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Purpose of Chondromalacia Surgery . Chondromalacia patellae, also known as runner's knee, is a condition where the cartilage on the undersurface of the patella (kneecap) deteriorates and softens. The kneecap may start to rub against the femur and cause discomfort or pain We have simplified the self-pay billing process via price transparency, so that you will know the cost of the service upfront. Every procedure performed at The Orthopaedic Surgery Center has been assigned one all‐inclusive charge , which includes the facility fee, the surgeon's fee, and the anesthesiologist's fee Mary McMahon Chondromalacia surgery is a procedure used to help treat runner's knee. Chondromalacia surgery is a surgical treatment for a condition called chondromalacia patella or runner's knee. It is used as a treatment option when more conservative treatments for this condition fail and a surgeon believes a good outcome could be achieved with surgery Knee Surgery and Replacement: Average Hospitalization: Average Total Cost* Knee Arthroscopy: 2 nights: 5.800 € Complex Knee Arthroscopy / Menisc Repair (Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery) 2 nights: 7.400 € Osteotomy for Knee Correction: 3 nights: 9.700 € Surgery for Patella (knee cap) Dislocation : 2 nights: 7.900 Dr.Venkat has research publications in his name. He has given guest lectures. He has introduced innovations in joint replacements & biological orthopaedics in India. His latest innovation is cellular therapy for Chondromalacia patella. Chondromlacia patella is a condition in which the cartilage underneath the knee cap wears out

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Chondromalacia and osteoarthritis are two common knee conditions in India, that can cause pain regularly. While the symptoms are almost similar, the age group and reason differ. What are chondromalacia and osteoarthritis? Chondromalacia patellae or runner's knee is a disorder of the cartilage, particularly of the joints and mostly affects the. I'm Dr. James Larson, Orthopedic Surgeon. Chondromalacia Patella can cause a painful condition called patellofemoral pain syndrome. In this video, I show. India starts from approximately US $ 4500 for a single knee. The cost of total knee replacement for both knees start from US $ 6500. The cost and outcome of surgery also depends on the experience, expertise and training of the knee replacement surgeon and his team & level of care of the Hospital Check OPD schedule of doctors and book appointment online top hospitals for systemic-chondromalacia in Kolkata. Call 8010- 994- 994 to talk to in-house Credihealth experts for FREE medical assistance to choose the right hospital, get cost estimate for procedures from top hospitals or any other information related to hospitals This is provided in India as one can save close to 60 % of the cost when they undertake the same surgery in the western countries as the cost of knee joint replacement surgery in India is low. Low cost Total Knee Replacement in India ensures that you can utilize the extra money for a tourism trip to the beautiful tourist locations of the country.

The alignment of the patella in the vertical plane can also be abnormal. Patella alta (high riding), and patella baja (low riding), are both conditions that have also been implicated as a cause of chondromalacia. Chondromalacia is also seen as a complication of injuries, immobilization, and surgical procedures that lead to quadriceps atrophy In this video you learn how to do a Patella Luxation surgery in Dogs and Cats with the Rapid Luxation system - technology from Rita Leibinger Germany.A produ.. Patellar Dislocation Treatment in and around India About India. As the largest country in South Asia and the seventh-largest in the world, India is home to over one billion inhabitants. This extremely diverse country boasts one of the world's fastest-growing economies and with its 38 JCI accredited facilities, it's considered a prime destination for Medical Tourism

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Chondromalacia patella is a common knee problem that affects the patella and the groove that the patella slides in over the femur (thigh bone). The kneecap together with the lower end of the femur is considered the patellofemoral joint. Chondromalacia is the term used to describe a patellofemoral joint that has been structurally damaged, while. One study looked at the use of stem cells to treat chondromalacia patellae. They found that these three patients all showed a 50 to 70 percent improvement in pain after one month, and pain levels improved by 80 to 90 percent after three months. A year after the treatments, the reduction in pain levels remained the same

Chondromalacia can affect any joint, but the most common location is the underside of the kneecap. It usually begins as a small area of softened cartilage behind the kneecap (patella) that can be painful. Eventually, more of the cartilage softens, and the softened cartilage can crack or shred into a mass of fibers By time I was in my mid-20s, the pain was terrible. Physical therapy did not work, nor did injections. I ended up having surgery for my chondromalacia patella. The surgery took the pain away, but that knee has always felt a bit weaker than my other good knee

