosea describes Israel as a luxuriant grapevine sending runners in every direction, indicating producing a bountiful crop. Great prosperity is indeed produced, yet it is consumed in self-indulgence. Israel abused its prosperity by using it for purposes of idolatry The vine was peculiarly a type of Palestine and the Jewish nation. When this Psalm was written, the Gentiles were not in the Psalmist's mind, but only Israel. So let us now speak of Israel and let us pray to God that He will return in mercy, behold in pity and visit this vine and the vineyard which His right hand planted Grapevines were a familiar sight in Palestine. Your Bible, the Old Testament, frequently refers to Israel as being a vine that God planted. You may have recited Psalm 80 in your morning prayers. In verses 8-9 the Psalmist says to God, You brought a vine out of Egypt; you drove out the nations and planted it

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  1. Israel is a luxuriant vine that yields its fruit. The more his fruit increased, the more altars he built; as his country improved, he improved his pillars
  2. Psalm 80 describes Israel as the vine that the Lord brought out of Egypt the vineyard, which God's right hand planted. In Jeremiah 2:21, God says that He planted Israel as a noble vine, a seed of highest quality. The fruit of the vine produces wine, which is spiritually symbolic of joy
  3. The Bible says in Psalm 80 and Isaiah 5 that Israel is the vine and that God is the vinedresser. When Jesus says I am the true vine He is really saying, I am the true Israel. He is saying that He is the embodiment of all that Israel should be

Ezekiel's use of the vine metaphor is common to the prophets. Prophets such as Jeremiah routinely likened Israel to a vine that God planted with the aim of gathering fruit (Jer. 2:21a). But the universal prophetic indictment was that the covenant people had not fulfilled their purpose Psalm 80 describes Israel as a vine. Brought out of Egypt, and planted like a plant potted and travelled and transplanted in a foreign land. Grown vast, with boughs like cedars. But, latterly, burned with fire, in judgment The Psalmist compares Israel to a vine clipping taken from Egypt and planted in the land of Canaan Israel was God's vine, planted in the land to bear fruit for God's glory; but the nation failed God and had to be cut down (Ps. 80:8-16; Isa. 5:1-7; see also Matt. 21:33-46). Today, Christ is the Vine and believers are branches in Him (John 15). But the world system is also a vine, 'the vine of the earth' in contrast to Christ.

The Vine The vine is a symbol of ancient Israel. It was engraved on the temple as symbolic to being attached to the Vinedresser, which is God Himself For the vineyard of the LORD of hosts is the house of Israel, And the men of Judah are His pleasant plant. He looked for justice, but behold, oppression; For righteousness, but behold, a cry for help 7 The nation of Israel is the vineyard of The Lord of Heaven's Armies. The people of Judah are His pleasant garden. He expected a crop of justice, but instead He found oppression. He expected to find righteousness, but instead He heard cries of violence

Israel was no longer God's vine; it had forfeited its privilege. Now there is a new vine. No longer does blessing come through a covenantal relationship with Israel. Fruit and blessing come through connection with Jesus Christ. Jesus is the true Vine Israel was a vine planted by God for a special reason—that of being Jehovah's representatives, fruitful in every good work. God's law must be exalted, His authority maintained; and to the house of Israel was given this great and noble work. God separated them from the world, that He might commit to them a sacred trust

Israel the Vine Thou hast brought a vine out of Egypt: Thou hast cast out the heathen, and planted it. Thou preparedst room before it, and didst cause it to take deep root, and it filled the land. The hills were covered with the shadow of it, and the boughs thereof were like the goodly cedars Israel was the vine brought out of Egypt and planted in the Land. God had it in mind that Israel be His testimony among the surrounding nations - unfortunately, that was not a success, it was a complete failure. For example - Jonah - is an example of what happened to the nation of Israel as far as their public testimony is concerned THE VINE is a symbol of Israel's Spiritual privileges. THE FIG-TREE is a symbol of Israel's National privileges. THE OLIVE TREE is a symbol of Israel's Religious privileges. In Psalm 80:8-11, we read Hosea 10:1-2. The problem between God and Israel is clearly exposed. Hosea describes Israel as a luxuriant grapevine sending runners in every direction, indicating producing a bountiful crop. Great prosperity is indeed produced, yet it is consumed in self-indulgence Hosea 10:1-2. The use of the vine image in the Old Testament emphasizes that Israel's unfaithfulness to God meant that the nation did not bear the fruit that God intended. In the same way in which Jesus had already represented Himself as superseding many of the Old Testament pictures (the temple, the Jewish feasts, Moses, etc.)

