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The drop tine buck has become the most sought after of all trophy whitetail bucks. Several factors cause these antlers and mis-placed tines on the racks of deer A Drop-Tine Buck For A Droptine Diva. As a member of this most unusual group of Wisconsin whitetail hunters, Tara Seiler had a most unusual encounter with the buck of a lifetime last season in early September. With every whitetail buck harvested, there is a story to be told. Each hunter's history is different, and each hunter's story is unique Drop tine - This phrase describes a tine that is growing at a downward angle. Kicker point - An abnormal tine that grows from the burr, near the pedicle. Why Do Deer Grow Antlers? There are some discrepancies regarding the purpose of antlers Drop tines are notoriously brittle and odds were probably good the buck would have snapped a few of those off once the rut came around and the fighting with rivals started. There is an important lesson here on the importance of another year for some whitetails too No list about drop tine bucks can leave off this monster found dead in Ohio in 1940. This buck is probably the best-known, non-typical whitetail ever, and boasts some incredibly heavy drop tines including one with the trademark hole that gives the deer its name

Well, for the most part, we know that most drop tines are caused by genetic coding. Sure, bucks can grow weird antlers because of prior injuries, which could have been the case with the buck in this photo (note how close it is to the pedicle), but most true drop tines are the result of a whitetail buck's genes Year of the Drop-Tine Buck? Steve sent this picture with the message: Mike, I know how you like drop tines . A friend of Steve's killed the farmland deer in Michigan, northern Macomb County, about 20 years ago. Could it be an omen that the dream buck shows up here on Big Deer after all these years? The obsession to shoot a drop took me. In case you've never encountered the phrase, a drop tine buck is one whose antlers have produced an irregular and often downward sloping tine (that's tine like the pointy ends of a fork). Most of the the drop tines result from genetics, but they can also be the result of an injury near the antler's root, though that is typically apparent Drop tines are not always a genetic thing so waiting till next year does not mean he will have them again. They can be formed by a scrape on the velvet while the deer is growing antlers. Often double drops can be formed by a buck going under a fence and scraping the bottom of his horns on the ground. Thats what i have always heard at least

Instead, the drop-tined buck walked back across the field while the 8-pointer pushed the does deeper into the woods. That was the second time the buck saved himself by walking away from does, but I guess that's why some live long enough to get really big. I was back in the stand the next morning, and the drop-tined buck was right on schedule Monster Double Drop-Tine Buck: The Pursuit Of A Once-In-A-Lifetime Deer. 2017 was an even shorter story. Cameras were out, and Double Drop never showed up on any of them. Again, just as the year prior, his day-to-day pattern was erratic enough that even with all of the 2016 sightings, no one could track him down consistently. It still amazes me. RE: Where do drop tines come from? Obviously damage to a bucks velvet rack can indeed result in a droptine, however when this occurs the antler/s are usually very nontypical and really loose most symetry. The true droptines are indeed genetic and will be carried from year to year by the individual buck

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This is a buck in Missouri that we have been after for three years. You'll see him grow. Wish we could have got him two years ago with 4 drops It's one of the best deer hunts from our archives. Watch to see the hunt for the hit list buck Gumby. It's rifle season and Raleigh put the hammer down on.. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! @BOWMARBOWHUNTING & @BOWMAR_ARCHERYI was hunting this buck in southern Ohio. a 100% free ranging whitetail :) my biggest buck of my l..