In some situations, surgery is performed to align the extremity by positioning the tibial tubercle on the shin bone. The tibial tubercle, the bump at the top of the shin bone, attaches to the patellar tendon. By positioning the tibial tubercle, the patella is pulled more to the inner side of the knee and becomes less likely to dislocate Chondromalacia patella - Chondromalacia patella - Treatment: The approach to the management of chondromalacia patella almost always begins with nonsurgical treatment. Surgery is reserved for those patients who continue to have symptoms despite maximal nonoperative management. The conservative approach to chondromalacia patella focuses on physical therapy and activity modification Chondromalacia patella was an old synonym for pain in the front of the knee. Technically, chondromalacia patella means a softening of the cartilage of the knee-cap. Knee surgery in India is available to alleviate symptoms. An arthroscopic assessment may be advised to study the degree of damage to the cartilage. Simultaneously, the damaged. Highly Trusted Pain Center in Summerville, South Carolina. QC Kinetix (Summerville) is located at 1565 Rose Dr Unit B, Summerville, SC 29483. From Summerville Airport take Rose Dr to US-17 ALT S and then take I-26 W to Dawson Branch Rd/State Rd S-8-101. Turn right onto Dawson Branch Rd/State Rd S-8-10 The surgery involves removing a small thickness of the damaged bone from the front of the femur (thigh bone) and the back of the patella (kneecap). The Patello Femoral replacement fits inside the space and is fixed to the bone with cement

The concept of knee replacement cost in India and surgeries have become very common all around the world. It acts as a permanent solution to prolonged knee illnesses and pain. The success rate for this kind of surgery is almost 100% and thus attracts many people to undertaking this surgery and getting a permanent solution to their knee joint. Knee replacement is a common surgery done to relieve this pain. Also known as 'knee arthroplasty', this procedure is recommended by a doctor if medications or other simpler forms of treatment. The clinical outcomes after patellar cartilage defects repair depend on the location and size of the articular defect, the age of the patient, the successful reconstruction of the patellar ridge, the repair of extensor mechanism malalignment, and the coexistence of chondromalacia At trial, Dr. Moya testified that De La Cruz had a fractured right patella and was having post-traumatic arthritis or chondromalacia of the patella. He further said that within a reasonable medical probability, the chondromalacia De La Cruz was experiencing was a result of being knocked to the ground on March 9, 1997 The patellar position is empirical for evaluation of the anatomic alignment of the knee and anterior knee pain.31,32 A patella alta may cause pain secondary to patellar instability33-36 or chondromalacia patellae10-13 that results from abnormal patellofemoral junction contact stress.37 Following knee trauma or surgery,38-4

Typical costs: Without health insurance, diagnosis and treatment for a patellar dislocation typically includes the cost of the X-ray, a facility fee and a doctor fee for a typical total of less than $1,000 for non-surgical treatment without anesthesia and up to $16,000 or more if surgery is required. A knee X-ray costs an average of $200. Chondromalacia patella is the breakdown of cartilage on the underside of the kneecap (patella). When the kneecap rubs against the thigh bone, it hurts and swells. It is common among runners and other athletes and has been given the nickname runner's knee.. It is most frequently seen in teenagers, young adults, women and athletes that.

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Surgery can be cnsidered but would depend on many factors including; how large an area of your patella is involved, the shape of your trochlea ( the groove the patella sits in),your age, and the condition of the rest of your knee. IF the damage is limited to your patella you may be a candidate for a partial knee replacement Treating loose bodies in your knee. Loose bodies are free-floating fragments of bone, cartilage, or collagen in the knee. When these fragments get trapped between the articular cartilage surfaces of the knee bones (like the femur and tibia), they can cause symptoms such as: sometimes swelling. While most of the loose fragments float.