Brethren, Israel has a history compared with which the annals of all other nations are but poor and thin. Israel is the world's aristocracy, and her history is the roll-call of priests and kings unto God. At the very beginning, what interest attaches to the planting of this vine! The psalmist speaks of the Lord bringing the vine out of Egypt. The phrase, Israel is an empty vine tells us without doubt that in this passage, the vine represents Israel. THE VINE OF JOHN 15. We come now to the New Testament, where we read in John 15 of the vine. Jn. 15:1-2 reads, I am the true vine, and My Father is the Husbandman ISRAEL AS VINE. Psalm 80:7-15. The Psalmist bemoans the plight of the divided tribes of Israel, and boldly expresses his perplexity at God's dealings with them. Belief in the God of Israel is not blind faith, but an informed trust 10 Israel was a spreading vine; he brought forth fruit for himself. As his fruit increased, he built more altars; as his land prospered, he adorned his sacred stones. 2 Their heart is deceitful, and now they must bear their guilt. The Lord will demolish their altars

The vine is one of the blessings of the Promised Land. Since Israel is precious in the eyes of Yahweh, she is also called the vine. But this vine became degenerate in some prophetic and wisdom writings. The metaphor was taken over in the New Testament where the Kingdom of Heaven was compared to the vine but with this marked difference: this. Journey with The Vine Studios through Israel. Join us on a video tour of some of the amazing sights of the Holy Land on our trip to Israel, including unique. 1 Kings 4:25 - So Judah and Israel lived in safety, every man under his vine and his fig tree, from Dan even to Beersheba, all the days of Solomon The symbol of the Vine. In Bible symbolism, Israel had been compared to a vine ( Isaiah 5:1-7). The prophet wrote, In that day sing to her, a vineyard of red wine! I, the LORD, keep it, I water it every moment; lest any hurt it, I keep it night and day ( Isaiah 27:2, 3). And Jeremiah also wrote, Yet I had planted you a noble vine, a.

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  1. ted coins, and on the coin was a vine illustrating Israel. Edersheim said, Above the entrance into the Holy Place [of the Temple] hung that symbol of Israel, a gigantic vine of pure gold, and made of votive offerings—each cluster the height of a man. (Edersheim, The Temple, p. 58.) Israel was seen as God's vine
  2. The vine was of great importance in the religion of Israel. It was used as a symbol of the religious life of Israel itself, and a carving of a bunch of grapes often adorned the front exterior of the synagogue. The symbolism was based upon passages such as Psalm 80 and Isaiah 5:1-5 where Israel is God's vine
  3. The vine is identified with the son, the man on your right, and the son of man. In other words, it is a prayer for the Davidic king who will bring salvation to Israel. The vine metaphor is also used throughout chapters 15-19 in the Book of Ezekiel. In Ezekiel 17, the vine represents two different kings of Judah. For example.
  4. The Vineyard, Vine, and Olive Tree . If you were to travel through the central hill country of Israel today in the right season, you would find an abundance of fruitful vines.The fruit of the vine, of course, is the grape, whose juice, when fermented, produces wine. The vine and the vineyard are characteristic of Israel's agricultural fertility and serve as potent images for the land itself
  5. Israel as a 'vine' However, metaphor ical references to vines and vineyards are even more significant than literal ones: In the Old Testament , the Israelites whom God brought out of slavery in Egypt are often compared to a vine which he has planted, but which does not always bring forth good fruit , and which he consequently destroy
  6. Israel remains the first-born son of God (not to be confused with Jacob, who was in-fact the second-born son, but to whom Esau traded his birthright for a bowl of stew; rather, the descendants of Abraham are first described as God's chosen people) and we, the Gentiles are adopted through Jesus Christ Grafted into the True Vine
  7. ISRAEL AS VINE. Psalm 80:7-15. The Psalmist bemoans the plight of the divided tribes of Israel, and boldly expresses his perplexity at God's dealings with them. Belief in the God of Israel is not blind faith, but an informed trust. One expression of our confidence that the LORD is in control of all things is to make our complaints known to Him