The Drop Tine Buck had survived the heavy pressure of the 2010 Pennsylvania deer season and was alive and well. However, he did not grow a drop tine in 2011. He had two visible bumps on the undersides of his main beams but no measurable drop tine Whitetail bucks like Chuck's drop-tine monster may be notoriously unpredictable, but sound deer management is the exact opposite. The Hamstra farm is a perfect example of what can be accomplished, and there is every reason to believe the trend will continue in the years ahead Wild Hunt for Giant Kansas Drop Tine Buck Leads to Soggy Water Recovery YouTube: The Hunting Public. Posted by Travis Smola. February 7, 2021. This is one of the wildest hunts we've seen in a while. One of the things we love about hunting is just how unpredictable it can get. Even the best-laid plans don't always come to fruition the way we had. He'd watched the buck grow since it first appeared in 2015 as a mid-150s buck. In 2016, the buck exploded in size. On top of the larger antlers, the buck grew matching drop tines. After the season, Dwayne searched the farm for the buck's sheds. He found them both. Assuming spread, Dwayne figured the buck was about 190 inches Drop tines are mostly genetic, and, for the most part, they will come back year after year. In the case of more than one drop tine, the buck typically adds more junk to his rack in the form of other sticker points, etc., with age. However, that is not always the case with drop tines. In rare cases, a drop tine will disappear fo

Drop tine, Zwart yelled swinging his rifle into action, and dropping the buck with one shot a second later. Looking back at his wife he questioned, that was the drop-tine buck, wasn't it? DeEtta didn't get a good look, but when they walked over to the deer there lay the buck and this time he was down for good Mark Kenyon Kills the Drop Tine Buck: After an off-season full of hard work and a memorable October guiding his father to his first archery kill, it's finally time for Mark Kenyon to hunt the Back 40 himself. November is here and MeatEater contributor Tony Peterson is back in Michigan to join Mark for what should be an exciting rut hunt. So far the off-season improvements seem to be making a. Join Brothers of the Woods Outdoors Pro Staffer Gary Sheppard on his quest for The Drop Tine Buck. Gary started getting photos of The Drop Tine Buck in early summer and could not get him off his mind. Watch as Gary and The Drop Tine Buck have a showdown on the opening day of West Virginia's bow season November 2, 2010. Travis Vollmar, an Army National Guard combat engineer and Iraq War veteran, arrowed this amazing quadruple drop-tine buck inside the city limits of Columbus, Ohio, last week. At 4:30, a small buck exited the thicket where Jackie believed the big deer was bedding. A few seconds later, Jackie heard a pop in the thicket! Jackie looked back to study the thicket. When he turned around, the huge drop-tine buck was standing in front of him 12 yards away, eating leaves

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  1. Sizes: 750ml. ABV: 46%. Mash Bill: 74% Corn, 21% Rye, 5% Malted Barley. Every bottle of 12 Point reflects Droptine's unrivaled commitment to creating a spirit that is as rare and as special as a 12 Point Droptine Deer, reflected in our unflinching responsibility to put our Bourbon in the best American Oak barrels and to finish them in America.
  2. He was a decent buck last year and my cousin almost took him but some does got in the way of the shot and we didn't pursue him too much after that. He was a decent buck and the drop tine was enough to make him a shooter but I'm confident he is still around and has the potential to be really cool this year
  3. At Shuhart Creek Whitetails, we love to show off what's happening over here - check out this impressive drop tine buck! 815-483-8729 elkburian@sbcglobal.net Faceboo
  4. Shelby from North Dakota read one of my articles on drop-tine bucks, in which I wrote: it must shoot down from a main beam at least 6 inches—7 to 10 inches is better, for then it becomes what I have deemed the highly regarded drop club, a term which is finding its way more and more into the deer-hunting vernacular. Also, the thicker and more massive the tine or club the better. The.
  5. Double Drop Tine Buck. Well I think a few of you might remember this deer. These are a set of sheds that were found by a customer and his wife. I did the antler set to the trail cam pics of this deer yesterday and here is what they look like on the form! WOW! what a deer! I will try to get a finished pic of it when I am finished with him. scottb
  6. Here is a couple of pictures of a drop tine buck harvest with a compound bow this year in October. We are going to be mounting this in about a week. I will update with mounted pictures as soon as it is done. Also this buck was shot in Holmes County
  7. What are the chances of a buck with a drop tine one year that he will have a drop tine the next years. Do you think that it will just be on the same side but not with the same configuration or what? We had a buck last year with a down drop tine and this year we have one with the drop on the same side but facing upward

