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Benjamin Moore Wall Paint. We used Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace for the entire interior walls of both our new remodel home and our beach cottage. I love the crisp, bright, neutral white. They also make one of my favorite blues, Hale Navy, which is what we used to paint the front door and storage cabinets at our beach house Best Paint Matches: Sherwin Williams Extra White (SW 7006) OR Behr Arcade White (GR-W8) Chantilly Lace (BM OC-65) Chantilly Lace is the cleanest white color in the universe because It has no warm or cool undertones. This clean white is great for walls, but also makes the perfect trim or ceiling color. You need lots of light to make this color work Chantilly Lace has an LRV of 92.2, which puts it WELLLLL into the white range. While it isn't THE most 'white' white paint colour, it's close (learn more about LRV HERE ). Sherwin Williams High Reflective White has a slightly higher LRV, but a very similar approach. Behr Ultra Pure White is THE most white white, with an LRV of 94 Chantilly Lace is the lightest white, and has a hint of gray. Simply White is a warmer white, with a hint of cream or beige. Dove Wing is the darkest of these three colors, and would look great with darker paint colors. Just make sure that your trim color is a contrast with your wall color and both compliment each other

How to compare Chantilly Lace paint to other Benjamin Moore whites . I place two paint chips side by side and look at them at different light and different times of the day. When you place two white paint color chips side by side you will notice a slight difference. For example, White Dove paint color will look warmer compared to Chantilly Lace Chantilly Lace is a very clean white paint color. As a color, it is bright, crisp and pure looking. Benjamin Moore's website compares it to textiles such linen or lace, because it is a white paint that is so unadulterated with any other colors (we'll talk more about that later). It has an LRV (light reflectance value) of 92, on a scale of 0.

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I refer to Chantilly Lace as a highly-regarded white because all of my favorite designers have referenced it as being one of their favorite bright, white paint colors. In fact, when selecting samples for my recently transformed Modern Farmhouse dining room, I basically just looked at what my favorite designers were hailing as the best crisp whites, and purchased samples based from their. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace pictured on hardwood floor next to similar colors from other paint brands. Paint colors, and color, in general, is complex. Just like a wine connoisseur can pick up that bottle of Pinot Noir and taste hints of apricot, a trained eye can detect a little bit of yellow or a tiny bit of blue in a shade of white paint

Trim: Chantilly Lace, semigloss, Benjamin Moore (Benjamin Moore) Neutral doesn't mean boring! I love a neutral paint color on walls to allow for art and furnishings to make the statements in. BM Chantilly Lace on Walls. Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace 2121-70 is a lovely cooler white that looks good in kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms. This fresh neutral white paint color is a fantastic choice for your home. See these gorgeous rooms below and to read more, click on the blue Read More button Architect Elizabeth Roberts used Chantilly Lace in this Williamsburg townhouse featured in A Whole-House Overhaul in Brooklyn with a High/Low Mix.Photograph courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts. 6. Nimbus from Benjamin Moore Above: NYC interior designer Bella Mancini named Benjamin Moore's Nimbus to the greatest-hits list. We use it again and again and again, she says, We pick it without. Other white paints also pair well with it, the best ones in my opinion being: Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9; Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65; Benjamin Moore China White OC-152; Benjamin Moore Simply White Vs. White Dove. Neither Simply White nor White Dove are stark whites

Chantilly Lace is just a hint softer than Decorator's White and works well across all styles and rooms. It's a slightly warmer white, but it still reads clean and crisp, so it avoids looking dated. We love using Chantilly Lace not only on walls and trim, but also cabinetry. 3. Benjamin Moore Abalon Paint is always something people struggle with, especially when it concerns cabinetry and millwork, because it's such an important decision and one that can't be fixed super easily. This guide is in my new book (along with best Neutrals and Kids Room palettes, too!) but it's hard to see in print so I thought I'd republish here. As you can see, the White Dove is creamier than the Chantilly Lace. Chantilly Lace is what I like to refer to as one of the rare 'true whites'. White Dove shown here with Chantilly Lace. Both are Benjamin Moore paint colours. If you prefer a white that is less stark than Chantilly Lace, but more creamy than White Dove, Benjamin Moore's. No. 2: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace Benjamin Moores' Chantilly Lace, was named after the crisp, clean white lace you may have inherited from your grandmother. Some say if you hold this color up to any other shade of white, you can identify the undertones of that shade. In other words, this shade of white is pretty pure