These photos were taken during kneecap replacement surgery. The 47-year old female patient presented an advanced case of osteoarthritis in the patellofemoral joint. You can see where her cartilage has worn away on both the femoral trochlea and patella (kneecap). This patient was an ideal candidate for patellofemoral arthroplasty Dr. Raj Kanna is known for making the impossible possible, with respect to knee surgery, using modern technology and is one of the very few eminent surgeons in Asia, who performs knee replacement surgery using computer navigation technology The surgery involves removing a small thickness of the damaged bone from the front of the femur (thigh bone) and the back of the patella (kneecap). The Patello Femoral replacement fits inside the space and is fixed to the bone with cement If you are suffering with severe knee pain and surgery is the recommended solution, you may need some type of knee replacement.. Or your doctor may recommend arthroscopic surgery to correct chondromalacia of the patella, an ACL tear, or a meniscus tear.. Learning more about the types of knee surgery will help you understand why the specialist recommends it, what the procedure involves, and the. Grade 4 - Grade 4 chondromalacia indicates that there is complete loss of cartilage with exposed subchondral bone. Grade 4 changes can be focal (involve a small area of cartilage), or it can be diffuse where it affects a large surface area. It can also be monopolar (involve one side of the joint) or bipolar (involves both sides of the joint)

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  1. The question is too general. However, I will try to answer it briefly. 1. Knee pain is a common complaint of sportsmen. There is a separate brach called sports medicine and there are specialists who specialise in treating sportsmen. If a sportsman..
  2. Management of End-Stage Patellofemoral Post-Traumatic Chondromalacia with Fresh Osteochondral Allograft. A 40-year-old with a history of recurrent patellar dislocation resulting in post-traumatic patellofemoral chondromalacia has persistent anterior knee pain and swelling 2 years after patellofemoral chondroplasty and synovectomy
  3. e surgical and non-surgical options for the patient with recurrent patellar instability or chronic kneecap dislocation

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Chondromalacia patella is a condition that refers to the deterioration and softening of the cartilage on the underside of the kneecap (patella). Physical therapy can be very beneficial in treating Chondromalacia patella and correcting the balance of the muscles surrounding the knee area, easing any stress being placed on the knee Nonsurgical treatment of patella fracture - Immobilization of the leg with plaster casts helps heal a non-displaced or minimally displaced fracture within 6-8 weeks. Surgical treatment of patella.

Surgical treatment of patella dislocationMEdial tightening of the MPFL (Insall surgery)Reconstruction of the medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL)Medialization of the tibial tuberosity (Blauth surgery)Reshaping of the patella gliding groove (Trochleoplastie)Osteotomy If there are no significant malaligments of the knee cap (patella deformity) the knee cap can be stabilized b I had knee surgery at 20 for a meniscus tear and the doctor told me I also have chondromalacia patella and he scraped the back of my kneecap to help. Twenty years later and after two more surgeries for more meniscus tears I still need cortisone shot every three months without any relief Chondromalacia of the Patella. Chondromalacia of the patella is a painful outcome of some abnormal mechanical problem with patella (kneecap) tracking. Diagnosis. This diagnosis has come to be defined as any condition which creates a painful kneecap Today, we're going to talk about Orthopaedics beyond the implant surgery. Here is one of the cases of comminuted fracture of patella, with partial bone loss. Patellectomy was performed. All that was needed was cerclage wire, of course with excellent surgical skillset Follow Edwards Mill Rd to your destination. Use any lane to turn left onto Edwards Mill Rd and then turn right. Turn right again and QC Kinetix (Raleigh) will be on your right. We are open Mon - Thurs. 8 am to 6 pm; Fri-Sun. 8 am to 4 pm. For additional questions, you can call us at (919) 400-5473

Neoprene Knee Support with Stabilized Patella is a low profile support designed to manage conditions pertaining to the patella region covering chondromalacia patella, meniscal tears and patella maltracking. The knee support can also be used following mild sprains by offering compression to help manage any inflammation experienced Patellofemoral Surgery. Patellofemoral symptoms of pain, swelling and giving way are extremely common. They can result from a number of problems affecting the muscles, ligaments, joint lining and cartilage surface. Patellofemoral pain and swelling requires expert investigation and diagnosis to avoid inappropriate treatment

Chondromalacia can be caused by overuse or injury to the articular cartilage of the knee joint. This results in softening of the articular cartilage. It most commonly occurs underneath the patella (knee cap) where the patella rubs with the end of the thigh bone (femur). As the cartilage softens, it wears away more easily during joint movements Patello-femoral knee replacement surgery is generally safe and depending on the condition of your knee prior to surgery, a good result can be expected in approximately 95% of cases. However, in order to make an informed decision and give your consent, you need to be aware of the possible side-effects and the risk of complications of this procedure