Israel as a vine never achieved her goal. She was a failure. However, the Lord Jesus Christ Who came as the True Vine accomplished all that God intended His Messiah to do. In rabbinical literature the vine became the picture of the restored Israel. The vine stands for the Messiah, the Anointed of God Israel is a luxuriant vine that yields its fruit. The more his fruit increased, the more altars he built; as his country improved, he improved his pillars. Hosea 2:12 ESV / 2 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful The vine is one of the blessings of the Promised Land. Since Israel is precious in the eyes of Yahweh, she is also called the vine. But this vine became degenerate in some prophetic and wisdom writings. The metaphor was taken over in the New Testament where the Kingdom of Heaven was compared to the vine but with this marked difference: this. The Fruitful Vine. Israel was not the vine that God intended them to be. They failed. So why then is Jesus claiming to be the vine? It's because Jesus is saying that where Israel failed, he will not fail. Jesus is the true vine. Which means, he is the truer and better Israel — so in all the places where Israel wavered, Jesus will hold fast. May 1, 2014 Whoever makes peace with Hamas cannot make peace with Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after meeting with his security cabinet this past April, suspended the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA)

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  1. ently on Jewish coins or in architecture. Three of our Lord's parables are connected with vineyards (Mt 20:1 ff; 21:28,33 ff), and He has made the vine ever sacred in Christian.
  2. Israel is likened to a vine or vineyard in Jeremiah 2:21 and 12:10, Ezekiel 15 and Hosea 10:1. In every one of these passages God's people were expected to produce fruit. In fact, Ezekiel belabors the point that producing fruit is the only purpose for a vine! It's good only for producing fruit—and it's expected to bear good fruit
  3. In other words, Israel did not produce the kind of spiritual fruit that God had hoped for. A similar illustration is used in the book of Hosea. In this passage, Hosea 10:1-4 Israel was seen as a luxurious vine. However, despite their wealth, the people were unfaithful to God, worshipping pagan gods instead of the true God

The Vine Tree Typifies Israel. The prophecy begins in v.2 with a comparison of the value of wood from the vine tree to the other trees in the forest. Israel is like the vine tree in this prophecy. In Jud 9:8-15, Jotham compares Israel to three different trees: The olive tree, as you see in Rom 11:15-18 Above the entrance to the temple and within view of all the listeners was a massive, carved vine made of solid gold with leaves and clusters of grapes the size of a man, also made of solid gold.[2] Isaiah the prophet had spoken of Israel as a vineyard Binyamina 'The Cave' Old Vine Galilee, Israel. Benchmark. Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot from Galilee. Upgrade to PRO to view data from the last five years. Search Rank Over Time. Popularity relative to other wines, spirits and beers, irrespective of vintage, based on the number of searches from Jul 2019 to Jun 202

Hosea 10:1 Israel was a luxuriant vine, yielding fruit for

#DailyDevotion Jesus Is The True Vine (Israel) In Whom We Bear Fruit. Posted May 1, 2021 by Rev. Guillaume J. S. Williams, Sr. #DailyDevotion Jesus Is The True Vine (Israel) In Whom We Bear Fruit. John 15:1-8 I am the true Vine, and My Father takes care of the vineyard THE TWO VINE TREES. The following scripture are self-explanatory and they tell you the truth of the Two Vine Trees, the first is Israel as a Nation under the OLD COVENANT written in two tablets of stone and the second is YaHVaHShooa Ha Mashiach the New Vine tree in the NEW COVENANT in which His Torah (the Covenant Document) is written in our hearts by His Ruach These people were part of the true Israel, the spiritual Israel. They are not just descended from Israel as Paul said in Romans 9 verses 6-8. This is the cultivated olive tree that Gentile Christians are grafted into. We are not grafted into the Jewish nation, the State of Israel, or any sector of Israeli society While this answer is tied to many of the examples of grapes, wine, and fruit of the vine we explored, and even to prophecies and blessings spoken of in the Word, one beautiful reason is found in a single verse, Numbers 13:23. In it, the twelve spies were gathering produce to bring to Moses and the Children of Israel 2) Israel's symbol is a Grape Vine Israel as a nation is not specifically related to the grape vine in its early history. The patriarch Israel did, however, associate the grape vine with Judah when blessing his sons

B. Jesus in fact identified himself as the particular vine of the vineyard toward which the history of Israel was moving (John 15:1-11 I am the vine; Compare this with Psalm 80: 14-18 But let your hand be on the man of your right hand, the son of man whom you have made strong for yourself). C Israel is described as a vine brought out of Egypt and transplanted in the promised land. But after flourishing, the vineyard was ravaged by foreigners and wild beasts. Other prophets, such as.

