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Translating rapid advances in hearing science to meet the urgent needs of hundreds of millions worldwide with disabling hearing loss Hearing Loss - Frequency Therapeutics. Careers. Contact. About. About. We are a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on harnessing the body's innate biology to repair or reverse damage caused by a broad range of degenerative diseases. About Us. Leadership. Board of Directors

Healthy hearing available to all. We are a precision genetic medicine company focused on developing gene therapies with the potential to restore, improve and preserve high-acuity physiologic hearing for people worldwide who live with disabling hearing loss KCNQ4 Activators as a Potential Treatment for Hearing Loss Jun 4, 2021. Frequency Therapeutics Expects to Initiate a New FX-322 Phase 2 Study Before End of 2021 May 13, 2021. Start of ACOU085 (Acousia Therapeutics) phase 1 study in patients with hearing loss is planned for the second half of 2021 May 10, 2021. Discovery of new hearing loss gene.

Hoba Therapeutics was established in 2017 with seed funding from Novo Holdings and Borean Innovation. Our focus is to develop novel biopharmaceuticals and improve the treatment of chronic neurological disorders Neuropathic Pain and Hearing Loss with Woburn-based biotech company Frequency Therapeutics that might allow people to regenerate sensory hair cells — and their sense of hearing Day-90 data from a Phase IIa study of four dosing regimens of Frequency Therapeutics' hearing loss treatment FX-322 in subjects with mild to moderately severe sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) did not demonstrate improvements in hearing measures versus placebo, according to a company statement Oricula Therapeutics evolved from converging research into hearing loss and compounds that have potential to prevent it. Oricula's scientists, working at the University of Washington and Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, have studied compounds causing hearing loss in humans. Understanding antibiotic-induced hearing loss

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Audion Therapeutics is a clinical-stage company dedicated to the development of therapies to treat Hearing Loss About Audion Hearing Loss Acquired Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL), due to aging, exposure to noise or other environmental factors impacts hundreds of millions of people. According to the recently updated World Health Organization estimates, 1 in 4 people worldwide.. More than 40 million people in the U.S. struggle with sensorineural hearing loss, the most common type of hearing loss. This condition affects more than just hearing; it's about understanding, confidence, and connection. Individuals may have difficulty speaking on the phone, struggle in certain jobs, and become socially isolated Hearing Loss Hearing loss affects hundreds of millions people worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates that 500 million people worldwide have a mild to moderate to severe or greater hearing loss. While the prevalence of moderate hearing loss (above 40dB) in the Western population over 70 years old exceeds 27%, the incidence is rising rapidly..

Comparables like Akouos and Frequency Therapeutics are also pursuing hearing loss. The former is developing a gene therapy for OTOF related hearing loss as well, and the latter, a small molecule. Acousia Therapeutics GmbH, founded in 2012, is a privately held biotech company based in Tübingen, Germany. Acousia has experience and expertise in identifying and developing proprietary small molecule drug candidates for enhancing and protecting hearing in patients with hearing loss Frequency Therapeutics provides updates on data from its recent FX-322 Clinical Readouts, new information from a Phase 1b study in age-related hearing loss, and the company's Q1 2021 financials

Boston-based Decibel Therapeutics has launched clinical trials of an injectable treatment that can be used to prevent hearing loss associated with a chemotherapy drug called cisplatin, which can cause the destruction of sensitive hair cells in anywhere between 60 and 80 percent of patients Results: A total of 43 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies have been identified that are developing therapeutics for inner ear and central hearing disorders. Their therapeutics include drug-, cell- and gene-based approaches to prevent hearing loss or its progression, restore hearing, and regenerate the inner ear Hearing loss caused by aging, noise, cisplatin toxicity, or other insults affects 360 million people worldwide, but there are no Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs to prevent or treat it. We screened 4,385 small molecules in a cochlear cell line and identified 10 compounds that protected ag