Chondromalacia patellae, also known as runner's knee , is a condition where the cartilage on the undersurface of the patella (kneecap) deteriorates and softens. This condition is common. promising results.6,8,9 Surgery continues to be the last form of treatment and is only utilized after conservative treatments have failed.9 One study, with a seven year follow up, found that surgical intervention was a viable solution after conservative treatment failed; surgery corrected and alleviated symptoms associated with patellar tendinosis Welcome to the Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Centers website. We are a collection of three different surgery centers in the San Antonio, Texas, area that specialize in providing outpatient same-day surgery services for patients. We our proud to serve the residents of San Antonio, Bexar County and the surrounding communities in our area Chondromalacia patella is a common knee condition where there is softening and damage to the cartilage on the back of the patella (kneecap). Chondromalacia causes front knee pain, swelling and clicking/grinding noises when moving the knee. It tends to affect young, healthy and often sporty people, most commonly affecting adolescents and young adults

cartilage, chondromalacia, patella, MRI, T2 mapping, proton density fat suppression, arthroscopic surgery Patellofemoral pain is a complaint frequently evaluated by orthopaedic sports medicine physicians. 22 The appropriate treatment method is based on the cause of the pain Chondromalacia is the softening of the cartilage underneath the patella. Cartilage, a smooth surface on the patella, allows the patella to slide over the femur seamlessly. Common causes for injuries to this piece of cartilage include: Breakdown of the cartilage due to joint degeneration or arthritis Chondromalacia Patella/Tendonitis is very common in young athletes, and particularly girls. It is the wearing away or softening of the cartilage behind the knee cap. There are several theories on why this takes place: 1.When growing fast, bones change shape or length, and the muscles and tendons sometimes don't do so quite as quickly The patellar cartilage was graded, using the Outerbridge classification, 31 by the senior author (SB) as Class I if the articular surface appeared normal , Class II if the patellar cartilage was abnormal or fibrillated , Class III if there was chondromalacia and as much as 25% bone exposure , and Class IV if greater than 25% of the bone was.

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-surgery only used for severe cases when associated with ACL injuries -results in chondromalacia patella. chondromalacia patella-wearing away of cartilage behind patella -PRICES-protection is very important-risk of infection is high-injection of corticosteroid Chondromalacia patella is abnormal softening of the cartilage of the under the knee cap (patella) characterized by knee pain. bursitis : It is inflammatory condition of bursa characterized by pain and swelling. Collateral ligament tears/sprains : These ligaments supply stability to your knee for side to side movement and even during normal walking The most common clinical criteria used to diagnose chondromalacia patella are anterior knee pain with crepitus when flexing and extending the knee, buckling, locking, stiffness and pain with prolonged sitting (Movie Sign), swelling and tenderness. 14 The following orthopaedic tests are found to be the most consistently positive in eliciting the. The patellar tendon attaches to the tibial tubercle on the front of the tibia (shin bone) just below the front of the knee. It also is attached to the bottom of the patella (kneecap). At the top of the patella, the quadriceps tendon is attached. At the tope of the quadriceps tendon is the quadriceps muscle MRI remains the investigation of choice for chondromalacia and osteochondral pathology. In advanced cases, however, ultrasound can detect cartilage loss or thinning (Fig. 9.16) on the anterior surface of the patella and/or femur (6, 19). Irregularity of the surface, fissuring and rarely defects in the cartilage can be seen

AVIDDA Knee Brace for Meniscus Tear Arthritis Pain Open Patella Stabilizers Non Slip 9.8 9.3 9.9 2: Vive Knee Ice Pack Wrap - Cold/Hot Gel Compression Brace - Heat Support 9.4 8. This is the major point to identify knee replacement surgery cost in India. Since there is an availability of different knee replacement surgeries and all of them have a variation in the costs. Let's know about the most common knee replacement surgeries along with their expected costs. Partial Knee Replacement Surgery - 1,00,000-2,40,000 IN