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray Paint Color Schemes. Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore is the perfect medium toned gray paint color. A great neutral gray that contains very little undertone which makes it go with many other paint colors giving you lots of choice in color when it comes to decorating So, that leaves about eight other possibilities for white wall and trim color if you only use one trim color in every room in the house. All colors by Benjamin Moore (not an affiliate link, but it should be!) Chantilly Lace - OC - 65. Cotton Balls - OC-122. Mountain Peak White - OC- 118 Best trim and Ceiling Colors. Clean whites such as Chantilly Lace (BM OC-65) Oxford White (BM 869) and Extra White (SW 7006) look clean and crisp with Classic Gray. Off-whites such as Simply White (BM OC-117) and Cloud White (OC-130) also look lovely with with this color. Stay away from darker off-whites such as White Dove or cream colors such as Swiss Coffee because there won't be enough. Shiplap is a great way to make a bold statement in your home. It adds character and can be easily personalized with the right paint color. Whether it's faux or real, the way to paint it is the same. Learn how to paint shiplap and find out what paint colors will work the best. Today I want to talk about how to paint shiplap

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That is an age-old question and I think we can all agree that choosing paint colors can be a royal pain in the booty. Truly. I just put 14 samples on my bedroom wall. I speak from experience. So I thought it would be fun to start a series called, Talking About Paint, in which I feature a certain color and how it might be able to work for you Best Whites for Ceilings, Doors and Trim to pair with it Fabulous Colour Combinations After you watch the video, if you would like all this information conveniently laid out for you in one place and have even more paint colour combinations to use with Gray Owl, take a look at my new Essential Colour Guide It's torture trying to decide on which white is best. We finally went with BM- Chantilly Lace. Which has zero yellow in it. Our house has Batton Board & brick. 90 % happy, if I had to do over, I'd go with SW, Snowbound, which would be slightly softer. April 22, 2020 at 3:17 p If you only know one thing about white paint, it should be that they are not all the same. With the rising popular of white homes, the number of choices has become overwhelming, and it's impossible to tell what something really looks like from a swatch. So we've put together the best list to get your started: eight po

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  1. Typically, cool-toned furniture and décor pair best with cool whites, and the same goes for warm-toned pieces and accents, says Woelfel. There can be some mixing of tones, but larger furniture items like sofas or significant focal points should share undertones with your paint color
  2. Chantilly Lace pairs well with cool grays and navy paint colors. That said, it typically does fine with beiges and tans, as well. A few BM colors that look nice with Chantilly Lace: Stonington Gray (order a sample) Hale Navy (order a sample) Gray Owl (order a sample) Romantic Pink (order a sample) Lake Placid (order a sample
  3. The key to selecting paint colors to pair with dark wood trim is the following: go really light and bright or really dark and moody. Do not pick paint colors with lots of yellow or orange under tones as it will make the trim look dirty and dingy. Equally muddy colors will do the same thing. Stick to clean whites or creamy whites
  4. Whether black is the right choice is based more on the surrounding decor and the aesthetics of the rest of the home. If I'm ever choosing to do black in an area it's because I looked around at the rest of the space and it made sense. Black has to fit. It needs to look cool and be a great twist. What Is The Best Black Paint For Kitchen Cabinets
  5. The Beauty of the Black Living Room Black walls can look great in any room. Often the rooms that are most successful have a balance between light and dark, where black walls are paired with a light floor color or furniture is upholstered in neutrals and white. Black paint has an interesting effect on the walls of a room because the corners and shadows are obscured more than if a mid-tone or.
  6. Moore Chantilly Lace, Caesarstone black quartz countertops, Restoration Hardware Benson Pendant, coffee stained kitchen island with Statuario Marble Countertop, small round sink in kitchen island and marble subway tiles backsplash
  7. ed that her white blinds were very close to OC-65 Chantilly Lace. However, if we chose OC-38 Acadia white for her trim, it would definitely look like she had ordered the wrong blinds. If you have glazed cabinets you basically have a beige cabinet, not a cream or white one. It's.