The Vine: I am the true vine is the 7th and final I AM statement in John. The vine is used as a symbol for God's covenant people, Israel. And whenever this comparison is made, the emphasis is always on Israel's failure to produce the fruit that God desired. Now we have Jesus applying this metaphor to Himself Israel IS the rootstock every Christian is grafted into so if you despise her, you despise the apple of God's eye! Right now, Jerusalem is the heart of the Jewish people but, according to Revelation, when Yeshua returns there will be a New Jerusalem come out of Heaven that will be where Jew and Gentile alike dwell together with their Messiah.

Title: THE VINE OF ISRAEL Author: Charles Spurgeon Created Date: 3/17/2020 2:09:03 P The vine is used throughout the scriptures to represent Israel, the people of God. In Psalm 80:8 Israel is called the vine that was brought out of Egypt. In Isaiah 5 we see Israel called a degenerate vine. Jeremiah 2:21 makes the same connection of Israel as the degenerate vine. In chapters 15, 17, and 19 of Ezekiel we see Israel called the. And in Scripture, Israel as a nation is referred to as a vine planted by God (Psalm 80:8-11). When Jesus calls himself the vine, he is drawing a beautiful picture of himself with his church. Jesus is one plant with his people. Jesus is the vine, and his people are the branches. There is an intimate connection

The Three Tree of Israel: Olive; Fig & Vine (Judg

John 15:1-8, Possibly one of the most mis-used and abused passages in the Bible; Israel is the unfaithful vine, Jesus is the True Vine; Unbelievers get burned, believers get lifted up and washed to bear more fruit; All Abiders bear fruit; Bema Seat rewards, or Judgment Da The vine is listed in Deuteronomy 8:8 as one of the seven species in the good land that God was giving to the nation of Israel. It was a land where the grapes grew in large clusters as reported by the expedition of Hebrew spies sent into Canaan (Num 13:23) This month, a special menu - headlined with the name of Chef Tal Feigenbaum alongside founder Ran Shmueli - is dedicated to one of Israel's seven biblical species: the fruit of the vine. This verse says: And Judah and Israel dwelt safely, every man under his vine and under his fig tree, from Dan even to Beer-sheba, all the days of Solomon. Dan and Beer-sheba are locations of the. After the Six Day War in 1967, Israel reclaimed the Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria, commonly referred to today as the West Bank (meaning the West Bank of the Jordan River, previously the nation of Jordan that was won during this defensive war). I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that.

Chrēstotēs. So here we are. Kindness. The Strongs Greek Dictionary defines the Greek word for kindness found in Galatians 5:22 as benignity (kindness or tolerance towards others), moral goodness, and integrity.. This word for kindness, chrēstotēs, appears 8 times in the NT and multiple times in the Psalms, mainly used as a word to describe an attribute of God and His relationship towards man The Vine Church. Israel. All Sermons For Israel Israel 2019: The Promised Land Posted on March 20, 2020 | Pastor: Pastor Adam. Continue reading . Israel 2018 Posted on March 20, 2020 | Pastor: Pastor Adam . Continue reading . Speakers. Rob Fields (1) Jesse Velarde (2) Pastor Adam (190) Greg. PO Box 470 Amarillo, Texas 79105-0470. COMMENTS / PRAYER REQUESTS CONTACT US TODAY! Texans for Israel is a non-profit 501c3 corporation. All gifts are tax deductible

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  1. The True Vine (Greek: ἡ ἄμπελος ἡ ἀληθινή hē ampelos hē alēthinē) is an allegory or parable given by Jesus in the New Testament.Found in John 15:1-17, it describes Jesus' disciples as branches of himself, who is described as the true vine, and God the Father the husbandman
  2. It is one of the seven species with which the Land of Israel is blessed and is mentioned in company with the olive tree, the vine and the palm tree in the context of the land's produce, bounty, abundance and sweetness. The fig appears in descriptions praising the Land of Israel's fertility
  3. Whoever makes peace with Hamas cannot make peace with Israel Volume 29 Summer 2014 Issue 3 Just before the Hamas and Fatah agreement, Hamas officials dedicated a monument in Gaza in celebration of their murderous rocket attacks on Israel. The Vine & Branches Christian Magazine Newsletter
  4. The natural branches (Israel) were broken off, and the wild branches (Gentiles) were grafted in (verse 17). The Gentiles, then, have been made partakers of the promises and inherit the blessings of God's salvation. It is important to understand how God called Israel to be His people and how they failed to fulfill that calling
  5. The Messianic vine was to have many more branches, enough to make up an entire new Christian nation. Jesus hinted at this new nation when he said to the representatives of the unbelieving Jewish nation: The kingdom of God will be taken from you and be given to a nation producing its fruits.. — Matt. 21:43. 7