Primary Knee. Tibial Tray + Insert. Tibial: Metallic Insert: Polyethylene or crosslinked. polyethylene or high crosslinked polyethylene or any other material. ₹26,546. ₹27,873. Ceiling Prices on Revision Knee Implant. Ortho Knee Implant. Component What is the cost of total knee replacement (tkr) surgery in India? Total Knee Replacement Cost has been reduced considerably compared to earlier years. Now the Total knee replacement(tkr) Surgery Cost ranges between 1.9 lakh to 2.5 lakh. Thus now more people can afford the treatment with better facility Affordable Oxinium Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Chennai India 27, 1st avenue, Besant Nagar, TAMIL NADU 600090 India, 600090 Chennai, India. Package Price : $9000. Treatment :Orthopedic/Knee Surgery. By : Dr. A. K. Venkatachalam MJRC Clinic. Location : 27, 1st avenue, Besant Nagar, TAMIL NADU 600090 India Chennai, India 60009 Drugs/medication for chronic chondromalacia Download Here Free HealthCareMagic App to Ask a Doctor All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice

Arthroscopic chondroplasty is commonly performed during knee arthroscopy. It is utilized for treating incidentally-foundchondral lesions during surgery. It can also be utilized for small areas of superficial cartilage damage in patients that experience joint pain, suffer from arthritis and have associated mechanical symptoms Sometimes people put more emphasis on femur than they do on out. Overall it is important to not leave out patella which plays a significant role in Left Knee Surgery. In fact, patella is usually the most common aspect of an illustration showing Left Knee Surgery, along with knee, chondromalacia, smoothed, out, rongeur and femur Cartilage defects of the knee are commonly seen during routine arthroscopy [].A review of 31,516 knee arthroscopies reported a 63% prevalence of chondral lesions, with the patella being the most common location [10, 15].A topographic study of 105 patients with anterior knee pain documented that the most frequent site of cartilage lesion (72%) is a roughly elliptical area with the major. Arthroscopy Surgery in India, Arthroscopy Surgery cost in India, arthroscopy joint replacement surgery in India, Best arthroscopy surgery hospitals in India +91 9823 2260 11; known as chondromalacia. Inflammation of the synovial membrane, such as rheumatoid or gouty (crystalline arthropathy) arthritis Knee Replacement Surgery Cost Comparisons: Other Countries (USA, UK, Thailand, & Singapore) VS India. India is the most preferable destination for patients who are looking for low cost knee replacement surgery.The cost of the knee Replacement Surgery in India is typically a fraction of the cost for the same procedure and care in the US and other developed countries

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  1. imally invasive total knee replacement, which uses reduced incision lengths and/or avoids the need to disturb the quadriceps tendon. However, the key technological advancement that.
  2. The conservative approach to chondromalacia patella focuses on physical therapy and activity modification. Simple measures such as icing, using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and reducing or modifying the activity that aggravates.
  3. India Surgery Arthroscopy Surgery,Cost Arthroscopy Surgery,India Arthroscopy Surgery Surgeons,India Arthroscopy Surgery Hospitals India Mumbai Delhi. (femur), the upper end of the shin bone (tibia), and the knee cap (patella), which slides in a groove on the end of the femur. known as chondromalacia. Inflammation of the synovial.
  4. SISA brings in advance shoulder surgery techniques to Hyderabad. Our Bureau, Hyderabad. Thursday, March 21, 2013, 08:00 Hrs [IST] Hyderabad based Sai Institute of Sports Injury & Arthroscopy (SISA) has brought in some of the advanced shoulder surgery techniques to Andhra Pradesh which may give a big relief to patients suffering from painful shoulder joint related problems in the state
  5. Hondromalacia Patella. The patella or kneecap normally glides up and down in the groove in the front of the lower end of the knee. When there is a problem with the alignment or when the knee is overused, there can be wear and tear of the cartilage behind the patella. This is called Chondromalacia patella (chondro=cartilage; malacia=softening).
  6. months prior to surgery shows the presence of an osteochondral lesion or loose body. Chondromalacia patellae (patellar compression syndrome) Knee arthroscopy may be considered medically necessary for a lateral retinacular release for patellar compression syndrome (chondromalacia patellae) when ONE of the following is present
  7. surgery consisting of a knee arthroscopy. Employer/insurer approved Dr. Leslie's recommendation and on May 19, 2014, employee underwent an arthroscopic chondroplasty of her patellofemoral joint and resection of her patella. During this surgery Dr. Leslie confirmed his earlier finding of grade three chondromalacia of the patellofemoral joint