Frequency Therapeutics is forging ahead with FX-322, its lead candidate drug for hearing restoration, despite the fact that it did not perform the way they had hoped in the latest clinical trial. FX-322 was administered in a series of four doses to 95 subjects during a Phase 2a study. The results were disappointing About the Program: DB-OTO is a gene therapy product candidate designed to provide durable restoration of hearing to individuals born with profound hearing loss due to mutation of the OTOF gene. DB-OTO is the first program developed in partnership with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals under the terms of our collaboration agreement

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Medical start-ups, including Decibel Therapeutics and Frequency Therapeutics, are pursuing drug breakthroughs for hearing loss, backed by venture capital and pharmaceutical firms. Maybe you sat. ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — Amptify, the world's first digital therapeutic for hearing loss, is groundbreaking in what it offers to those seeking hearing loss solutions for their patients or managed care populations LEXINGTON, Mass.-- (BUSINESS WIRE)--Frequency Therapeutics, Inc., (Nasdaq: FREQ) today shared a statement from David L. Lucchino, Frequency's Chief Executive Officer, in support of the Hearing Loss.. Frequency Therapeutics is going back to the drawing board. After showing promise in phase 1, four dosing regimens of its hearing loss treatment did no better than placebo in a phase 2a study. The. FX-322 is a new pharmaceutical research drug aimed at finding a hearing loss cure. The research group Frequency Therapeutics created FX 322 to help find a cure for individuals with hearing loss. In this video, I share an update on the research. There could be drug solutions that can treat and cure hearing loss in the next 20 years

Sheffield, UK, 20 April 2021: Rinri Therapeutics, a biotechnology company developing a novel stem cell therapy to restore hearing, today announces that it has raised a total of £10 million from existing investors Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund (BIVF), UCB Ventures and BioCity alongside the UK Government Future Fund Frequency Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes a hearing loss treatment called FX-322 for patients with severe sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL)

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Experience Improved Hearing, Without Interference With HearingAid Max! HearingAid Max: Say Goodbye to Hearing Difficulties With This Cutting-edge Hearing Devic Drug. With a name like that, they should be an ear company. Akouos. Virus-Delivered Therapy/Sensorineural hearing loss. Adeno-associated viral vector-based gene therapy for sensorineural hearing loss. OtolithLabs. (Wash DC) Masking/Diziness, vertigo and nausea. Suppress diziness, vertigo and nausea with external device Ting Therapeutics made up of scientists and researchers will bring these drugs into clinical trials before they are made available to the public. Mission. To prevent and treat hearing loss. Vision. Ting Therapeutics is dedicated to creating a world where everyone hears. Values

Pipeline is developing novel drugs for the treatment of hearing loss and other neurological conditions driving by a loss of synaptic connections. Hearing loss is the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide, impacting an estimated 466 million people globally. In the United States, hearing loss affects approximately 15 percent of adults SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -Pipeline Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of first-in-class small molecules for neuroregeneration, today announced the initiation of a Phase 1/2a trial of the company's lead product candidate, PIPE-505, a small molecule gamma secretase inhibitor (GSI), in sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) associated with. Permanent hearing loss affects more than 5% of the world's population, yet there are no nondevice therapies that can protect or restore hearing. Delivery of therapeutics to the cochlea and vestibular system of the inner ear is complicated by their inaccessible location. Drug delivery to the inner ear via the vasculature is an attractive noninvasive strategy, yet the blood-labyrinth barrier.

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Decibel Therapeutics, a Phase 1 biotech developing treatments for hearing and balance disorders, filed on Friday with the SEC to raise up to $75 million in an initial public offering. Decibel. Since the summer, Boston-based startup Akouos raised $50 million in series A funding to advance its gene therapies for hearing loss, and Decibel Therapeutics, a biotech developing small molecules. Sound Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SPI) is developing therapeutics that will enable doctors and patients to prevent and treat various forms of hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss is the third largest disease in the industrialized world and affects 50 million Americans Acousia Therapeutics will discuss the company's approach to translational development of small molecule drug candidates for the treatment of hearing loss at the upcoming Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit and the Bellucci Symposium on Hearing Research. The company will be presenting and engaging in partnering discussions at the European Bio€quity Meeting A research team co-led by David Liu at the Broad Institute showed that base editing of the Tmc1 gene holds promise in treating recessive hearing loss. (Beam Therapeutics