Drop Tine Buck Loses Drop Tines. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. C. CASINGHAWK · Banned. Joined Jan 18, 2010 · 106 Posts . Discussion Starter ·. G1 refers to the first point on an antler. This is typically the location of the brow tine (if the brow tine is missing, the G1 is missing). G2 is the next tine, then G3, and so on (see photo above). A normal 8-point buck would have a G1, G2, and G3. A normal 10-point buck would have a G1, G2, G3 and G4 Therefore, bucks that miss either both or one brow tine should be candidates for cull buck. The missing G-1 gene is a trait that can be passed on. Culling is a process you must do immediately once you spot a buck deer that lacks the brow tine. It is a mistake to let a buck that is around four years or older to keep spreading this gene Her Dauphin County buck scored 159-7/8 and is No. 43 in the category. Don't Edit. Don't Edit. Other new typical archery bucks in the 2018 book are Ronald Shaulis, of West Newton,.

By: Destroyer350. Date: 08-Apr-15. From what I have heard in the past is that most drop tines are from injuries - it usually happens on the opposite side of the injury. So say that the deer has an injury or a growth on the left side of his body he will sometimes have a drop tine on the right side In fact, Robbins rarely encountered the buck during his pursuits that year. In July, 2011, Robbins was able to locate the double drop-tine buck while scouting. Knowing where the buck was and what he was up against, Robbins scouted nearly every day thereafter, encountering the animal another 40 times before the start of the deer season Video: The Back 40 - Drop Tine Buck. By Kyle Pentecost-December 12, 2020. 488. 0. RELATED ARTICLES. Hunting. New Crystal Waters State Game Area Coming To Monroe County. Hunting. Video: The Hunting Public - Michigan Gobblers. Hunting. Video: Archery Tips To Improve Bow Accuracy. Hunting

Got a few trail cam photos of a double drop tine working a scrape. He's not a monster, but he is a cool looking Buck! I hope he can make a few more years S2-E05: Mark Kenyon Kills the Drop Tine Buck. After an off-season full of hard work and a memorable October guiding his father to his first archery kill, it's finally time for Mark Kenyon to hunt the Back 40 himself. November is here and MeatEater contributor Tony Peterson is back in Michigan to join Mark for what should be an exciting rut hunt.

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  1. On this episode of the Drop-Tine Report, Doug Benefield from Illinois Connection talks about a Double Drop-tine buck that eluded hunters his entire life. He discusses the habits of the one-in-a-million buck and the close calls he and other hunters had with him. He also discusses what questions hunters should ask an ou
  2. The biggest buck ever. A two hundred class whitetail buck with drop tine antlers standing in wheat. Boone and Crockett drop tine buck. A Boone and Crockett whitetail buck stands on alert with head turned to side. Once in a lifetime. A once in a lifetime drop tine whitetail buck standing on alert in Texas. Whitetail Deer Shed Antlers Matching Set
  3. Monster Drop Tines. There is something special about deer with big drop tines. Check out the stories of these two successful drop tine . Continued. Mike Gabriel is only 21 years old, and he is already off to a great bowhunting career. Earlier this season he took this great 11-pointer in Cook County, Illinois. But he was just getting started
  4. Today I am breaking down my Double Drop Tine buck that I shot in Ohio back in 2014. Here's a little back story of this buck! Sarah and I were hunting in Kentucky and trying to get our bucks. It wasn't the best hunting trip, but I met one of my best friends, Jimmy Smith
  5. There's a big buck with big drop tine on our farm, and a nearby hunter took a buck with a drop tine and a 180 inch typical frame. Our old neighbor bagged a buck very similar to this one. No pictures, though. D. dragrag Guest. Jan 3, 2002 #16 Where are all the typical bucks? Here in se Iowa it seems all the big bucks are non-typ