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Trim: Chantilly Lace, semigloss, Benjamin Moore (Benjamin Moore) Neutral doesn't mean boring! I love a neutral paint color on walls to allow for art and furnishings to make the statements in. Image of Chantilly Lace Paint For Kitchen Cabinets Stunning The 3 Best White Paint Colours For Cabinets: Benjamin Moore Image photo source from www.kylieminteriors.ca. You can change doorways and drawers easily, but if you have structural problems, then the cabinets are usually not a very good guess for refinishing or much of anything else White Paint Colors And What Most People Don't Realize. Oh, I hope that you can help, oh paint guru. Because, in my quest for the best white paint color, I feel like I'm sorely missing the mark. However, you need to know that I followed to the letter everything you've said to do on your blog and in your Laurel Home Essential paint Collection

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  1. Moore's known truest white, OC-65 Chantilly Lace. This has become a fast growing popular colour choice for a pure, bright white. This shade of white can work for trims, doors, ceilings and on occasion the walls as well. The majority of its use is for millwork because it's a 'pure' white
  2. Moore Chantilly Lace OC 65. LRV 92.2 . Chantilly Lace is a lovely white that's one of the WHITEST white paint colours (it's only beat by two others!). It has no noticeable undertone, making it neither warm nor cool - which also means it's SUPER susceptible to responding to the colours in its environment
  3. The way I do this is to go to The Home Depot paint counter with the card or even just the paint color brand and name and have them mix it into the Behr Marquee paint. Back to the colors: the color palette you see above suites my coastal loving heart and home pretty nicely

Chantilly Lace. Paired next to other white paint colors on this list, Chantilly Lace looks like a much brighter, truer white. Lacking the creaminess you'll find in White Dove, Oyster White and other creamy whites on this list, go with Chantilly Lace if you're looking for a crisp, clean white. The LRV of Chantilly Lace is 92. 7. BENJAMIN MOORE CHANTILLY LACE (OC-65) Chantilly Lace is another true white that has a bit of a blue undertone, giving it a fresh clean look. This is more of a stark white, so it pairs well in a room that uses cool tones in the overall decor Chantilly Lace via Home Bunch Oxford white via Houzz. Decorator's White (Capilano flip) Having some white paint options in your back pocket is a great start but I know that's just the first step. My tips are: Test out the options firstalways. And make sure to look at the swatches at different times of the day Benjamin Moore White Heron - A beautiful off-white color without strong undertones. This is a versatile color for most homes! Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace - A crisp, clean white that works well on trim, cabinetry and walls. Sherwin-Williams Pure White - This is a very pure white without being too stark Consider Chantilly Lace in kitchens or dining rooms, and pair it with cool colors. a pure white that contains no pigments other than white. Thus, it looks great with either cool colors or warm colors. Pair it with bold colors, such as black or deep hunter green, to create a sophisticated, modern look. Or mix it with other light neutrals for.