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  1. Frequency Therapeutics Presents Results Demonstrating Sustained Improvement in Hearing Loss Patients Treated with FX-322 September 13, 2020 at 3:00 PM EDT Evidence of Durable Hearing Improvements in Follow-Up with Patients from Phase 1/2 Study; Speech Intelligibility and Audibility Sustained for Up to 21 Months After Initial Dosin
  2. FX-322 is a drug that is under development by a biotech company Frequency Therapeutics. According to the company, FX-322 is designed to treat the underlying cause of sensorineural hearing loss by regrowing or regenerating the sensory hair cells. This is done by activation of progenitor cells that are already present in the cochlea
  3. As I wrote recently, Frequency Therapeutics' drug candidate FX-322 is shaping up to potentially be the first biopharmaceutical treatment for hearing loss on the market some time in the next decade. Now here's an update: The company is currently in phase 2a of clinical trials, and they announced last week that they will report a 90-day analysis of the phase 2a study of FX-322 by late Q1.
  4. June 3 - June 4. This year's Symposia will be hosted virtually by the Translational Hearing Center and School of Medicine at Creighton University on Thursday, June 3 rd and Friday, June 4 th. The focus of this year's event is on drug therapeutics. Experience stimulating interaction among auditory research scientists, other medical.
  5. Frequency Therapeutics (NASDAQ:FREQ) is a clinical-stage biotech company currently conducting multiple clinical trials on FX-322, a hearing loss drug that is notably Frequency's only product in.
  6. Adds leaders with expertise in hearing loss and balance disorders, combined with experience in gene therapy development. May 24, 2021 16:15 ET | Source: Decibel Therapeutics, Inc

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  1. As of 2021, there is no cure for sensorineural hearing loss. There are several projects underway to develop cures for sensorineural hearing loss. Despite disappointing results released in March 2021, Frequency Therapeutics' FX-322 is perhaps the most promising candidate and could enter Phase 3a clinical trials in 2021 or 2022
  2. Decibel Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to discovering and developing transformative treatments to restore and improve hearing and balance, one of the largest areas of unmet need in medicine. Decibel has built a proprietary platform that integrates single-cell genomics and bioinformatic analyses, precision gene.
  3. Pipeline Therapeutics Initiates Phase 1/2a Clinical Trial of PIPE-505 in Sensorineural Hearing Loss PIPE-505 is the first small molecule developed specifically for the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) associated with speech-in-noise impairment Topline results expected in early 202
  4. Research funded by Decibel Therapeutics Inc. and Johns Hopkins University points to a new target in the search for better treatments for hearing loss, for which there are no approved medicines in the U.S. The field has traditionally focused on hair cells in the ear, Decibel Therapeutics head of biology Joseph Burns said in an interview. However.
  5. An unofficial update on Decibel Therapeutics' secretive gene therapy program to treat sensorineural hearing loss by regenerating cochlear outer hair cells. First, the official story, followed by a big unofficial update on DB-301″ Officially: Laurence Reid, CEO of Decibel Therapeutics, had this to say during a recent presentation at the 20th Annual Needham Virtual Healthcare.
  6. Pipeline. Autifony Therapeutics aims to develop new drugs to treat serious disorders of the central nervous system using pioneering science. Scientific publications can be found here as well as information on Voltage-gated ion channels as therapeutics targets and Kv3 ion channels. Clinical stage programmes for schizophrenia and Fragile X, and.
  7. Frequency Therapeutics Completes Enrollment of FX-322 Phase 2a Study for Sensorineural Hearing Loss