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Drop tines could be genetic, but they could also occur from other causes. If a buck has one drop tine in one year but loses it the next, that's probably not due to genetics. But if he develops that tine and keeps it every year, genetics most likely was the reason it was there When the buck showed up in a trail-cam photo three weeks ago, however, things had changed. The buck, which Rayfield guessed at 4 1/2 years old, had sharp tips on its beams, drop tines on each antler and double split brow tines

A heavy drop-tine buck stands alert in a forest setting Illinois Mystery Drop Tine Buck. It is no mystery as to how this buck got its name! This an exceptional rack at an exceptional price! Please Note: Pricing shown for Finished Reproduction Only. Please call our studio at (715) 246-5882 to discuss adding a European (Skull) Mount, Shoulder Mount, Pedestal, or other Taxidermy Options to your order When we got to her stand she said the buck was laying over there in the ravine. As I walked in that direction I could see the deer laying in the brush facing away from me. Then I see what looks like a drop tine and I look at her and she smiles at me. My attention turns back to the deer as I walk closer and I see a matching drop tine on the. The big drop tine buck he had been sending me pictures of was definitely the one that had my attention. After several hours of catching up and looking through the digital deer catalog, I decided that I would stay committed to the drop tine buck. Rich said that he was coming into his setup about 3-4 times a week and just wasn't consistent with. How about a double drop tine buck? Mark Drury of Drury Outdoors recently had the experience of having a double drop tine buck at a mere five yards. Such a close encounter with such a buck could make your heart skip a beat. Watch this video if you dare; it could cause heart problems

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our rare & non-typical spirits are available to you if you're of legal drinking age, please verif Walmsley also measured a big drop tine, which broke off on a tree trunk when the buck crashed to the ground. It was quite the honor for Walmsley, who measured one other 300-inch deer In Episode 02 of the Drop-Tine Report, we interview Tony Walker from The American Way TV Show. Walker recently shot a buck that scores almost 200 inches and has a drop-tine that is nearly a foot long. Between the age of 4 and 5, this amazing buck grew over 30 inches

Thursday, July 26, 2007. Here's a pretty 6x6 whitey shot in Northern Sask.. What a great looking buck.. posted by Drop Tine at 8:46 AM 0 comments. Here's a brute of a mulie, with extra 14 tine off the beam.. This buck's got XL written all over it.. Make Offer - Huge 124 Drop Tine Whitetail Deer Antler Cut Taxidermy Cabin Decor Craft Horn Drop Tine Wild whitetail deer antlers 130 Inch 10 point buck! $199.0

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Aaron Lommen (left) and his brother, Brooks, with the drop-tine buck he shot using a shotgun with slugs on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 7, the opening day of Minnesota's firearms deer season. Aaron is. Eleven-year-old Reid Rumelhart took a buck of a lifetime on September 20 when he shot a triple drop-tine 210-2/8-inch buck during the youth hunting season in Iowa. According to Realtree.com , this buck lived in Guthrie County near some busy roads and had been spotted numerous times by many people Illinios Drop Tine Buck $ 750.00 Add to cart. Lonnie Copeland Buck $ 600.00 Add to cart. Dennis Vaudt Buck $ 750.00 Add to cart. Your complete satisfaction is our promise to you. We stand behind every product we make, and every experience we deliver. If you are not 100% satisfied with any item purchased here at Antlers by Klaus, simply return.