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  1. BM Revere Pewter + BM Chantilly Lace (clean, neutral white, neither warm nor cool) BM Revere Pewter + BM Simply White (multi-purpose white) What's the best trim color with Revere Pewter? If you're looking for a white trim to pair with a Revere Pewter room, you can look to any of the white paints I mentioned above
  2. imizing the delineation between the walls, the ceilings, and the baseboards allows the room to appear larger and taller than it may actually.
  3. Tip- White trim looks best when it's a subtle crisp white contrast to the wall color but not so crisp and bright of a white that is a bright jarring white. TIP- To find the undertone of a white paint color, COMPARE it with Ben Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65, which is a clean white and you will be able to see the undertone color right away, either.

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Chantilly Lace Paint Living Whether you want to keep your room decor in neutral colors like steel grey black and white or want play with color and patterns in your rugs and furniture Chantilly Lace is the perfect accent to any style choice for your living room. My Review Of Benjamin Moore S Chantilly Lace Best White Paint Colors Best. Best Navy Blue: Sherwin-Williams Salty Dog. The Spruce. Navy is a classic paint color for kitchen cabinets that will never go out of style, and it works great with warm-toned metals, such as brass and copper, says Rebecca Langman, an interior designer and owner of Revision Custom Home Design After all, if you have selected light hardwood in the first place, chances are you're looking to create a light, friendly tone for the room, and so you'll want paint colors to match. If you like off-white colors such as lily white, Chantilly lace, eggshell, cream, and similar colors, this is the type of hardwood with which to match them I tried Chantilly Lace on my walls (way too cool-toned in my living room that gets a tone of green in it from the surrounding trees), but didn't know about Cotton Balls. Thank you! Trying to figure out the best white to paint the main living areas in our new (to us) 1920 craftsmanhoping to find a perfect white/neutral that works well. Today I'm sharing the best exterior white paint colors! Last year, I shared some white houses with black window trim inspiration. Although our window trim will be more of a bronze color (we're leaving the existing color), the post helped guide me to figure out the overall look I wanted

Here's everything you need to know about this paint color, and how it looks in different spots. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray is one of my favorite off-white paint colors. You all know that I have a love for all kinds of paint, but this stunning pale gray with warm undertones is a top contender A French Chantilly Black Lace on a delicate ground with a single scalloped edge, that measures 91 cm (36) wide. The motif is a floral Bouquet, which features elegant chantilly shading at its very best. From the border of the lace, a magnificent floral and foliage decoration rises 56 cm (22) Best All Over White: Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008. We had to start with Alabaster because it is easily one of our favorites! Alabaster reads as a crisp, true white with just the smallest hint of warmth. Warmth is an element you may want to look for in your white paint because it keeps the color from looking too sterile Neutral paint colors like Stonington work well with a lot of other colors. But what colors coordinate best with this gray beauty? As you can see in the example picture above Stonington is complemented by BM Horizon and BM Boothbay Gray. These 2 colors are also cool-toned and on the lighter side. For a darker color to pair with Stonington Gray try

Chantilly Lace is great for cabinets and walls. Sherwin Williams Extra White. Extra white is a great paint color for walls and the best white paint for trim if you want the whitest white you can find. SW 7006 Extra White is such an all-around excellent paint color until you can use it on furniture, cabinets, trim and the list goes on BENJAMIN MOORE CHANTILLY LACE. Definitely one of the top 8 Benjamin Moore white colors is Chantilly Lace. It's a crisp cool white that works really well in rooms with good natural light and other light toned woods and fixtures. This white looks clean when paired with light oak and goal accents

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BM Swiss Coffee is not a pure white. It is a soft, warm white paint color. It works well with creamy, golden tones and beige. These colors enhance this creamy white paint color. However, beware when pairing cool tones with Swiss Coffee it may bring out the yellow undertones too much, making it look much more yellow Chantilly Lace is the cleanest white color in the universe because It has no warm or cool undertones. This clean white is great for walls, but also makes the perfect trim or ceiling color. You need lots of light to make this color work Pairs Well With. This is a beautiful warm white that can be paired with a wide variety of colors, from deep greens and blues like Hale Navy; It works well with warmer beige and greige tones a slightly deeper neutral like Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.; If you're using Benjamin Moore Simply White for Painting Trim White, consider pairing it with Soft Chamois wall paint for a slight, but. Sherwin Williams - Dovetail 7018. Need help choosing the right neutral or colour? My How to Choose Paint Colours: It's all in the Undertones ebook takes the hundreds of choices down to 9 neutral undertones along with list of all my other go-to best grays, broken down into 3 undertones, green, blue and purple.The beige undertones of pink, yellow, green, gold, orange and taupe along with the.