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eschatology - If Israel is the vine that prefigures Jesus

All the synoptic gospels record that Jesus spoke of Israel as God's vineyard. The parables make it clear that God cared for his vineyard and how disappointed he was that it didn't produce the expected fruit. In the fourth gospel, Jesus is the true vine and we are the branches. John 15: 1-6. I am the true vine, my Father is the vinedresser Why does He say: fruit of the vine, and not simply: wine? We find the answer in the traditional Jewish blessing over the wine: Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who creates the fruit of the vine. Wine is the essential beverage in ancient Israel, a symbol of joy and blessing and therefore receives a special blessing

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The background of Jesus' words in John 15 is most likely the Old Testament imagery where Israel is called a vine or vineyard—although one that did not produce the expected fruit (see Isaiah 5:1-7 ). Jesus replaces Israel with Himself as the true vine.. Unlike Israel, Jesus will not fail to produce fruit in all the branches that are. Paul uses the metaphor of a cultivated vine and a wild vine to illustrate a spiritual truth. Israel is God's chosen people. The Jews received the promises and the covenants with direct communication from Yahweh. However, the Jews who have rejected the Messiah are spiritually cut off from Him, the vine, as long as they remain outside of Christ

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Micah accused Israel's leaders and prophets of corruption and injustice and warned the people of the coming disaster from the outside empires. The phrase under their vine and fig tree is repeated three times in Scripture: Micah 4:4, 1 Kings 4:25, and Zechariah 3:10 Israel, the people of God, did not prove to be a fruitful vine. Then Jesus says here, I am the true vine. Don't miss this. In effect, he's saying, I am the true Israel. Israel was to be the embodiment of the people of God, serving him with faithfulness, in faith. But what they were meant to be, I am The vine was one of the quintessential plants of Israel representing national peace and prosperity -- every man under his vine and fig tree. [641] Moreover, the vineyard is often used to identify Israel herself, referred to by the prophets as my vineyard (Isaiah 3:14) That is true, but the vine imagery has another message, especially to his original hearers. In the Old Testament, the vine imagery was used to portray Israel, in some cases even with a notice of Israel's failure to produce good fruit (cf., Psa. 80:8-16; Isa. 5:1-7; Jer. 2:21; Ezek. 17:6-10; 19:10-14; Joel 1:7). Elsewhere in John's Gospel.

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The Lord preaches to Israel about the wood of the vine. MARK. In this short chapter the Lord gives Israel the picture of the vine. The wood of a vine is not good for anything but burning. It is not strong or straight enough for building. So the Lord says that Israel is like vine-wood, good for nothing but being destroyed. And destroyed she. B. Israel as a vine. 1. (8-11) The vine of Israel is planted in the Promised Land. You have brought a vine out of Egypt; You have cast out the nations, and planted it. You prepared room for it, And caused it to take deep root, And it filled the land. The hills were covered with its shadow, And the mighty cedars with its boughs Although Israel was viewed as the vine in numerous Old Testament texts, Jesus is the true vine who fulfills God's expectation for his people. A growing vine needs care and so Jesus identifies God the Father as the farmer or gardener. God is the one who does the planting, watering, and pruning of the vine Lesson 8: Jesus Is the Vine. In our lessons, we have painted the portrait of Jesus with ways He described Himself to those listening to Him. Remember these truths about who Jesus Christ is and what He does for you. Jesus is the I Am.. He is the answer to the spiritual needs of every person. Jesus is the Bread of Life Even though some of the smaller branches are 200 feet from the main stem, they bear much fruit because they are joined to the vine and allow the life of the vine to flow through them. In fact, I read that it is believed that some of the grape vines that grow in Israel today might date their ancestry back to the time of Jesus and even earlier