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The buck's distinctive drop tine appeared as an antler blemish in 2008 before sprouting into a long tine in 2009. It grew longer and more vertically in 2010, and blossomed into a replica of an old-time police Paddy-whacker this year This is typically the location of the brow tine (if the brow tine is missing, the G1 is missing). G2 is the next tine, then G3, and so on (see photo above). A normal 8-point buck would have a G1, G2, and G3. Also Know, what is a kicker on deer antlers? Drop tine: A downward growing non-typical point that comes off the bottom of the main beam

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Wade Gibson poses with his 14-point, double drop tine Union Parish buck. Wade Gibson, 45, from West Monroe, works as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist at Glenwood Hospital in his home town Droptine Ranch is a free range, low fence, hunting ranch in North Texas. We offer both gun and bow hunting for whitetail deer, wild hogs, turkeys and predators. Whether you prefer sitting in a box blind with a rifle or up in a tree with your bow, we have the hunt for you. Droptine Ranch also offers night hunting for wild hogs and predators with.

It was a 5 X 7 main-frame 12, with one one-inch drop tine and several sticker points off the brow tines and other tines. Oddly enough, in a county where a 125-point buck is rare, nobody had ever reported seeing this monster The Drop-Tine Report on Apple Podcasts. 73 episodes. Stories about hunters and the big bucks they harvested. The host of the Drop-Tine Report is outdoor writer, Tracy Breen. Tracy has spent the last twenty years writing for hunting magazines including Buckmasters, North American Whitetail, Outdoor Life, Petersen's Bowhunting, and Bowhunting. 190 + Droptine buck in Kansas with Adam LaRoche. Buck Commander. November 6, 2019 ·. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adam LaRoche! We are gonna' celebrate by posting a video with one of our favorite hunts! Check out this 190+ DROPTINE buck in Kansas from a few years ago Blaine finishes his hunt in the Midwest for big bucks. He has an encounter with a dream buck of his, a buck with a big drop tine. Watch Bear Whisperer - Drop Tine (s10 e9) Online - Watch online anytime: Buy, Rent. Bear Whisperer, Season 10 Episode 9, is available to watch and stream on Animal Planet If it was my buck, it'd be a double drop tine. Since it's your buck and I'm just a guy on the internet, it's a single drop tine + kicker. Feb 20, 2021 #29 S. Sask hunter Well-known member. Joined Sep 20, 2016 Messages 1,412. I say single drops and a flyer . Feb 20, 2021 #3

Maybe your buck was in the rut: sculpting the face a bit, adding a furrowed brow, closing the eyes and having the ears lay back over the neck can recreate a buck about to fight. In general, many hunters want a relaxed, noble pose for their bucks, says Jeremy Chamberlain of Braggin' Rights Taxidermy. It gives [the buck] a little bit of a. Drop Tine Films, Rapid City, South Dakota. 276 likes · 4 talking about this. We hope that catching our hunts on film and telling the stories involved with the hunt, inspiring other families to get.. i believe so. got to many relatives to keep track of my dad had 11 brothers and sisters and my mom had 13 so i cant keep them all straight. i'm trying to remember if he was the one that killed that massive buck (the double drop tine buck) in bow season a couple years ago or if it was another one of his relatives

Rich Burian is a lifetime hunter. He has almost dedicated his entire life to his longtime passion, hunting! He has traveled out west and hunted big game elk year-after-year, as well as hunting for antelope, mule deer, boars, and of course in the midwest Big whitetail deer The sucker tine is setting industry records? Bell: Deer Farming: 47: Aug 5th 2014 03:57 AM: Broke drop tine! Pokeweed: Deer Health: 1: Jul 28th 2013 03:56 AM: Longest Drop-tine: gwhaven: Cervid Community: 6: Aug 25th 2012 09:49 PM: Tine length production: PharmerBrown: Deer Breeding: 12: Jan 16th 2012 03:22 PM: Buck won't drop antlers. That's what I saw the biggest surprise of the day - this buck had a split drop tine on the right antler like I'd never seen before! It was an older buck and the right antler looked like it had a lightning bolt going through it. The rack was funky and not symmetrical by any means but it was one of the coolest deer I've taken recently for. In states where bucks do get older, a buck might be a 4 x 4 eight-pointer at age 2 ½ years, then become a 5 x 5 ten point, but with a small drop tine on one main beam at age 3 ½.. After that he might develop all kinds of nontypical points, and that drop tine might grow in length and width. In fact, he might well develop a second drop tine on. Here is a drop tine buck that we hunted this weekend. Not a great frame but a nice drop tine. This buck is still not safe 2.5 weeks left in the archery hunt.