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Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Best Classic Kitchen Paint Color: Gray. John Keeble/Getty Images. Cini likes to pair it with Sherwin-Williams Serious Gray, a classic color combo that is again having a moment, named by Pantone as one of its Colors of the Year for 2021. And, she says, depending on the room's décor, it can look happy. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Back today with another paint color post. So happy to know how popular these wall paint reviews have become!. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace is another popular shade of white paint color we love around here.. As you can see from our guest bedroom, above - this is such a pretty wall paint color A Reader Room Paint Color Update: Chantilly Lace. To be honest, it's really hard to tell from these photos the difference between the before and after, but that's because of the lighting and the subtle paint colour adopted by Anna, who wrote in to thank all of you who helped her make her paint choice after asking the Apartment Therapy. Amusingly, thunder is a color in the Benjamin Moore Affinity paint collection AF-685. And indeed, Thunder turned out to be the perfect color for this living room. The homeowners hired me for a paint color consultation after their many sample paints did not work. It is a traditional old house, with a beautiful collection of modern colorful art

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Twenty of the best paint colors for the whole house that designers swear by. These should be at the top of your list of colors to sample The Best Duvet Covers to Spruce Up Your Bed. 5 I like to pair that with a light gray paint color—like Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray—to pull that color onto the walls. It's a crisp way of keeping things neutral but tying it all together. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful white that I use If you're following our remodel, you know we've done a LOT to the house.As part of the project, we're painting literally every room in the house - ceilings, trim, doors, walls. I'm going for a super-neutral-yet-inviting Modern Farmhouse color scheme, so I was on the hunt for the perfect gray and/or white paint to make the perfect soft neutral walls

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1 Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. Interior designer and founder of Mavens of Design Lucy Loneragan calls this shade of white the freshest and cleanest white.. She uses this color in many of the bathrooms she designs. To buy: From $43; benjaminmoore.com Chantilly Lace is a cool white, which will go well with your blue couch, but it will also go well with your brown dining table and cream chairs. Simply White has more of a warm yellow tone and if you want everything to coordinate well together, I think Chantilly Lace is your best option What's LRV? Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is a scale from 0-100 that measures how much or how little light a paint color will reflect when illuminated by a light source. 0 is black and absorbs light and 100 is white with the maximum reflection.. Simply put, with a neutral you want that number somewhere in the middle, taking into consideration the amount of natural light in your space 9. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore (OC-65) Chantilly Lace - LRV: 92.2 (LRV, or Light Reflectance Value is a scale commonly used by design professionals where 0 = absolute black and 100 is pure white.

The same Chantilly Lace white was used on the trim work throughout the room. Since the beds are built into the room it's a smart choice. When you have an element like this that's permanent you can highlight that by matching the paint color to some other permanent elements 7. Black Ink - 2127-20. Here is your bold pop of color! Black Ink adds so much drama to any space, perfect for accent walls or as a contrast against other light colors. This black, charcoal color only has a very slight blue/green undertone, which makes it the perfect dark neutral to pair with many other colors