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Why a vine rather than other plants? In the Old Testament the imagery of a grapevine is used to describe Israel. But it does not just designate Israel as a nation. It describes Israel in its relationship to God. For example, in Psalm 80:8 Israel is described as a vine that God brought out of Egypt and planted in the land of promise. In verse. Sweet Sunday Sermon - ISRAEL The Vine the Fig and the Olive Tree. Posted on May 31, 2020 by David 2 comments. Submitted by Dr. GP. Last Sunday morning we had the privilege of listening to a speaker from India share a nice word on Israel in three horticultural situations at our assembly in Central Florida. I hope some of you will enjoy this. Having described the Lord's use of the fig tree to symbolize Israel nationally, we now turn to the Lord's use of the grapevine to symbolize Israel spiritually. In the above Scriptures the Lord described how He planted a vineyard in a fruitful hill, protected it, cultivated it, planted the choicest vine, made preparation for the harvest, but. 3 Temple Beth Or The Vine TEMPLE BETH OR OFFICERS & DIRECTORS President Sandi Silber 732-262-3010 ssilbertbo@gmail.com 1st Vice President Jeff Fink 732-673-5356 jfink@keyportarmynavy.com 2nd Vice President Abe Karron 914-960-9213 abkarron@gmail.com 3rd Vice President Mona Sternbach 732-840-2098 mtsternytbo@gmail.com Financial Secretary Rachel Zycband 732-581-4809 rachelzycband@comcast.ne

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Jesus taught that He is the True Vine. In calling Himself the True Vine, He revealed that He is the True Israel of God. Out of Egypt God brought a Vine, and out of Egypt God called His Son (Matt. 2:14-15; Hos. 11:1). As the King of Israel, Jesus represents and leads and provides for the true Israel-that is, those who are true to Him. Many. The Psalmist said the following cornering Israel. Thou hast brought A VINE out of Egypt: thou hast cast out the heathen, AND PLANTED IT. Thou preparest room before it, AND DIDST CAUSE IT TO TAKE DEEP ROOT, and it filled the land. The hills were covered with the shadow of it, and the boughs thereo

Bible Lesson: Parables Of The Old Testament: Israel The Vine

Israel is the vine that God planted in the Promised Land. In Egypt, the vine could not prosper, because it was denied the necessary things to produce fruit. The law was given to these Israelites on the way to the Promised Land, and they had the opportunity to produce much fruit for God Replacing the sweet red wines with lighter, dryer red wines and producing more champagne, the wines of Israel have finally begun to climb up the vine in terms of greatness. The wines presently produced in Israel are done so in one of five regions: Galilee, Shomron, Samson, Negev, and Judean Hills Is Wine Consumption in Israel Dying on the Vine? There's a lot of mythology surrounding the subject of how little wine Israelis drink, with some estimates as low as 5 liters - as opposed to France's 70 liters - a year per capita. The trend starts at the top. The Sommelier 2014 event in Tel Aviv, which has relatively more wine-lovers The vine, having been selected, was then planted into a new land, the Promised Land of Canaan. This land was cleared (v9) and other nations removed (v8) in order to make room for the chosen vine of Israel. The vine then took root and flourished, spreading out and filling the land (vv9-11). But things then changed

The Vine of Israel. The Bible several times describes God's people as a vine —an appropriate metaphor in view of the importance of the vine to Israelites. In Psalm 80, Asaph compared the nation of Israel to a vine that Jehovah had planted in Canaan. The land was cleared so that the vine of Israel could take root and grow strong Israel's Sour Grapes and the True Vine: A Sermon on Isaiah 5. Sermon on Isaiah 5 (specifically, Isaiah 5:1-8, 11-13, 15-16, 20-24 ); Jeremiah 2:21-22; Psalm 80:8-11, 14-19; and John 15:1-8 . Delivered 9 November 2014 at Pequea Evangelical Congregational Church. The fourth installment of a sermon series on the Book of Isaiah; see also sermons on. THE history of Israel is given to us in a threefold manner in the Scriptures: First, it appears in the prophetic word found in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28; second, we have the historical account found in such books as Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles; and third, under the symbolism of a vine Also, what does vine symbolize in the Bible? The Old Testament passages which use this symbolism appear to regard Israel as faithful to God and/or the object of severe punishment. Ezek 15:1-8 in particular talks about the worthlessness of wood from a vine (in relation to disobedient Judah). A branch cut from a vine is worthless except to be burned as fuel John 15: 1-27: Verse 1: I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser. There are some references in the Old Testament, which refer to Israel as a vine. Here, Jesus describes Himself as, The True Vine, which underscores the importance of fruitfulness in the Christian life. This fruitfulness is not a result of human achievement but. Where Israel failed as the Vine, the Servant, Jesus was the True Vine and True Servant to reconnect people to the Source. That's why he says My Father is the Vinedresser who cuts off branches that bear no fruit. He was referring to those in Israel who might look connected to God, but there was no real Spiritual Life in them

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