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  2. The second drop tine buck I've seen is like none I've seen before. Every year his rack changes. As a two year old he was an 8. His third year he was a solid 10. Age 4 he became a beautiful 9 with a drop tine. He broke the drop off shortly after he shed his velvet. The next year he was only a 6. This years he is a twisted up 7 with gnarly main.
  3. Exactly why I asked if he was old. The big drops and the brow tines being longer than any other tines is a pretty good indication he is post-mature
  4. Drop Tine: An abnormal tine growing downwards from the main beam of an antler. Kicker Point : Abnormal tine originating from the burr of an antler. Velvet : The soft, furry, velvet-like covering of highly vascular skin surrounding a deers antlers during the regrowth process
  5. 9-point (main beam tip broken) drop tine 11/14/202
  6. One of my observations is that deer with drop tines rarely have great tine length. The old #5 buck from Okie, Buddy 111, and Dude at 3years are exceptions and I am sure there are many others. Very few deer will grow a 15+ typical tine and have a drop on that side. Thumb through a sale catalog and see how many deer have a 10 g-4
  7. While a successful hunt is a thrill for most hunters, Skapik bagged a deer considered rare in the whitetail world. He killed an 11-point drop tine buck while hunting Dec. 2 near Shadyside
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This is a unique opportunity to hunt mature bucks during the rut. With great habitat, superb genetics, and strict management policies in place allow Drop Tine Guides and Outfitters to guide you to the most sought after, hardest trophy to obtain on the North American Continent, your Buck of a Lifetime DROP TINE BUCK!!! Wisconsin bow hunting 2020 : chase Nation. Category: Video. Oct 24th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 17. Modified Oct 24th, 2020 at 9:26 AM. Chase Nation. Opening day of Wisconsin's archery season is by and large one of the best opportunities to catch a big buck on his feet in daylight hours outside of the rut. Watch Sam Ubl. How rare would you say bucks that have a good sized drop tine are? Thanks again, Martin. Bill responds, Martin,Very rare, at least here. I have never shot one and have only seen a handful of them in my life. In other areas they may be more numerous, but I believe even then it is a pretty cool thing to shoot one!.

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  1. Hunters gathered around Randall Brainard and his morning haul - a mainframe eight-point buck with two drop-tines - at the Department of Natural Resources Plainwell Operations Service Center
  2. ed that last year's 9-point and this year's drop tine buck were the same; a distinctive bump on the right.
  3. Inevitably, mouths drop open and envy sets in, but only for a brief moment because it doesn't take long to realize they are referring to what we in the west would call a 5-point buck
  4. I saw him in my binoculars, this 12-point drop-tine buck. I knew in the moment this was the buck of a lifetime.Stay updated with breaking news: Download the WTAE mobile appHiles got the buck

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The antlers will shed and regenerate throughout its life, but each year, the buck will produce fuller antlers. A buck will reach its optimal antler height at six years old. As the buck grows older, its antlers will start to shrink again. Even waiting one year to hunt a young fawn could result in the buck's antlers nearly doubling in size Pond Stand Drop Tine Buck. Posted By: kdkane1971 Pond Stand Drop Tine Buck - 11/17/20 03:55 PM. I found this guy on cam in late October. He was not as mature as I would like, but with a nice long drop I decided to make a play for him. Although we are an MLD property, our internal rules do not allow us to kill our trophy buck until the opening.