What Is The Best White Paint To Use On Kitchen Cabinets? Cabinet Paint: Chantilly Lace (OC-65) by Benjamin Moore Floors: Plain Sawn White Oak with White Wash Finish in Herringbone Pattern My favorite thing to pair with white paint is beautiful wood. Any wood. Dark and light stains alike tend to sing next to a white kitchen cabinet The Best White Paint Color. Simply White by Benjamin Moore is hands down my favourite go-to white paint. When my house was getting renovated, I did lots of research on some of the most popular white paints out there and bought a bunch of samples The best contrasting trim colors for white walls. Black Satin: Contrasting black trim can make for a dramatic look against white walls. Black Satin is a great choice if you want to go this route. via. Kendall Charcoal: Not going to lie, I'm a little obsessed with the look of this rich gray against these white walls Salamander (2050-10) Source: Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore Salamander 2050-10 is a favorite of interior decorators seeking to add depth and space to family rooms. It combines green, blue, and brown tones in a dark paint color that goes well with gold trim. This is a paint color for a sleek look, so it pairs well with minimalist décor

My Review of Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace - Best White

Whether you are looking for that perfect white interior paint color for your walls or trim, Benjamin Moore has the answer. But the endless number of white hues can truly be overwhelming so today we are showcasing three great white paint colors that will surely be the answer to your call. White is a timeless, class The most universal paint color I've used is Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. I find myself going back to it again and again in order to create a bright white space that is warm and welcoming rather than sterile and cold. In a sea of whites, this is my tried and true. -Nicole Davis. 13. Slipper Satin; Farrow & Bal

Sounds like your kitchen is going to be gorgeous, Donna. I actually have Chantilly Lace on the walls in my kitchen and love it. It is more of a crisp, bright white but still has a certain warmth about it. However compared to Swiss Coffee, it would probably look more like a white-white. I actually have a detailed review of this color on my blog and then we changed them to CHANTILLY LACE! CHANTILLY LACE CHANTILLY LACE. WHEN CHOOSING A WHITE we found - AS YOU KNOW.THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.. WHAT IT WILL BOILED DOWN TO IS CHOOSING. THE RIGHT WHITE WITH THE RIGHT UNDERTONE WHITES HAVE EITHER A WARM OR A COOL UNDERTONE. Cotton Balls has a pale pale pale yellow.

It turns out that thousands of DIYers love Behr paint for its quality and affordability. So, I've expanded my recommendations for Behr white paint colors in two posts: interior and exterior paint colors. Keep reading for the interior white paint colors! >> Click here for 12 white exterior Behr paint colors. I've included photos o Benjamin Moore Gray Owl via HomeBunch. Gray Owl (2137-60 or OC-52 - same color, 2 different collections!) has been a very popular gray paint color for the past half decade, alongside Benjamin Moore's other popular gray, Stonington Gray. If you are looking for a gray paint color that adds some brightness, but is certainly still a gray, then this may be the paint color you're looking for

Chantilly Lace Benjamin Moore Paint - The Heathered Nes

1. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Chantilly Lace is a crisp, bright white and the beauty of this color is that it can bring in both warm and cool tones. This is the white we used for our cabinets and the color that was on my office walls for less than 24 hours. This is by far, my favorite white, simply because it's the truest white I've. The very last room we have left to reveal from the Evergreen project house is the mudroom! If you remember from other posts about this flip house, we completely changed the floor plan of the back half of the house. When we added this mudroom/laundry room, we also added a back door (and a Dutch door at that!) and a whole porch to the back of the house. . You can see the house in it's very. It also really goes to work in those darker spaces with little to no natural light because the paint color itself simply radiates. Bonus, this is an eco-friendly zero VOC paint for the environmentally conscious! — Meridith Baer Buy Now. 17) Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-6 25 of the Best White Paint Color Options for Family Rooms; 25 of the Best White Paint Color Options for Family Rooms Chantilly Lace (OC-65) color is a great one for a family room with a more traditional or modern style as it will offer a clean look that will pair well with brighter colors to give the room more flavor and pizazz. 1 Living Room: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. Interior designer Anne Hepfer loves Chantilly Lace. This is one of my favorite shades of white because it is just white enough without being too stark. It is crisp yet soft with warm tones.. To buy: From $43; benjaminmoore.com

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