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  1. Next, turn right onto Woodlark Ln and turn left onto S Sharon Amity Rd and turn right. Turn right again and QC Kinetix (Charlotte) will be on your right. We are open Mon - Thurs. 8 am to 6 pm; Fri-Sun. 8 am to 4 pm. For additional questions, you can call us at (704) 360-3057 or you can find us on Yelp
  2. Arthroscopic chondroplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure. The recovery time for this procedure is much faster than traditional open knee surgery, because it is done using arthroscopy. Most patients need crutches or other assistance after completion of this procedure. Crutches are important to help regain a proper range of motion and.
  3. The patellar tendon graft is tightly secured at the time of the surgery. The knee is stable enough to begin motion and weight-bearing as tolerated, as per the surgeon's instructions. As healing occurs, the bone tunnels fill in to further secure the tendon ends of the graft in a bone-to-bone relationship
  4. Kneecap Repair or Revision: A kneecap repair surgery (to treat a fracture or displaced patella) can cost $15,000 or more. Lateral Release Knee Surgery: This surgery removes tissue outer knee tissue to improve patellar tracking. Meniscectomy: An arthroscopic partial meniscectomy treats a torn meniscus. Your surgeon will use a small camera and.

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  1. The patella further attaches to the tibia through a tendon called the patella tendon. The quadriceps muscle, quadriceps tendon and patellar tendon all work together to straighten the knee. Similarly, the hamstring muscles at the back of the leg are attached to the knee joint with the hamstring tendon
  2. The patient had undergone knee ligament reconstruction surgery seven years ago. He was diagnosed with chondromalacia patella and was undergoing treatment with medication and physiotherapy. However.
  3. Bump and pain in patellar tendon. Chondromalacia. Swelling and tenderness in kneecap. Torn Meniscus. Clicking sounds, locking, or knee pain under load. Torn ACL. A pop, followed by pain and swelling of the knee. Arthritis. Persistent knee pain, morning stiffness, reduced function
  4. al nerve root sleeve injection with corticosteroids, hyaluronidase, and local anesthetic in the failed back surgery syndrome
  5. Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), also known as runner's knee, is the most common of all kinds of knee pain, causing pain around and under the kneecap.Almost anyone can get it, but it particularly affects runners, cyclists and hikers, and also office workers or anyone else who sits for a living. It's also common in teens
  6. Patellofemoral replacement is a type of partial knee replacement in which only a portion of the knee is resurfaced. It is an alternative to total knee replacement for patients whose damaged bone and cartilage is limited to the underside of the patella (kneecap)

Evaluation of chondromalacia of the patella with axial inversion recovery-fast spin-echo imaging 1 January 2001 | Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Vol. 13, No. 3 Bilaminar pattern of tibial condyle cartilage layer on the fat-suppressed 3D gradient echo images: artifact or structural and biochemical difference in composition of cartilage Patellar fracture repair is surgery that is done to repair a fractured (broken) and displaced patella. The patella (kneecap) is a thick, triangular bone that protects the front of the knee joint. When a kneecap is displaced, pieces of bone have moved out of place. A car accident, sports injury, or a hard fall on your knee may cause a patellar. How to Choose Affordable Medical Treatment Packages in India. India has become one of the most preferred destinations for medical tourism in the past few years. From knee and hip replacement to cancer treatment and cardiology, a wide range of medical services and treatments are available at an affordable rate with world-class facilities Dr. Jonathan Glashow, MD. NYC Orthopedic Surgeon / Sports Medicine Surgery. 737 Park Ave. # 1A. New York, NY 10021. (212) 794-5096. Please note: A doctor's referral is NOT necessary from a General Practitioner or another specialist to see any of the NYC Orthopedic Surgeons / Sports Medicine Specialists for a consultation, 2nd opinion, or for. Chondromalacia Patella. Chondromalacia patella is a common condition characterized by softening, weakening and damage of the cartilage. The condition is most often seen among young athletes and older adults who have arthritis of the knee. It is especially seen in women. Patient Info; Jumper's Kne