Cutout is approximately 36 wide x 65 tall full size cutout of monster double drop tine buck deer with a doe. Printed on removable vinyl wall graphic material. Indoor wall graphics are printed on 3M 6-mil environmentally preferred film, designed specifically for interior walls. Our wall graphics are easy to apply and reposition without any. This buck is obviously mature and has 14 points, including a very impressive drop tine. (As the name suggests, a drop tine is an antler tine that points downward rather than upward.) Not only that, but the drop tine is branching from an unusual tine that apparently forks out of the side of the main beam-and that tine is pretty impressive even. Vertical photograph of non-typical whitetail buck. Black-tailed Deer Buck With Drop Time. The biggest buck ever. Boone and Crockett drop tine buck. Once in a lifetime. Olive with drop on fork, plate of olives. Green olive on fork. Cherry tomato sticked on a fork. Lemon & Mint

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FALL / WINTER ANNUAL Buck Brunch takes away the issues many food plotters face of needing large equipment to plant a food plot. Buck Brunch's no-till formula allows hunters to strategically place small private food plots where they need them with as little equipment as hand tools. Buck Brunch is great for remote plots around your tree stand, old clearings, paths in the woods, or corners of. Images By: Pacconis Trophy Whitetails of Ohio Athens, Ohio, United States 724-388-0705 Jo Large Triple Drop tine Archery Buck (pixs) Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 39 Posts. 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Last. Here is a tribute to our very own Phillip Vanderpool's massive drop tine buck Drop tine is out. It is not the first time that Pless has seen this buck. In fact, he has been following this deer's growth history the last four years through trail cam photos

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The buck was growing all summer, and when the archery season opened, he had 18 points and a drop tine. I figured he would be right around 170, and that would be the biggest buck I'd ever killed Congratulations Stephan on a great drop tine Buck! Posted on December 28, 2017. Congratulations Roger on a Beautiful 300″ Whitetail Trophy! Posted on December 18, 2017. Sisters harvest bucks, awesome story! Posted on December 15, 2017. High Fence Deer Hunting. Posted on December 14, 2017 Tine definition is - a slender pointed projecting part : prong. How to use tine in a sentence While there is the slightly humorous aspect to it, the reason I name the bucks is mostly practical. To be able to reference the specific buck without long, drawn out descriptions, like saying, You know, that 8 point with the uneven brow tines and the long slightly downturned tip on the left side Overview. Cocking your crossbow has never been easier with Barnett's Crank Cocking Device. This easy-to-install crossbow accessory attaches to the stock of your crossbow to reduce cocking resistance by as much as 93 percent. It won't impact your shooting experience, but it will get you ready to shoot faster and with less physical strain

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drop tine buck dow Buck Book proclaims their whitetail experts will age and score your deer while it's alive using your photos. This is, without a doubt, a very useful service to hunters if accurate. For what it's worth, Willie & co. seem to be big fans of the company. Their hunt together this past weekend taught Willie quite a bit

Lincoln ranch BowhuntingGiant Drop-Tine Buck from Public Land | Deer Hunting20 Monster Bucks Every Hunter Dreams of Capturing on Trail Cam24 Photos of Buck Deer With Super-Weird Racks - AllOutdoorHidden Hollow Ranch bags a DROP TINE BUCK! - YouTube

Beautiful Typical whitetail deer antlers skull 247 Double Drop Tine Buck.. Condition is Used. Shipped with FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery A few years ago I played cat/mouse with a drop tine buck for 2 bow seasons only to see him get shot during 1st shotgun season. The guy that harvested him is a good guy so it wasn't too bad. After that I did the same with a beautiful 10pt, with the same results We offer the finest quality Deer Hunting Lures and Scents that really work. Pictures speak a thousand words! Check us out at www.droptinelure.co Big Drop Tine Buck. pic+of+deer+with+drop+tine | 1419800 - 05/12/10 08:39 AM Big Drop Tine Buck. Article by Sabrina Loveless. 141. Whitetail Hunting Whitetail Bucks Deer Hunting Whitetail Deer Pictures Deer Pics Texas Hunting Deer Skulls Deer Antlers Big Deer