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  2. CEO Rinri Therapeutics. We reckon 75 percent of all sensorineural hearing loss is caused by damage to the hair cells, says Rinri's CEO Dr. Simon Chandler. But the remaining 25% is either caused by damage or loss of auditory neurons alone or in combination with the death or damage to both the hair cells and the auditory neurons.
  3. The onset of hearing loss for some can occur before the age of 65, which can affect the ability to work, leading to higher rates of unemployment. With our society's aging demographics, age-related hearing loss is set to become an increasing problem that can cause social isolation, depression and perhaps even an acceleration of dementia
  4. Steve: Hearing loss affects nearly 40 million American adults. Worldwide there are over 400 million people dealing with a disabling hearing loss. Our work in the labs suggests that the end result of that is an improvement in hearing. Steve: Frequency Therapeutics, and their drug FX 322, ultimately calls on our body's innate ability to.
  5. istration in adult patients with stable sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL) who had a medical.
  6. Hearing loss can result from infections contracted or injuries sustained at any stage of life. Viral infections such as cytomegalovirus are a major cause of congenital hearing loss (Goderis et al., 2014) and traumatic injuries to the temporal bone may cause significant hearing loss. Diseases such as auditory nerve neuromas may require surgical.
  7. Biotech company Decibel Therapeutics and medical genetics company Invitae partnered to offer free genetic testing for children with auditory neuropathy. The goal is to aid with diagnosis and management of this congenital condition that affects approximately 10% of children born with hearing loss. The program provides qualifying children with.

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Phase 1. Detailed Description: This is a Phase 1b placebo-controlled, double-blind, single-dose safety study of intratympanic FX-322 dosed in subjects with severe sensorineural hearing loss. Approximately 30 subjects are planned to be enrolled in this study. The subjects will be randomized to receive one dose FX-322 (24) or placebo (6) and will. We use idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSNHL) as a case example, because it is a lead indication for several emerging hearing therapeutics. Methods: A decision analytic model was developed to assess the costs and effects of using novel hearing therapeutics for patients with ISSNHL. This was compared to the current standard of care Adds leaders with expertise in hearing loss and balance disorders, combined with experience in gene therapy development. BOSTON, May 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Decibel Therapeutics (Nasdaq: DBTX), a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to discovering and developing transformative treatments to restore and improve hearing and balance, today announced the appointment of leading. Frequency Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on harnessing the body' s innate biology to repair or reverse damage caused by a broad range of degenerative diseases. Loss-of-function variant in the gene encoding the KCNQ4 potassium channel causes autosomal dominant nonsyndromic hearing loss (DFNA2), and no effective pharmacotherapeutics have been developed to.

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  1. It positions Decibel to lead the way in developing meaningful therapeutics for hearing. About Hearing Loss and Tinnitus . According to the World Health Organization, over five percent of the world's population—360 million people—have disabling hearing loss. 1 Hearing loss has a variety of etiologies, including genetics, drug-induced.
  2. Summary. Frequency Therapeutics has filed to raise public investment capital. The firm is advancing its hearing loss drug treatment candidate. FREQ has signed an enviable and potentially very.
  3. The Hearing Tracker Podcast: Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, and Hearing Therapeutics HearingTracker.com Technology 5.0 • 20 Ratings; Join host Dr. Steve Taddei to meet some of the hearing aid industry's biggest movers and shakers and to learn about the disruptive products and services that are starting to make inroads into the vast underserved.
  4. Frequency Therapeutics Completes Enrollment of FX-322 Phase 2a Study for Sensorineural Hearing Loss Business Wire WOBURN, Mass. -- September 22, 2020 Frequency Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: FREQ), a.
  5. The Hearing Tracker Podcast: Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, and Hearing Therapeutics Host Steven Taddei, AuD interviews movers and shakers from the hearing aid industry and beyond. Staff Writer Hearing Loss in Children. 30 June 2021
  6. ation. The Karp lab aims to create advanced biomaterials and devices for therapeutics, taking a highly multidisciplinary approach. Technologies... Read more about Jeffrey Karp, Ph.D. Karp Laboratory.

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BRISBANE, Calif. — Spiral Therapeutics, a clinical stage pharmaceutical company delivering therapies for hearing loss, today announced the final closing of its Series A financing, bringing the total amount raised in this round to approximately $5.6 million. New investors participating in the second closing included Sunghwan Choi and Inveready Frequency Therapeutics Provides Business Updates and Reports First Quarter 2021 Financial Results. May 13, 2021 at 7:30 AM EDT. FX-322-112 Phase 1b Study in Presbycusis (Age-Related Hearing Loss or ARHL): The recently completed study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, multicenter safety study of 30 individuals aged 66-85. Another Boston firm, Decibel Therapeutics, is developing small molecule drugs and gene therapies for hearing loss. Frequency says it will use the IPO cash to complete the Phase 2a test of FX-322


  1. g Jefferies and Goldman Sachs Healthcare Investor Conferences. May 25, 2021 at 7:30 AM EDT
  2. Deafness or hearing loss can be present at birth or develop as your baby grows. Hearing loss is a group of conditions that make it more difficult for your baby to hear and understand sounds. Hearing loss can be caused by a change in the ear or a change in the part of the brain that processes sounds. Your baby could have one of these changes or a mix of the two
  3. Age-Related Hearing Loss Market Size 2021 by Product Sales, Revenue, Price, Market Share, Growth Opportunity and Forecast to 2027 Research Report I Top key players-Advanced Bionics, Cochlear, MED-EL GmbH, Nurotron Biotechnology, Oticon Medical, Medtronic, Envoy Medical, Sonova, Audina Hearing Instruments, RION, Decibel Therapeutics, Frequency Therapeutics, Pipeline Therapeutics & Other

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1. Drug Discov Today. 2005 Oct 1;10(19):1323-30. Therapeutics of hearing loss: expectations vs reality. Atar O(1), Avraham KB. Author information: (1)Department of Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel. With the completion of the sequencing of the human genome, the field of medicine is undergoing a dramatic and fundamental change Purpose of Review Hearing loss is a common congenital sensory disorder with various underlying causes. Here, we review and focus on genetic, infectious, and ototoxic causes and recent advances in inner ear therapeutics. Recent Findings While hearing aids and cochlear implantation are the mainstay of treatment for pediatric hearing loss, novel biological therapeutics are being explored. Recent. Hearing Health Reimagined The World's First Digital Therapeutic for Hearing Loss. Amptify is an evidence-based hearing healthcare program that uses a proprietary digital toolkit to provide ongoing and personalized hearing rehabilitation from our world-class specialists to your diverse population Pipeline Therapeutics' PIPE-505 for acute sensorineural hearing loss had its Phase Transition Success Rate (PTSR) jump nine points to 56% after completing its Phase I/IIa trial. The PTSR change occurred on 25 June after the trial's ClinicalTrials.gov listing was updated as completed on 23 June. PTSR is the probability, given as a percentage. Frequency Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that is trying to treat hearing loss by utilizing our own body's innate biology to repair or reverse the damage. The company is trying to develop a progenitor cell activation platform (PCA) where in small molecule therapeutics designed to activate already dormant progenitor.

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Astellas and Frequency Therapeutics Enter into License Agreement for FX-322, a Regenerative Treatment Candidate for Hearing Loss Important Notice This website contains information about products that may not be available in all countries, or may be available under different trademarks, for different indications, or in different dosages Frequency Therapeutics (Woburn, Mass.) recently announced data related to its experimental FX-322 drug.. The small Phase 1/2 study, which was published in Otology & Neurotology, found hearing improvements in adults with age-related sensorineural hearing loss.. At present, there are no FDA-approved drugs for preventing or restoring such hearing loss, although administering steroids can. Frequency Therapeutics, Inc., (Nasdaq: FREQ) today shared a statement from David L. Lucchino, Frequency's Chief Executive Officer, in support of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA. Another competitor in the race to find the cure to reverse sensorineural hearing loss is biotech company Frequency Therapeutics. Not a great deal is known about this injectable drug, FX-322, but at least there are fewer numbers to remember in its name Acousia Therapeutics Germany Private Acousia Therapeutics GmbH is a privately held biotech company based in Tübingen, Germany, dedicated to identify small molecules for an innovative treatment of hearing loss. The new therapeutic approach will replace lost sensory hair cells, the key cells for hearing in the inner ear, by cellular regeneration.

About us Rinri Therapeutics is a private biotechnology company developing first-in-class cell therapies to restore hearing. Hearing loss affects 350m people in the world; 90% caused by. But now, two emerging biotechs, Frequency Therapeutics and Decibel Therapeutics, are developing drugs to remedy hearing loss. These efforts will most likely not reach the clinic before late 2018. Frequency Therapeutics said today that the first patients have been treated in a Phase I/II clinical trial to assess its first-in-class drug candidate for hearing restoration.. The 24-patient trial is slated to include people with stable sensorineural hearing loss. Participants will receive an injection of Frequency's FX-322 or a placebo in one ear, with a follow-up visit after two weeks An unofficial update on Decibel Therapeutics' secretive gene therapy program to treat sensorineural hearing loss by regenerating cochlear outer hair cells. First, the official story, followed by a big unofficial update on DB-301″ Officially: Laurence Reid, CEO of Decibel Therapeutics, had this to say during a recent presentation at the 20th Annual Needham Virtual Healthcare. Gene-based therapeutics research aims to explore two main lines of research enquiries. The first is the applications of genes in hair cell regeneration to treat hearing impairment. The second is utilising stem cells to generate patient-specific hair cells and recover hearing loss. The research includes the newly developed patient-specific.

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Decibel Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to discovering and developing transformative treatments to restore and improve hearing and balance, one of the largest. Hearing loss can significantly disrupt the ability of children to become mainstreamed in educational environments that emphasize spoken language as a primary means of communication. Similarly, adults who lose their hearing after communicating using spoken language have numerous challenges understanding speech and integrating into social situations In addition to twelve guest speakers addressing different aspects on drug therapeutics for hearing loss, this year's virtual Symposia will include academic poster sessions as well as representatives of several prominent national and local companies who will present their recent progress on drug development and hearing loss

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Leader of Mass. Eye and Ear joins Frequency Therapeutics The Woburn biotech is working on a potential treatment for hearing loss. By Jonathan Saltzman Globe Staff, Updated February 8, 2021, 7:30 a.m The objectives of the Phase 2a study are to further establish the positive hearing signal observed in Frequency's Phase 1/2 study of FX-322, as well as continue to evaluate safety and define the potential dosing regimen. FX-322 is being developed for the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), the most common type of hearing loss Frequency Therapeutics, Inc., (Nasdaq: FREQ) today shared a statement from David L. Lucchino, Frequency's Chief Executive Officer, in support of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) and its efforts to advance the voice of the patient in leading the first-ever Externally-Led Patient-Focused Drug Development (EL-PFDD) meeting on sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) Frequency Therapeutics, Inc., which is developing in collaboration with Astellas Pharma Inc. FX-322, a small molecule intended to treat sensorineural hearing loss through regeneration of.

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There are 12 million people with hearing loss across the UK and this is expected to increase to 14.2 million by 2035. Hearing impairment can have a major impact on daily functioning and quality of life. It can affect communication, social interactions and work leading to loneliness, emotional distress and depression. The toolkit supports GPs and trainees implement the latest NICE Guidelines. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) affects over 400 million people worldwide and it is one of the most prevalent occupational hazards. The military are particularly at risk for NIHL and other hearing pathologies. To date, there are no Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved therapeutics for the prevention or treatment of NIHL; therefore. Jun 4, 2021 · Frequency Therapeutics Inc. allegedly made misleading statements about clinical trial results for a new hearing loss treatment,.

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Urnov, who spent 16 years at gene-editing firm Sangamo Therapeutics Hearing loss can stem from a variety of causes, from toxins and loud sounds to infection and inherited genetics. I think. Rinri Therapeutics part of the University of Sheffield, has raised funding from investors to develop a novel stem cell therapy to restore hearing and reverse sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). At the moment there are currently no pharmacological treatments available for this type of hearing loss Certain emerging devices/therapeutics in the Age-related Hearing Loss market comprise the Acclaim® Cochlear Implant (Envoy Medical), PIPE-505 (Pipeline Therapeutics, Inc.), DB-OTO (Decibel.

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